How to Reinvent Your Look (On a Budget)

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Discover 8 ways to reinvent your look on a budget

The new year is here, and everyone is thinking about ways to improve themselves. The last few years have been hard, and no doubt you are ready to put them behind you and embrace this new year.

If you are looking for a fresh start or are bored of your current look, you might be looking for ways to reinvent your look or give yourself the change you deserve. If that sounds like you, then look no further; this is what you need.

In this post, I have shared 8 ways of how to reinvent your look (on a budget). Each of the things listed in this post are easy ways you can change your appearance that doesn’t require too much effort and are all within an affordable price range.

1. Try a new hairstyle

Changing your hair is a great way to reinvent your look; there are many different colours, styles and cuts you can try out. Now, it doesn’t need to be a huge change; if you don’t like the idea of a permanent change, then you can try a new hairstyle.

For example, if you always have your hair down, try an up-do; not only does it freshen up your look, but it may accentuate facial features that were hidden and give you a flattering look; this may seem like a simple change, but it can really impact your overall look massively. 

2. Try a new fashion style

Another way to reinvent your look is to try something you wouldn’t have worn before. Trying clothes and outfits in a new shape or style is a good way to change your look; not only does it help give you a new complete look, but it is also a simple and within the budget way to do so.

There are so many different styles you can try, you don’t need to try a completely new look if you are not comfortable with that, but maybe try something small like wearing trousers, wearing a skirt or try a new type of accessories you wouldn’t have previously worn.

It’s all about finding something that not only you feel confident in but also flatters your body shape and shows off your figure and, overall, helps to reinvent your look in the way you want to.

3. Try a new makeup look

If you’re a makeup wearer, why not try a different makeup look. Changing your makeup can have a huge impact on your appearance and can help to reinvent your look. There are small changes and/or addition that can change the entire makeup look; for example, you could add eyeshadow or blush.

These are a good way of enhancing features you may not have before, and it adds new detail to your face; eyeshadow will bring out your eye colour more and make them more noticeable, and blush will accentuate your cheekbones, adding to your face structure.

If you already wear eyeshadow, try a different eyeshadow colour that compliments your skin tone and eye colour; not only does it help you change your look, but, again, it’ll help make your eyes and skin tone more prominent.

If you don’t wear makeup, you can try out simple makeup products like mascara or lip gloss. Even though these won’t change your face much, and it’s not a full face of makeup, they are small things you didn’t do before, and they will make your face look different. Not only that, but the confidence it’ll give you, and the feel-good energy you’ll radiate will make you look like a new person and will be a good way to start reinventing your look.

4. Change your scent

Many people have a signature fragrance or a few scents that are their go to’s. If you want to reinvent your look, one way you could do so is to try a new fragrance. This may seem strange for reinventing your look but doing this will make a difference.

Reinventing your look isn’t all about what you see on the outside; it is also about changes from within. Changing your smell will make you feel like a new person and change how you feel about yourself.

For example, if you wear fruity or more sweet tones changing to a more mature scent like a floral or oriental perfume that is more chic and sophisticated, you will portray yourself in that manner. So, even though you may not be directly changing anything in your appearance, changing your scent will help you to reinvent your look.

5. Accessorise your looks

A simple and easy way of reinventing your look is to use accessories. Accessories are there to add to a look and enhance it in any way needed. Adding accessories such as; jewellery, bags, sunglasses, etc., are a great way of changing a look or style.

If you like to wear simple outfits and are happy with the way you dress but want to change it up slightly, accessories are a good addition as they don’t take anything away from the outfit; instead, they add small but key details.

The addition of jewellery to an outfit may only be small, but its impact on the overall look can be huge. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend loads of money on different accessories, you don’t need to.

You don’t need expensive accessories or a huge range of them; you can get a few staples that you love and can be worn/styled in many ways. This means you can get a good amount of wear out of them, and still, they look good with different outfits. Only having a few accessories is also good as you can make them your signature accessories and have them as a feature to you. 

6. Get a manicure

Your manicures are a big part of your look, and changing it can be an easy way of reinventing your look. Although having a different nail design won’t completely reinvent your look on its own, it can be a big change if it is changed with other small things.

If you already get your nails done, you may want to try something you’ve not tried before. This may be colour if you stick to a classic manicure, a design, nail art, or even acrylic nails if you usually have manicures on your natural nails.

However, if you don’t get your nails done, why not try a simple, classy design such as French tips. You don’t need to get acrylics or any bright colour designs, you can have a natural manicure on your own nails, and it’ll still be a change from before.

Again, this may seem small, and you may think that this won’t help you reinvent your look, but you are using your hands all the time, and people are always going to notice your nails, so if you have changed them, it is something that most people will notice and be aware of.

7. Strip your look back

Now, if you want to reinvent your look, you may just need to strip it all back and start afresh. If you wear a full face of makeup, fully accessorised outfits, then try and go for a more simple look. Natural makeup, simple hair design and a basic but cute outfit not only allows you to look classy and chic but, more importantly, it allows your natural beauty to shine through.

Sometimes when you try to look your best, you tend to try a bit too hard, and you can overdo it. You don’t need the full works every day, a simple ‘clean’ look can look just as good as full glam, and it’ll for sure make you look like a reinvented you. Simple outfits can look more expensive and put together than a fully done up outfit can sometimes. 

8. Get a new piercing

What other way will change your look as much as a piercing will. A face or ear piercing will give you a whole new look and change how your face looks. It can create a new centre of attention and give you more confidence if that’s what you’re looking to do in reinventing your look.

If you want to get a piercing but want a more subtle change, an ear-piercing such as getting a second (or first) lobe piercing would be best.

However, if you want a more harsh statement change, a nose or lip piercing will create that. It is important that you only get a piercing if you want it; a piercing is a more permanent change, so you need to think about it as it’s not as easy to change as changing your clothes would be, for example. 


I hope this has helped give you a few ideas on how to reinvent your look that you can incorporate into your life. I have said this previously, but confidence is key when it comes to reinventing your look.

Confidence and how you feel on the inside will affect how you look on the outside; reinventing yourself doesn’t always have to be about changing your appearance; changing your mindset and how you feel about yourself is the best way to reinvent yourself. So wear things or try new things that will make you confident and love the way you look, and it will change the way you look to the rest of the world. 

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