21 Tips to Look More Stylish

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Here’s 21 ways you can make your look more stylish

Knowing how to dress in a stylish and suitable way for your lifestyle can be challenging, but once you find what works for you, it can be easier than you think. Looking stylish isn’t just about what you wear; it’s about your overall appearance, being comfortable in what you wear, and making the most out of simple fashion.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 21 tips to look more stylish. These simple changes you can make to your day-to-day life will help you achieve a more put-together appearance while learning to love making an effort for yourself and maximising your wardrobe.

1. Always have your nails done

Now, having your nails done doesn’t mean you need to have the most extravagant and long nails; it simply means having your nails manicured and looking clean. When you have well-kept nails, clean with a neat length, it always makes you look more put together and makes your look look finished. To you, having your nails done or not may not be a big thing, but you use your hands for everything every day, so they are definitely something other people will notice.

2. Make sure your hair matches the look

In the same way having your nails done will help you look more stylish, your hair will too. Factoring in extra time to focus on your hair daily will make a difference to your overall appearance. This doesn’t mean you need to have a new hairstyle every day, but keeping your hair neat, tackling flyaways, and having a sleek look can take you from looking like you’ve made minimal effort to looking elegant.

3. Convert your wardrobe into a capsule wardrobe

You don’t need a huge budget wardrobe; a small collection of staple items from which you can create multiple looks will allow you to create many stylish looks. Outfits that look more put together always start with basics and are built up with accessories and the few one-off statement pieces you own. Focus on building a wardrobe you like, and you can create multiple looks from as this will help you look more stylish.

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4. Learn your body type

Take some time to learn about your body, what complements your figure the most, and what accentuates the parts of your body you like. This may seem obvious, but it can elevate your look more than you think. If you have a curvier body type wearing oversized and baggy clothing isn’t going to complement your figure as much as a fit and flare type outfit would. Not only will this help create a more stylish look for you, but once you start to see how much the right type of fit flatters your body, it’ll give you a new level of confidence that’ll really shine through your appearance.

5. Accessories are your new best friends

Accessorises will be your best friends if you’re looking to level up your look. Adding a few accessories can take your outfit from being a simple outfit to an elegant and chic look. You don’t need to own many different options, but just a few that add colour to an outfit or break up the look can be enough. Don’t be afraid to play around with different accessories and try out different styles; you can try adding a scarf, a headband, or statement jewellery. These can completely transform an outfit, but you need to give it a go to see what works for you.

6. Choose classics over trends

Trends are great if you like to change your look regularly, but if you’re trying to have a more stylish look, it’s best to avoid trends and stick to classic styles. This doesn’t mean you need to have plain basic looks; it just means choosing colours, cuts, and styles you can wear for the next few years without looking “old-fashioned”. So instead of going for the bright pink shirt and ripped baggy jeans, choose a white linen shirt and a pair of light wash straight-leg jeans; small changes like this can help you create stylish looks daily.

7. Quality over quantity

It’s easier to buy five cheaper items of clothing than one item for the same price, but doing this can make such a change to your look. Having a wardrobe full of good quality clothes will not only give you a more premium look when it comes to your outfit, but the items will last you much longer than a cheaper quality version. So, investing in your wardrobe means investing in you, saving money in the long run, and it elevates your look to a whole new level; what’s not to love?

8. Take care of your clothes

Taking care of your clothes and paying attention to the finer details will take your looks from looking good to being the talk of the town. Focus on ensuring your clothes are washed correctly with the right products, ironed and crease-free, and there are no loose threads or marks on any items. These are such small details that we often leave, but making sure your clothes are in the best condition shows you take care of your appearance and gives you a more stylish look.

9. Find your style

Finding your personal style can take years, but once you find a style you love and feel comfortable in, that’s when you start to thrive in looking stylish. To find your style, start by looking at all different styles, picking out what you like and what you want to try yourself, and then plan out outfits you’d wear. Fashion is all about experimenting, so don’t be afraid to try different colours, materials, and fits to find what works best for you. 

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10. Have a signature scent

Your scent plays a huge part in how you carry yourself and the impression you give to others, so paying attention to your scent can help you give off a more stylish manner. Wearing a different fragrance every day is great as you’ll always be smelling good, but having that one signature scent that people associate you with has such a sophisticated and mature feel to it, which is perfect if you are trying to become more put together.

11. Be prepared to try new styles

If you want to look more stylish, it means that the style you currently have either isn’t working for you, or it can be improved to give you the look you want; this means you need to try something new. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new style, new colour, or even a new fit may seem scary, but you may find exactly what you’ve been looking for that will give your style the extra push it needs. Take inspiration from celebrity styles and your peers, take pieces that you like, and work out new and different ways you can wear them to suit your lifestyle. 

12. Don’t be afraid to wear colour

When it comes to looking more stylish, it doesn’t mean you need to always stick to neutral tones; you can always add a bit of colour. Neutral tones have a neater, more sophisticated look, but adding a pop of colour to an outfit won’t take away from that; in fact, it adds a new element to the look. Adding colour to your outfit shows off personality more in your look; as long as the colours go, having a pop of bright colour can really add a stylish flare.

13. Colour coordinate

Having too many different colours and too much colour in an outfit can do the opposite of making you look more stylish and make the outfit look slightly tacky, so you want to make sure you don’t do this. Keep it simple by adding colour with your accessories, for example, a coloured handbag and shoes with a neutral outfit. Or, the main part of the outfit, like a dress, being the coloured item and then pairing it with neutral accessories. Creating a balance with the colour and neutral tones will help you create a stylish look and keep it looking classy but fun.

14. Mix textures

Fashion is forever changing, with new styles, outfits, and designs coming in all the time, so instead of matching your accessories, try mixing textures and patterns with different items in your outfit. Don’t overdo it, as you don’t want to get it wrong. Start with simple textures like leather trousers, a tweed blazer, or add textures to accessories like an embellished handbag, something you can incorporate easily into an outfit. Mixing textures is a bold fashion statement, so doing this alone adds a sense of style to your look in itself.

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15. Choose a smart casual style

The smart casual style has such an effortlessly cool and stylish look to it; it’s the perfect combination if you want to look more stylish. Not only will this style instantly up your level of fashion, but it’s also a perfect in-between, so it’ll be suitable for most occasions, so if you have a busy life that you need to be ready for different occasions in one day, a smart casual wardrobe is your answer. Classic smart casual styles would be a blazer paired with jeans, a midi dress styled with a pair of trainers, or if you’re looking for a more edgy outfit, you can pair a hoodie with a blazer for an everyday look.

16. Give yourself time

One thing that can take your look to the next level is giving yourself time to get ready every day. Life is busy, and not everyone wants to spend ages getting ready, but setting aside half an hour every morning to focus on doing your hair and wearing a nice outfit will make a huge difference. Try planning out your outfit the evening before so that you have an outfit ready that you like and to save yourself the stress in the morning; it’ll help you to look more put together and stylish for the day ahead.

17. Don’t overthink it

Sometimes, less is more. With fashion moving so fast, you tend to try to fit different trends and new styles into one outfit to look cool and stylish, but sometimes it’s unnecessary. Strip it back, go for the classic wardrobe pieces, and build a simple outfit. Simple outfits are better; they have a cleaner look and are so much easier to put together; you don’t want to ruin the outfit by doing too much.

18. Stop saying ‘that’ll do’

In busy day-to-day life, it’s easy to get comfortable with making the minimum effort and leaving your house every day with a “that will do” mentality. If you take pride in how you look and spend time finding an outfit you love, you’ll start to feel more confident in your look. Not only will you feel more stylish and put together, but you’ll also realise how much better you feel in the day because you’ve put effort into yourself.

19. Statement sunglasses

Adding a pair of sunglasses to your look will up the level of your outfit in seconds. It’s such a simple addition to an outfit, but their sleek and chic look can change the look of an outfit completely. Whenever you feel that your outfit needs something else or a finishing touch, a pair of sunglasses is the go-to item; all you need is a classic black frame that’ll go with everything and won’t go out of fashion.

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20. Shop smartly

Don’t buy an item of clothing to wear once; not only is this going to waste your money, but it means you’ll have unnecessary items in your wardrobe that you’ll try and style but won’t fit the style you’re going for. Before buying the item, figure out a few different ways you can wear it or different occasions you can wear it for; if you struggle to think of them, you don’t need to buy them as you probably won’t wear it. Avoid buying things because it was cheap or on sale, be smarter with what you buy; planning out what you buy will help you create a more stylish look.

21. Confidence is key

Looking stylish is all about being confident and comfortable in the way you look. Taking the time to learn your body and finding the right style for you will help you present yourself confidently. You can implement all of these tips, but if you’re not confident in them, it won’t help you look more stylish. Wear what suits you and what you like, do your hair, nails, and makeup in the styles you like, and your confidence will shine through.


I hope this has been helpful and given you a few tips you can implement in your life to help you look more stylish. No matter what, fashion is meant to be a fun, creative outlet, so don’t take it too seriously; wear what you want and feel comfortable in, and that alone will make you look more stylish. If this has been helpful, why not check out my post on how to reinvent your look (on a budget).

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