Handbag Trends: The Latest Handbags for 2024!

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When it comes to fashion trends, there are so many, and sometimes keeping up with the changes can be hard. If you like creating trendy looks but don’t like changing up your wardrobe all the time, accessories are the best way to keep your outfits looking stylish. Handbags are the perfect accessory to take an outfit from one level to the next. They add so much detail to a look without having to do much.

In this post, I’ll be sharing the latest handbag trends for 2024. These trends are perfect if you’re looking to give your outfits that wow factor but still have a classic, minimal style. These handbag trends are perfect not only this time of year but also suitable for everyday life.

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1. Red Bags

Red is the colour of the season, and over the last few weeks, we’ve seen the rise of red in the fashion scene. Red is a lovely, bold statement colour, and no matter how you add it to an outfit, it’s a great way of making the look more stylish.

Red bags are the perfect way to add the trend to your outfits; by the looks of it, many have had the same idea. The most popular styles of red bags have been small structured shoulder bags and soft pouch-type bags like the Bottega Venetta’ Jodie Knotted’ bag. The small statements are perfect for doing the trend justice without creating something too loud.

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2. Chain Bags

Chain detailing has always had its place in handbag trends, but recently, it’s been a main focus. The metal hardware on the bag can completely transform a look, take a simple everyday look, and elevate it to a chic, stylish outfit; it’s the perfect way to add more detail.

There are many takes on this trend. Some bags have chain handles like the classic Chanel flap, others have chains attached to the bag like the Loewe squeeze bag, and some even have chains on the logos. There are so many different versions of the chain trend; it’s the perfect handbag trend for you to try out, as it’s a simple detail that gives your outfits a whole new look.

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3. Clutch Bags

The clutch is back and just in time for the festive season. Over the last few seasons, it’s been all about top-handle bags, and even though they’re still as trendy as they were a few seasons ago, they’re about to take a back seat and let cutches have their moment.

Clutch bags are the perfect accessory for a night out, a special occasion, or even a day when you want to create a statement feature with your bag. Some favored styles are soft pouch styles like the Fendi’ First” bag and round shaped clutch bags like The Row ‘Lou’ bag. These two styles are the most popular right now, but clutch bags are here to stay for a while, so you’ll definitely see more styles trending.

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4. Silver Bags

Metallic bags have been on the scene for a while now, but silver bags are the new craze. Whether it’s for a special occasion or every day, silver bags are the perfect addition to any outfit; the metallic detail is a great way to add a bit of sparkle to your day.

This trend is great for the festive season, not only is is going to be the ideal bag option for your Christmas parties, it’s a great way of taking an outfit from day to night. So, if you’re in the office all day but have an evening party, a silver bag is the answer to dressing up a look. The Diesel ‘1DR’ shoulder bag and Coperni mini swipe bag are great style options for the silver bag trend, but if you want to add a little more sparkle, the Marc Jacobs rhinestone’ J mini’ bag is also a lovely option.

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5. Soft Bags

A popular style in the fashion world has been the oversized, slouchy look. The structured, tailored is out, and it’s all about the loose, soft look, and with bags, it’s the same. The soft, non-structured bags have been very popular, with styles like the Bottega Ventta pouch and The Row shoulder bag frequently worn by celebrities and influencers.

These bags have a cool, relaxed fit; they add such a chic vibe to any outfit. No matter the style of the bag, a tote, a shoulder bag, or a clutch, this trend is a fun, stylish addition to an outfit. A great way to style these soft bags is with a tailored suit look; the fitted outfit with a soft, unstructured bag creates a nice contrast and a very fashionable look.

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6. Oversized Bags

Oversized bags are back and ready to take over! For the last few years, all we’ve seen is small bag trends, and they are all everyone has had in their wardrobe, and even though they looked good, they were super impractical. Oversized bags were a statement during fashion week, and now they are back ruling the fashion streets.

The tote bag has been a key style for the oversized trend, with brands such as Dragon Diffusion and Coach paving the way for oversized bags. Not only will it be perfect if you like to carry a lot or need space for your busy work life, but they’re the perfect statement piece for simple, minimalist outfits.

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