Festival Fashion Guide 2024

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Here are all the fashion pieces you’re going to need for a festival this year.

Festival season is here, and it’s time to start preparing your outfits. When it comes to festivals, many want to wear the latest trends and create a cool and stylish look, but at the same time want to have a ‘festival-appropriate’ outfit too, which may be harder than it seems.

After going to my first festival this year, I have put together a festival fashion guide. In this post, you will find all the fashion items, shoes, and accessories that I think would be good for a festival. There are a few different outfit options, so you’ll be sure to find an outfit that suits you and your style.

Festival Fashion Guide

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Bum bag

A bum bag is a must for any festival you plan on going to. It is the most practical bag you can use for a festival as they have a decent amount of room to hold all your essentials, and you can carry it around with you all day without it being inconvenient and having the fear of losing it.

One thing I think is great about a bum bag is that they’re easy to access. If you’re in a crowd of people and need something from your bag, having it around your body makes it much easier to get in.

Plus, a basic black bum bag is easy to pair with most outfits and will look nice together. However, if you are someone that wants a more aesthetically pleasing look, then there are different styles and colours that you can get.

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Bucket hats

Bucket hats are a very popular accessory at the moment, and what better time to wear them than a festival. They’re a super practical piece to protect you from the sun if you’re going to a festival in the summer, and they’re a very versatile item to style.

No matter your outfit, a bucket hat looks trendy and effortlessly cool. You could wear a plain black bucket hat to keep it minimal and a practical piece or you can go for a patterned or brightly coloured one to add detail to the outfit.

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Claw clips

Festivals are probably not the best days to wear your hair down as it can become quite irritating, so having hairstyles and accessories that keep your hair out of your face all day is a good idea.

Claw clips have become trendy again with the comeback of Y2K fashion, so wearing one is practical and will keep you in fashion with the latest trends. There are so many styles and colours; there’s also a variety of sizes, so you’ll surely find one to suit your hair type and style you choose.

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Headscarves have been a popular festival trend for the last few years, so why not jump on the trend this year. I think headscarves are a good option for festivals as they keep your hair out of your face for the day, which, in big crowds, it can become very frustrating if you have to be playing with your hair constantly.

In addition to that, wearing a headscarf gives you so many more hairstyle options to do. You can create many looks with a headscarf, and if you want to create a new, more unique look for the festival, this may be a good option for you.

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Fun jewellery

Colourful, quirky jewellery has made a huge comeback this year, and it’s a perfect accessory for a festival. Festivals are a great place to wear bright colours and abstract patterns, so wearing fun, bright jewellery is a good way of making your outfits more exciting.

If you plan to wear a simpler outfit like a pair of denim shorts and a plain t-shirt or a black playsuit or dress, styling it with a bright beaded necklace or multicoloured chunky rings will help elevate the look.

If you’re someone that doesn’t like wearing too many bright colours or just prefers a simple look, this is a good small way of stepping out of your comfort zone and adding more colour for the day.

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Statement sunglasses

Having a pair of statement sunglasses for a festival is a good idea. Not only are they a very practical item, but they are also an easy way of accessorising your outfit and making it look more put together. When going to a festival, comfort is key, so you may not want to wear the most stylish or extravagant outfit, so having easy accessories that elevate your outfit is great.

There are many different styles of sunglasses you can choose from, but if you want to make a statement with them, you could choose a coloured pair or a pair with a bold shape like cat eye or an oversized pair.

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Biker boots

Having a good pair of footwear is so important for a festival. No matter the festival you go to, it’s most likely going to be in a field and consist of a lot of walking, so you need good shoes that will keep you comfortable all day.

Biker boots are a good option as they are comfortable shoes that you can wear for a long day, and they are suitable for all weather occasions, so whether it’s a nice sunny day or there are a few showers, you don’t need to worry about your feet.

In addition to that, biker boots are very stylish and versatile, so you can pair them with flared trousers, denim shorts, or even a mini dress.

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Crochet is a huge festival trend this year, and after being to festivals myself this year, I could see just how popular it is. Crochet can be worn in so many ways, as a top, skirt or even shorts, however you decide to wear it, it is a winner for festival seasons. They look really cool and fashionable, and the hole detailing makes it much easier to move in compared to other fabrics.

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Denim shorts

Denim shorts are a great outfit option for a festival. They are an easy item to style, as you could easily pair them with so many different styles of tops. Not only that, but they’re a safe option to wear, you don’t need to worry about them riding up in crowded environments, and they are a comfortable item to wear for a long day.

Wear a unique pair is a great way of making them more special for a festival. For example, you can wear a coloured pair of denim shorts or a pair that have some embellishments on them. This is a great way of making them more exciting, creating a statement look, but still, you can be comfortable in them.

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Flared trousers

Flared trousers are a common piece of clothing to wear to a festival. They have been popular in festival fashion for the last few years now, and they are still a great staple to go for.

You can wear flared trousers with so many different styles of tops, you could wear a corset, a crochet top, or even a graphic t-shirt, and you can pair them with multiple different styles of footwear.

In addition to being super versatile, they are also extremely comfortable. For long days being on your feet at festivals, all you want to wear is comfortable and breathable clothes, and flared trousers definitely are.

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Mesh tops

Mesh tops are a classic for festivals and are still a go-to. No matter what bottoms you decide to wear, a mesh top will always work and create a stylish look.

As they’ve become more popular too, there are more options, so instead of going for the classic black long sleeve mesh top, they’re so many more styles, colours, and even patterned ones. Mesh tops are a great option to create a fun and trendy outfit which is perfect for a festival.

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Mini dresses

I think mini dresses are also great options for festival looks. They’re an easy, instant outfit that helps eliminate the stress of finding an outfit and putting pieces together while creating a stylish look.

There are many different styles of mini dresses, so it’s easy to find something that suits your taste; you could go for a black dress and dress it up with accessories, or you can go for a bright coloured or patterned dress with minimal accessorising. 

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Playsuits are another good option to wear to a festival as, like some of the other options, it’s a full look; you don’t need to add much to the outfit, a few accessories, and you’re ready. I think this is good for festivals as you don’t want to worry about your outfit all day, so wearing a playsuit helps minimise the amount to worry about.

Not only that, but with the bottom being shorts, it provides an extra comfort of protection and allows you to be more comfortable as you don’t need to worry about exposing yourself in crowds. 

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Shirts and shorts co-ord

Shirt and short co-ord have become more and more fashionable, with them really taking off this summer. Wearing a co-ord to a festival is a really good idea as they’re a complete outfit.

All you’ll need to do is accessorise the outfit, and you’re good to go without any hassle, which is what we all want. With a shirt and shorts co-ord, you can style it in multiple different ways.

You could wear it as it comes, or you can wear the shirt unbuttoned with another top or bralette underneath, whichever way you feel comfortable, it looks fashionable and would be a great look for your festival.


As you may be able to tell by now, comfort is key when it comes to festivals. For many, having a stylish outfit is important, but when it comes down to it, you need an outfit that you’ll be comfortable and relaxed in as festivals are long.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a few ideas and pieces to wear that not only keep you comfortable but can still allow you to look good and trendy. 

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