Streetwear Accessories for Women

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Here are 5 key accessories that are perfect for streetwear fashion

Accessories can make or break an outfit. They are the key to making an outfit a look, so it’s important you wear the right ones. You want your accessories to make an outfit look fashionable and help it come together rather than making it busier. Especially in streetwear fashion, accessories are a key part of the outfit and give the outfit its edgy look, so finding the best ones for you will help you take your outfits to the next level. 

In this post, I’ll be sharing 5 streetwear accessories for women that will ultimately elevate your wardrobe and enhance your outfits. All of these accessories are great no matter your style, but they are even more popular for streetwear and will help you create the most stylish streetwear looks. 


Hats are a great accessory, not just for streetwear fashion but fashion in general. They are a great statement piece that doesn’t require much effort. Hats can transform a simple monochrome outfit into something much more exciting and eye-catching. When it comes to streetwear fashion, beanies, caps, and bucket hats are all common pieces and are vital to the edgy Y2K style.

Sometimes, you can put together an outfit, and although it looks good, it can feel as if it’s missing something; adding a hat completes the look and can give it a whole new vibe. Colourful hats and ones with cool designs are perfect for streetwear fashion. They add so much personality to an outfit, and it’s the ideal way to get creative with outfits. 


Sunglasses are not only for sunny days; they are the perfect fashion statement, especially in streetwear fashion. Any streetwear look needs a pair of sunglasses to be complete; they have such a bold and confident look, and it’s the perfect way to own your outfit. When it comes to finding the right pair of sunglasses, you want a pair that are unique and quirky; you can go for a chunky frame or a coloured pair.

The most common types that are great for streetwear fashion are ones with coloured lenses, black chunky sunglasses, or the 90s style thin-framed glasses. Each has completely different looks, but all add an effortlessly cool vibe to an outfit. If you want to elevate your looks and embrace the streetwear style, you need to find your statement sunglasses. 

Statement jewellery

Jewellery is probably the most popular type of accessory; it’s easy to wear and goes with any style, but the type of jewellery is what makes it a good accessory for the streetwear style. As we’ve figured, streetwear fashion is all about oversized, statement pieces, and it’s no different with jewellery. Chunky jewellery is a must-have for streetwear fashion; its boldness complements the outfits’ coolness and enhances the look.

Layering jewellery is also a popular way of styling jewellery; instead of wearing one necklace, wearing two to create a tiered look just elevates the outfit to a new level. The same goes for bracelets and earrings; wearing layered or chunky pieces is a great way to make your outfits fun and unique. You don’t need to stick to a certain metal; silver and gold are just as cool, and you can create great looks with both. Mixing metals is another great way of making your accessories stand out, so if you haven’t already, why not give it a go. 


The 90s and 00s fashion heavily influences streetwear today, so headscarves are another key accessory to have in your wardrobe. Headscarves are not only a great accessory that adds detail to an outfit, but they’re also a great piece to try new hairstyles with.

A simple top and jeans outfit can be completely transformed by adding a headscarf, the colour, and the style. There are so many features it can add to a basic outfit. It’s the perfect accessory to wear throughout the year, with many different styling styles to suit the time of year. In the summer, you could wear it simply covering your hair, and in the winter, over a hat to provide more warmth; there are so many variations. 


Belts don’t just have to be a practical accessory; they can be worn purely for the aesthetic, too. Adding a belt creates attention in the middle of your outfit and draws people to focus more on the look, so if you want to create more eye-catching outfits, this is what you need.

There are various style belts, and in streetwear, nothing is off limits; as long as it works and you can pull it off, it’s good to go. Chain belts, coloured belts, and belts with detailed buckles are all great options for making it a key feature in your outfit. They’ll stand out, but they’re also easy to tie into the rest of the outfit to give it an effortless and seamless look. Belts are definitely a must-have accessory for streetwear fashion; the cool vibe you can create with them is exactly what is needed. 


I hope this has helped you find some accessories you can add to your wardrobe and given you a few ideas on how to style them. Streetwear is one of the fashion styles you can be more creative with, so trying new looks and styling pieces you probably wouldn’t have put together is the best way to create outfits you love and feel confident in. Try adding these accessories to your outfits in ways you haven’t before, and see what new styles you can come up with. 

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