Summer Fashion Checklist

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Discover the essential items you need in your summer wardrobe this year

With summer finally being here, it is time to get our summer wardrobe’s ready. The key to having the best and most versatile wardrobe is to have basic essential items to make up multiple outfits.

Summer fashion is full of light, flowy materials, brighter colours and neutral tones, so having minimal items in your wardrobe that fit these criteria’s is the goal. Investing in pieces you know will get you through the summer months, no matter what the weather throws at you and still being able to put together several looks can be difficult.

In this post, I have listed your summer fashion checklist. There are 15 items that are essential for your summer wardrobe that will keep you look fresh and on-trend and make sure you always have an outfit no matter the occasion.

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1. White Shirt

A white shirt is a staple for any wardrobe, it’s easily paired with so many different items, and it can be worn for different occasions. You can style it with jeans and heels for a more smart casual look, or you can style it over a dress or top as a casual throw overlook.

White is such a fresh look in summer, and a shirt is a very light, easy item to wear, so this is the perfect combination for the warmer days. It’s not the most exciting item ever but pair it correctly and accessories to make it more summery, and it’ll make it the perfect outfit.

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2. Floral Dress

Floral patterns during summer are a great option; they are fun, feminine and overall look summery. There are so many variations of dress style, which is great as it means there’s always one to suit you. Floral patterns are super flattering as they draw the attention away from the bits we don’t want on show, so it’s a perfect option for you to feel confident and comfortable in.

Another great thing about floral patterns is there are so many variations you can get a floral dress for so many different occasions. For example, you can have a bright, bold floral tea dress for garden parties or daytime events, and then you can go for a more toned down, subtle maxi dress for dressier occasions such as weddings.

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3. Linen Trousers

Linen trousers are the ideal trousers for the summer season. The light, airy material is perfect for the hot weather as they don’t stick to you in the humid weather and leave you with that uncomfortable feeling. They are super flattering on all body types as they skim over the hips avoiding any tight-fitting look you may be uncomfortable with. Their elegance and simplicity are perfect for summer, a classy yet comfortable option.

A pair of linen trousers are a great summer staple, as they are easily styled and can be worn dressy and casual. You can style them with a simple white t-shirt and sandals for a casual daytime outfit and then style them with a racer-neck bodysuit and a pair of heels for an evening look. You need these for the summer, as you don’t want to be stressed and try on multiple outfits in the hot weather; a pair of trousers that go with everything is exactly what you need.

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4. Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a timeless piece that you can wear all year round and an item that every summer wardrobe needs. It’s an easy throw over jacket that looks good with every outfit; you can even rock a double denim look!

They come in various colours and cuts, which makes it easy to find the right one to compliment your summer wardrobe. A denim jacket is the go-to for when you need a jacket for the evenings or breezier days, you don’t want a big jacket that you’ll get too hot in, but a denim jacket is light, easy to carry and overall always trendy.

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5. Sandals

Sandals are the perfect type of footwear for hot days; not only are they practical for the weather, but they are also a smarter alternative to flip flops. They are suitable for so many occasions, everything from casual shopping days to evening dinners; a nice pair of sandals are a great addition to a summery outfit.

Again, having a neutral-toned pair of sandals means they are more versatile, and you can get more use out of them. However, if you don’t mind buying a couple of different options, then coloured sandals are a great way of giving your outfit a new look or add more excitement to the outfit.

Another great thing about sandals is that they look good with so many outfits; you can wear them with jeans and a t-shirt, skirt outfits and even dresses. For example, a white pair of sandals will look really good with denim shorts and a vest top, but they’d also look good with a maxi dress.

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6. Midi Dress

Dresses during the summertime are everyone’s go-to, they are comfortable in the hot weather, and they are a complete outfit. A midi dress in summer is a must, they are a classy option, but the best thing about them is they are comfortable in the hot weather. The flowy, loose material is so breathable and doesn’t cling much to your skin, so they’ll keep you looking stylish even in uncomfortable weather.

There are so many unique styles of midi dresses, different cuts, colours and patterns, so you can always find one to suit your figure and make you feel confident. If you’re petite and worry about finding midi dresses to suit your figure, choosing a midi dress with an asymmetrical hem as it’ll elongate your legs and flatter your shape more.

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7. Wide Leg Trousers

Wide leg trousers are a classy and sophisticated look all year round, but they are a huge hit during the summer. The light, loose-fitting material makes it so much more wearable in the warm weather, and you don’t have to deal with them sticking to your body. You can wear them in so many ways for so many different occasions; you can wear a pair with a shirt for a work outfit, with a casual t-shirt for an everyday look and then you can even style a pair with a nice top for more special occasions such as a wedding.

Wide leg trousers are great at flattering your body shape, no matter your shape or size. Whether you tall and slim or short and have a more curvy figure, wide-leg trousers fit and hug all the right places so that they accentuate your figure rather than highlighting the areas you want to cover. Not only is this a comfortable option for you, but it helps to give you the confidence to wear nice summer outfits.

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8. Tank Tops

Tank tops are a great basic for your wardrobe, especially in the summer. You can build such lovely outfits with a simple tank top; whether it’s a windier day and you want to layer with a blazer or denim jacket; or if you’re going to style it on its own for the hotter days; they have such a clean, chic look to them.

For summer, have a few neutral tank tops, such as white, black, and grey, in your wardrobe; if you like to add a pop of colour to your outfits, then this is the perfect way to do so. You could have pink, orange, or yellow; these lovely bright colours tend to pair easily with an outfit. They’re super versatile, so they would look good with most bottom options, so you’ll definitely get your wear out of them.

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9. Neutral Handbag

Having a neutral bag in your summer wardrobe is the most practical item you’ll need. Not only will it make your life easier not having to carry everything in your hands, but a neutral bag will also go will pretty much every outfit.

I would advise that you go for a medium-sized crossbody bag that potentially has a detachable strap, as this will be big enough for your everyday items. Still, then it can be used for practical days out and evening activities like going out for dinner.

You could also go for a straw shopper bag or a tote for a more practical day out handbag; there are so many you can choose from; you just need to pick one that suits you and your day to day life.

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10. Bright Coloured Handbag

The majority of the items in this list have been neutral tones, as summer wardrobes are mainly built on light, simple tones and neutral colours make the items more versatile. However, you do need to add some colour in somehow. Bright colours are also popular during the summer months, although many people don’t like to add too much colour as bright colours make a bold outfit, so it’s important to find subtle ways to add colour.

A bright coloured handbag is the best way to do it as it’s a small detail of the outfit, but it can really transform the look. Also, if you a person that tends to stick to the same outfit, changing the accessories will help make it look like a different outfit completely.

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11. Denim Shorts

Denim is such a classic, summer or not; it is necessary for your summer wardrobe. Denim shorts are perfect if you want to get your legs out in the warm weather, and there are so many different styles to choose from. You can wear frayed mini denim shorts for a more edgy, streetwear look, or you can wear a longer mom style denim short for a daytime, more modest look.

You can wear denim short in so many ways, and what’s great about them is you can wear them during the day through to your evening look. You can pair them with an oversized t-shirt and some trainers and then swap them out for a nice shirt and heels for the evening.

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12. Midi Skirt

A midi skirt is a classy and chic option for the summer and is super flattering. The cut of a midi skirt is great for those that don’t like to have too much of their legs out but still want to be comfortable and look summery. This is a great piece that will get you through the summer months with sandals and strappy heel outfits and then help you transition into the cooler seasons with boots and trainer styles.

Choose a midi skirt that you know you’re going to love and can be styled in so many ways. That’s what’s great about midi skirts; they are such a versatile piece; you can wear them for the office, evening dinners or a casual shopping day.

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13. Light Blue Jeans

Jeans are a classic all year round, and although it may be too hot in summer for jeans, they are still a staple you need. Going for a lighter pair of jeans during the warmer months suits the tones and trends more, whereas darker jeans are more suited to the winter months.

It’s pretty simple, you can never go wrong with a pair of blue jeans, they are practical, versatile and you can defiantly get your money’s worth out of them because you can wear them in so many ways.

If you want a pair of jeans that’ll go with most outfits, go for boyfriend or mom jeans; they are comfortable and slouchy but still tailored enough to make them look smarter.

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14. Blazer

A blazer is a perfect jacket for the summer; not only does it give any outfit a sophisticated look, but it is light and easy to wear. Blazers have been super popular for the last few seasons, and we can all see why having a staple blazer in your wardrobe is perfect for so many reasons. They look classy and are always trendy, they are perfect for the hot weather as they’re not too heavy, and they are such a versatile piece.

Investing in a nice blazer is essential for summer; you can wear it for work, dinners out and for much more special events like weddings. Choose a colour and style that suits not only your style but the rest of your summer wardrobe so you can get the full potential out of it and wear it with so many outfits.

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15. White Trainers

White trainers are a must for every wardrobe, summer or winter, but white trainers in summer are a classic option. They are a great style of footwear that always looks clean and simple but goes with so many different styles. There are so many styles of white trainers, you can get chunky trainers, ones with different patterns or accent colours; but I would advise getting a simple pair so that you can pair them with more outfits.

After that, if you want to get a pair with different details, you can, but you’ll always have your plain pair. A few great ways to wear white trainers are wrap skirts and a vest top, a midi dress and t-shirt combo or a blazer and denim shorts. These are only a few ways of style them, but these are classic outfits over the summer months.

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