How to Style a Hoodie and Look Cute (Women’s Guide)

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Discover six ways to style a hoodie and still look cute.

Fashion is constantly changing, and there are always new trends coming in with every season. However, there are always a collection of pieces that never seem to go out of fashion, one of those basics that everything needs are hoodies. 

Hoodies are such a wardrobe staple; they are easy to wear and a great item for an everyday look. However, they may not look the most stylish and may make your outfits look more basic and are one of those items that many people find hard to style. If you don’t know how to style a hoodie and look cute, then this is for you.

In this post, I’ll be sharing six different ways to style a hoodie that are easy to wear but are still very trendy and will make you look fashionable. 

1. Hoodie Dress

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Oversized styles have recently become very popular; not only are oversized clothing items comfortable and easy to wear, but they are also super trendy and stylish. Styling your hoodie as a dress is a great way of having a complete outfit with just one item. This is great for the “nothing to wear” days as it’s an easy outfit that requires little effort but still looks good. 

You can style this with a chunky trainer and socks combo for a casual street style, or you can dress it with a pair of heeled boots. Either way, this is a perfect, versatile way to style a hoodie and still look cute.

Having a hoodie dress is great as it’s a timeless piece; you can tailor the outfit to suit each season. You can accessorise with whatever the latest trends are to make the outfit fit the latest fashion, so whether it’s a type of bag or footwear, the main part of the outfit doesn’t have to change. 

2. Hoodie & Blazer

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Adding a blazer to your hoodie outfit is a great way of making the outfit more dressy; this is a classic smart-casual outfit. The two items balance each other very well, with the blazer giving the outfit a much more tailored look and then the hoodie making the outfit relaxed; this is a very chic look.

A hoodie and a blazer outfit is a perfect combo for the colder months, as the hoodie will keep you warm. If your looking for a trendy outfit for dinner or drinks, then a plain hoodie with a statement blazer will make you look chic and sophisticated, but it’ll also be a very practical outfit for the cold weather. 

3. Hoodie Co-Ord

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Comfort is key with any outfit, and what’s better than a comfortable outfit that’s still stylish? A hoodie co-ord with matching bottoms is not only an easy outfit that’s great for an everyday look, but it’s an outfit that is trendy and looks put together.

What’s great about hoodie co-ords is that there are so many styles; you can have a co-ord with joggers, shorts or leggings. There’s always going to be a style that suits you the most or fits the occasions.

You can style a hoodie co-ord with a nice shoulder bag and your latest pair of trainers or even a biker boot; either way, this is a great way to style your hoodie and if you haven’t tried this one out yet, then give this a go.

4. Hoodie & Skirt

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If you want to add a feminine touch to your hoodie outfits, then styling a hoodie with a skirt is a great way of making the outfit much softer. What’s great about styling a hoodie with a skirt is that you can still create so many different looks for different occasions. 

The different styles of skirts make it much easier to play around and create different outfits. For example, like the photo above, you can pair a hoodie with a mini leather skirt for an edgy street style look, or you can pair it with a flowy midi skirt for a much more delicate girly look. 

5. Hoodie & Knee High Boots

Instagram: cinziabayliszullo

Knee-high boots have been a huge trend this season, so adding them to a hoodie instantly transforms the outfit into an on-trend look. Knee-high boots give a lovely feminine statement look to an outfit, whilst the hoodie is an easy, comfortable piece. This is a perfect pairing for a drink or dinner look that looks effortlessly chic.

If you like to wear hoodie dresses but don’t like to have your legs out, wearing knee-high boots is also a great way of making you feel more confident in your outfit. Not only that, but it is a perfect outfit idea for winter, it’s still a very fashionable, sexy look but is much warmer and suitable than having your legs out. 

6. Hoodie & Leather Jacket

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If you want to go for a more edgy, cool look, add a leather jacket to a hoodie and a pair of jeans. Even though this is a casual outfit, it’s very stylish and a timeless look.

Layering outfits is also an excellent way of creating different looks with minimal items, so if you don’t like to buy too many clothes, this is a perfect way of creating more outfits.

You can style a hoodie and leather jacket with jeans and heels for a more dressy, put-together look, or you can go for a much more casual vibe with joggers and trainer. Either way, adding a leather jacket is a small way of transforming the outfit into something much more fashionable.


I hope this has been helpful; these are perfect ways to style a hoodie and look cute. You don’t need to put too much effort into an outfit to look stylish and trendy; small additions to an outfit can really help transform it into a completely new look.

There are also so many ways to style a basic hoodie and jeans outfit and still look cute; it’s all about how you accessories the outfit and adding pieces you know will make the outfit stand out.

You just need to play around with different styles and try things you maybe wouldn’t think of until you find something that you love and makes you feel good.  

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