Spring/Summer Fashion Trends & Outfits for 2023

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Here are 7 top fashion trends that are set to take over in 2023.

The new year is fastly approaching, and with a new year comes new trends. At the beginning of the year, there are many fashion predictions and trends created by the runways and what you see celebrities wearing, and this year is no different.

Fashion is constantly changing, with new trends going in and out of style; there are multiple trends you can already see gaining popularity and becoming the latest hype.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 7 of the top fashion trends predicted for 2023. These are trends that you’ll get used to seeing over the next year and trends that are easy enough for you to get involved with and add to your everyday style.

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1. Sheer

Sheer clothing is nothing new, it has been a part of fashion for so many years now, but in 2023 it will be even more popular. Whether it’s a casual sheer fit or a formal sheer outfit, many are going to be reaching for a sheer option.

A great thing about this trend is that it can be worn in so many ways for different occasions. You could wear a full sheer gown for a special occasion, or you can style a lightly sheered blouse for more of a formal look; both ways are equally as stylish.

Sheer features are a nice way to take a simple look to the next level; it adds a sleek yet sexy vibe to the outfit. It’s also an easy way of turning a simple outfit into something much more exciting and dressy. The sheer touch to an outfit is a classy way of showing skin; if you’re not particularly a fan of cut-out details but still want that effect, sheer clothing is a great option for you.

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2. Tassles

At the end of 2022, we saw this trend making its comeback, and going into 2023, we’re going to see this trend flourish. Tassels are a great addition to an item; not only does it make the outfit more unique, but it adds a bit of excitement and movement to the look.

The great thing about this trend is there are many ways to wear tassels. You can have them on many different clothing items and style them in so many fun ways. For example, you can layer a tassel jumper with a simple outfit for an everyday look, or you can wear a tassel dress and create a statement look to the talk of the night.

Wearing clothes with tassels is a great way to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. Even though it may be a big change for you, it’s a simple trend that you can incorporate into your everyday outfits, so don’t be afraid to add some fringe pieces to your wardrobe this year.

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3. Cargos

Cargos have been hugely popular for a while now, and they’re definitely here to stay another year. In the last few years, we’ve seen many different styles of cargos trend; there were cuffed cargos and fitted cargos, but in 2023 it’s going to be all about the baggy parachute cargos.

The utility style is a nice in-between style that you can dress both casually and dressy; it’s a trend that everyone can love, so if you haven’t already jumped on it, this year is your chance. This is the perfect trend to try out, especially if you like the streetwear style, as the slouchy fit is a cool, edgy vibe; however, the cut of cargos still has a feminine touch to it which is perfect for this type of style.

The cargo pocket detail will also be huge, not only on cargo trousers but on other pieces too. This year you’ll see a rise in cargo skirts, shorts and cargo dresses; the utility detail is about to get bigger than it already is. So, if you don’t really like cargo trousers, you can still enjoy the trend by opting for a cargo maxi skirt instead, wearing it both casually and dressed up. 

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4. Bows

Bows are going to be the statement feature of 2023. In recent years we’ve seen different features becoming the main attraction and them featuring on different items; this year, it’s going to be all about the bows. Even though all styles will be popular, the bigger the bow, the better; big statement bows are the main feature.

If you’re thinking big bows don’t sound appealing or very flattering, then don’t worry, as from what we’ve seen on the runways, bows have been incorporated in subtle ways to make them much more flattering. For example, an off-the-shoulder style dress with the sleeves being the bow and a cut-out top with the bow tying the top together.

The bow feature adds a cute, feminine feel to any outfit, especially the more special, dressy outfits. This is a great trend to try out in 2023; it’s a nice feature that can take such a simple outfit and make it more fashionable and unique.

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5. Maxi Skirts

During 2022, mini and micro skirts took centre stage, and although they aren’t going anywhere, maxi skirts are the skirt of the year. The longer-length skirt is a great go-to for so many occasions, it’s a style that flatters different body shapes, and there are so many timeless styles you can invest in.

Maxi skirts have always been around and are always going to be a stylish piece, but this year you’re about to see maxi skirts everywhere, worn by so many. Even though there are multiple styles of maxi skirts, pleated and aline styles will be super popular compared to other styles. Tull skirts were also a runway favourite, so you’ll see a lot more of this style coming in throughout the year.

The one thing I love about maxi skirts is that you can wear them throughout the year. Not only is there a huge variety of styles to choose from, but the length means they’re perfect to wear through the different seasons without worrying about being too warm or cold. So if you’re going to invest in any of the trends, this is a great one to do so.

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6. Bubble Hems

Every few years, bubble hems reappear in fashion, and this year is no different; bubble hems are returning. We’re going to be seeing bubble hems on all items, tops, bottoms, and, most popularly, dresses. Even though they may not be everyone’s cup of tea and are not about to become everybody’s go-to, they’re a fun trend to try out.

You may think bubble hems are unflattering and wonder why they’re making a comeback; however, it’s all about how you style it. If you’re wearing a bubble hem item, you need to pair a fitted item with it to add shape to the outfit and create a silhouette.

So, for example, if you’re wearing a bubble hem on the bottom, you should pair it with a fitted top and a bubble hem top with a fitted pair of bottoms. If you wear a bubble hem dress, wear a pair of shoes that elongate your legs, or you could have some skin on to help your figure show better.

This is a great trend to come back; it’s an exciting change for fashion that still has a feminine, classy feel to it. It’s also a trend you can incorporate in many areas of fashion, whether that’s workwear, casual or dressy; a bubble hem is perfect for the occasion.

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7. Bright Green

Bold colours have really made their statement in fashion over the last year, and in 2023, bright green is going to be the go-to.

Green is a great colour to wear; not only is it a flattering colour for all skin colours and body types, but it’s also a colour that always looks chic and classy. We’ve seen darker tones of green being hugely popular, but bright green is definitely a new shade we’ll have to get used to seeing.

If you’re not used to wearing bright colours, then this trend might not sound great to you, but there are many ways you can incorporate this into your everyday style. For example, you can add a bright green bag to an all-black outfit, or you could wear a bright green skirt with a white t-shirt and trainers.

No matter what your style is, if you’re looking to create a statement look this year, this bright green colour will be your best friend.


I hope this has helped you get started on building your 2023 wardrobe. These trends will be great additions to your wardrobe; not only will they add much more variety, but they’re easy pieces and styles to wear and incorporate them into the wardrobe you already have. You’ll see many other trends coming in during 2023, but these trends will definitely be around for a while.

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