Trainers for Women: The Best Fashion Trainers 2024

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Step up your footwear game with the ultimate selection of trainers for every occasion. From iconic brands like Converse, New Balance, and Adidas, these bestselling women’s trainers are a must-have in any wardrobe. Elevate your style and make a statement wherever you go.

Trainers are the ultimate wardrobe essential. No matter the time of year or the latest trends, trainers are always in style and are a great addition to any outfit. Not only are they comfortable and practical if styled in the right way, but they can also make an outfit look very chic. Trainers are the perfect footwear option for so many occasions and outfits, and it’s an accessory that can really make or break an outfit.

In this post, I have listed six different trainers that I think are really popular this year and that you need to add to your wardrobe. Not only are they on-trend and going to keep you looking very stylish, but they will also complete your outfits and make you love what you wear every day.

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New Balance 9060

If you’re looking for a sporty yet modern type of shoe this year, these trainers are the one for you. New Balance has been very popular in the trainer scene over the last few years, with so many of their trainers going viral and being a huge trend. The 9060s are one of the newer versions to be trending, and they are perfect if you’re new to the brand.

The slim shoe with a chunky sole is a very popular style as it takes the classic shape of trainers and gives it a modern twist. The chunky sole is such a prominent feature, and the different colours on the trainers make them stand out more, making them so popular. They have such an effortlessly cool vibe to them; they’d look good with so many different outfits and styles you’ll definitely get multiple wears out of them.

These shoes come in many colour ways, yet they are all neutral tones which is perfect as it makes them even more versatile. The 9060s are a comfortable and affordable pair of trainers, which are ideal for buying any fashion item. So, if you’re looking to up your trainer game and jump on the New Balance trend, these are the perfect pair to start with.

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Adidas Campus 00

These retro skater-style trainers have become one of the latest fashion trends once again, and they’re set to be the go to trainers. Adidas Campus 00’s are a classic shoe that’s been around for many years, and now the old school style is back in fashion; these have become a fashion fave.

The slimline shoe has a standout feature of a padded collar and tongue, giving them a unique feature and making them even more comfortable for all-day wear. Campus 00’s feature the classic three-stripe design and come in many different colours; with black and white, green and white; and grey and white being the most popular.

These trainers are the cheapest option out of the ones mentioned in this post, but they are just as stylish as the rest, so if you’re looking for an affordable pair, these are your best bet. They are ideal trainers for every day; the simple design, the comfortable padding, and a super trendy trainer right now; what’s not to love?

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Nike Dunks

Nike Dunks have become a wardrobe staple in the last few years, and that’s not changing any time soon. If you don’t already have a pair, this is the perfect time to get yourself some; they are a great shoe option if you’re looking for a comfortable yet trendy style.

Dunks come in many different colours and styles; they are available in high tops and lows, similar in shape to the Nike Air Force 1s; they have so many different colour ways. The collection is endless, so they’ll definitely be a style to suit you.

Due to the demand for the Nike Dunks, they are on the higher end of the budget, but for the quality and style of the shoe, they are worth the price. These are definitely a pair of trainers that, once you own them, you won’t want to wear any other shoe option, so if you haven’t already, you should get a pair.

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New Balance 550

If you’re looking for a classy pair of trainers this season, then New Balance 550s are a great option. The 550s have been around for many years but recently became a huge fashion craze and have since become one of the most popular pairs of trainers.

The slim baseball-shaped trainers are perfect for the summer, especially if you’re looking for a chic, more sophisticated shoe style; these are great for the smart casual style. There are so many colour ways to choose from, so it’s a great shoe option to tailor to your style. If you like more monochrome trainers, you choose a white and black pair or white and grey; if you like to add some colour, you can go for a pair with yellow or pink accents, for example.

Not only have they been super popular this summer, but they are also a trainer you can wear into autumn and winter with them still looking trendy and stylish. These trainers would look perfect with a t-shirt and midi skirt for a smart casual outfit or jeans and a shirt for an everyday look.

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Adidas Samba OG

Adidas Sambas are a fairly new trainer trend, but that means they’re even more perfect to start the year of with. The classic Adidas trainer became hugely popular again after many celebs and influencers were seen styling the shoe, and the effortlessly chic design has made them the perfect everyday pair.

The skater-style shoes are great if you have a more neutral-toned wardrobe, as the most popular colours are white and black. Not only are they great for everyday wear, but the classic style of these trainers makes them perfect for smart casual work wear or casual going out looks; they are just super versatile.

If you’re looking for a pair of trainers that will last you a while, even a pair you can wear in the next few years, Sambas are an ideal option. They are affordable but also really good quality, and the popularity of these trainers doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon, so you’ll definitely be able to get many wear out of these.

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Nike Air Force 1

As we all know, Air Forces are the ultimate trainer, everyone owns a pair, and they are a staple for all wardrobes all year round. However, instead of going for an all-white classic, Nike has bought out many variations of the shoe that fit perfectly with the latest trends right now.

The last few seasons have been all about bright colours, colour blocking, and vibrant patterns. The air force collection has an Air Force 1 Shadow range with bright colours and different patterns using the popular colours of the season. There are also so many pairs of Air Force’s that are the classic pristine white trainer with a bold coloured Nike tick; these are also a great pick.

What is great about Nike Air Force 1’s is that there is always a style to suit everyone’s taste, whether you like simple designs that have just a coloured tick or if you like more statement trainers they have paired with multiple colours.

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Converse Move Platform High Top

Converse high tops have always been a classic trainer option, but the Converse Move Platform High Top has become one of the latest trainer trends, and you need to try them right now. This season, the trends are all about bold statement pieces, and these fit right in; the platform style with the ridged sole detailing will definitely stand out and be the talking point of your outfit.

We all love Converse’s because they are easily paired with so many outfits, both smart and casual, and these are the same; not only does the simple design make them versatile, but the added detail of a curved platform sole makes them look cooler and trendy.

The Move platform high tops are also a great shoe for transitioning into the spring/summer season as high tops are also very popular, and you could create so many stylish outfits with them. So if you do want to get them but are worried about not getting much use out of them, then do because this is a shoe that will definitely be going through to the following seasons.


These six different trainers are perfect for 2024 for so many reasons. They are all practical, you’d get loads of wear out of them, and they are all styles of trainers that you could definitely wear all year round.

However, one of the things that I think is great about them is that they are all affordable. Each of these trainers ranges between $90-$170 (£70- £120), which for the quality and amount of use you’d be able to get out of them, is a very reasonable price.

You don’t need to spend loads on trainers to create really stylish looks; going with styles that will be on-trend for a long time and are versatile but still create a statement is needed, especially with how fast fashion changes.

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