15 Stylish Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

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Discover 15 stylish Christmas party dresses & outfit ideas to try this year.

It is officially Christmas party season. With Christmas vastly approaching, the festivities are in full swing, and as this only happens once a year, you owe it to yourself to make the most of it.

To make it a little bit easier for you, I have put together a few outfit ideas that are perfect for work parties, family events or any other festive events you have coming up. Christmas is the one time that everyone happily goes all out with the sequins, velvet and glitter, so why not make the most of it too.

In this post, there are 15 stylish Christmas party outfits ideas for this festive season that are perfect for any event. There is something that’ll suit everyone and every body type to help make it a little less stressful for you.

Outfit 1 – Sequin Blazer Dress

A blazer dress is a great option for Christmas parties, especially for work parties. Blazer dresses are always a classy, chic option, but a sequin blazer dress is perfect for the festive season.

Christmas is the only time most people would opt for an all-over sequin dress, but what I like about this dress is the fact it’s black.

Even though it is covered in sequins because it’s black, it tones down its look and creates quite a classy look. Simple accessories work great with this outfit as you don’t want to overdo it, and you also don’t want to take the focus away from the blazer dress.

Not only is this a sophisticated look, but it’s also such a statement piece, so you’ll definitely be the talk of the party!

Outfit 2 – Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Red and silver is a classic combo for a Christmas party, and this jumpsuit is a stunning option for upcoming parties. The deep red is classy, and the wide leg fit is such an elegant look that will flatter so many body shapes.

The silver accessories add a bit of glam to the outfit and dress it up more, so this would be great if you are going to a formal event. Another thing I really like about a jumpsuit is that it is practical.

Wearing dressy outfits during the winter months can be difficult as dressing for the weather and suiting the occasion can be hard, but jumpsuits are the perfect in-between. As they are a more covered up option, it’ll keep you warmer than a dress would, but it’s still a lovely outfit.

Outfit 3 – Corset & Midi Skirt

This top and skirt co-ord is a great option for a party this festive season. This is definitely a more revealing option than the others, but you could cover up with a nice fur coat or even a trench if you want a little more coverage.

Blue is lovely during the winter and Christmas season, and it is one of those colours that not many people wear, but it is such a luxurious colour and can look very elegant.

Pairing this co-ord with white accessories creates a nice wintery look, the pieces all separately are quite simple, but together they create a classy, stylish outfit.

Outfit 4 – White Sequin Dress

This outfit isn’t your traditional Christmas party type, but it is still an amazing option this year. This outfit is more of an on-trend option as the bright pop of colour is a massive trend this season, so you might want to incorporate it into your outfits this Christmas.

This white sequin dress is a lovely option for a Christmas party; the neckline is elegant cute and super flattering; the sleeves add a bit more coverage, so if you were worried about it being short and off the shoulder, the sleeves balance it out more.

The pink accessories aren’t typically chosen for the festive season but paired with the white sequin dress, it makes a lovely looking outfit perfect for a festive event.

Outfit 5 – Draped Midi Dress

A midi dress is the ideal Christmas party outfit, and this one is a great option for you. Brown is super popular right now, and it looks lovely, especially in the colder seasons. This dress is a classy, chic piece; the draped neckline and ruching detail create a really sophisticated design.

The gold accessories really add a glitz feel to it, and the two colours together make the outfit look luxurious and glam. This is a great option for a work party or a more formal event you may have this Christmas.

Outfit 6 – Satin Top & Wide Leg Trousers

This is the perfect option for those who don’t like wearing dresses or prefer to be a bit more covered up. Wide leg trousers are a huge trend at the moment, and we’re all loving it; they are not only such a comfortable style to wear, but they give such an elegant & flattering look.

Pairing white wide-leg trousers with this green satin top is such a stunning outfit for a Christmas party; the green is a festive colour, and when paired with the white and silver accessories, it creates a chic, glam outfit.

Outfit 7 – One Shoulder Mini Dress

You can never go wrong with a red dress for a Christmas party. This one-shoulder ruffled tiered dress is perfect for the holiday season; it’s festive, stylish and super flattering.

What I like about this dress is that it’ll suit so many body types and skin tones, it’ll literally suit anyone. This outfit is perfect for a dinner then party event, it’s a simple look, but the silver accessories jazz’ it up a bit more.

Outfit 8 – Satin Top & Leather Trousers

This outfit is ideal for a more casual event, so maybe a family party or a night out with friends. Leather trousers are always popular during the winter season, so they are perfect to wear during the festive season.

Purple is such a classy, luxurious colour, and this top will look lovely with a pair of leather trousers. The cowl neck and satin is a very classy cut and will look great for a Christmas party.

The silver accessories add some glitz and glam to the outfit to make it even more perfect for the party season.

Outfit 9 – Satin Slip Dress

Dark green is such an elegant and classy colour, perfect for a Christmas party look. Satin slip dresses are a great option for any occasion, and Christmas parties are no exception; it’s simple yet classy, but the material and side slit adds a sexy, feminine touch to the outfit. It’s a very flattering dress that will look great on all body types. 

The silver accessories add a sparkle to the outfit, which is very much needed during the festive season, but they don’t overpower the dress. The accessories complement the colour of the dress and make it pop even more. This is a great option for a Christmas party; whether it’s a work party or a family event, this is perfect for all.

Outfit 10 – Pearl Co-ord

Co-ords are a great look. The smartness of the black and tailored cut makes the outfit look classy and sophisticated, but the crop top and mini skirt make it more trendy and glam. The pearl detailing is such a lovely detail that elevates the outfit and adds a delicate feel to the look. This is such a cute look, perfect for a Christmas party, especially if you’re looking for a simple, monochrome outfit. 

With the pearl detail, you want simple accessories, so the main focus stays on the co-ord; having pearl detailing in your accessories is a nice way of bringing the whole outfit together. The silver touches in the jewellery and shoes add a nice sparkle to complete the look.

Outfit 11 – Pink Ruffle Jumpsuit

This is such a fun look for a Christmas party, it’s a unique look for the festive season, but that just means you’ll be the talk of the night! Pink has been a very popular colour this year, so if there’s any time to wear pink for Christmas, it’s definitely this year. 

The simple perspex heels and gold jewellery are all you need as the ruffle and boning detail on the jumpsuit alongside the colour is enough, so you don’t want to overdo it. The pink handbag is a nice touch; it ties the whole outfit together. Even though this is a bright, statement outfit, it still has a stylish, chic look, which is exactly what you want for a Christmas party. 

Outfit 12 – Embellished Mini Dress

This is the perfect outfit if you prefer simple, clean looks. This black mini dress is such a lovely look, it’s a very flattering fit, and the intricately detailed embellishment at the top and bottom is a nice touch to make it more festive.

With this dress, it’s best to have plain accessories as it keeps the clean, sleek vibe of the outfit. The platform heels are very trendy this year, so they’re a great option for this festive season. The simple black clutch bag is a great option for this outfit, and the silver diamanté jewellery adds an expensive, luxurious feel to the look. This outfit is so chic; you’ll definitely be getting compliments all night!

Outfit 13 – Gold Glitter Mini Dress

Gold is such a festive colour; this gold glitter dress is perfect for your Christmas parties. The one-shoulder mini dress is a fun, sexy look, but the cut of the dress and the simplicity of the accessories keep the outfit classy and chic.

Plain, simple jewellery is ideal with this outfit as you want the main focus to be on the dress, and you don’t want to overdo it with the details. The embellished perspex heels are a lovely elegant shoe with a bit of detail to tie it in with the rest of the outfit. The accessory completes the look, giving it that statement factor; if you’re going to wear gold, you might as well go all out, right? 

Outfit 14 – Silver Asymmetric Top & White Trousers

A nice top and trousers outfit is a lovely look for a Christmas party; whether it’s a family party or a work party, it’s a nice, classy look. The white wide-leg trousers are a classic for the festive season; they give an outfit such an elegant and chic look.

The silver glitter top adds a bit of glitz and glam to an outfit, and the asymmetric hem paired with a cowl neck is a stylish, trendy look. The silver chrome heels and clutch bag are the perfect accessories for this outfit; they elevate the look and give it a luxurious feel to it. This is a great outfit to have in your wardrobe, so if you have any last-minute Christmas parties, you’re prepared with a stunning outfit. 

Outfit 15 – White Embellished Mini Dress

White dresses have such an elegant, feminine look to them; they are perfect for fancy events, and this outfit would look stunning for a Christmas party. The white embellished bandeau dress is so pretty; the detail on it gives it a delicate and dainty look; the dress’s cut also adds to its delicate look and makes it even more flattering.

Simple accessories are a must with this dress as you want the focus to be on the dress, so simple perspex heels and a clean silver handbag are the perfect pairing. The silver jewellery completes the look, adding a bit of sparkle to the look but not too much so it doesn’t overpower the dress. 


I hope these have been helpful and given you a few ideas of what to wear this Christmas. These outfits are super flattering and will suit so many body shapes.

Christmas is the one time of year that everyone goes all out on their outfits, so you might as well make the most of it and choose the most glittery, dressy outfit.

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