Do High Waisted Jeans Make Your Legs Look Longer

Do High Waisted Jeans Make Your Legs Look Longer?

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Discover ways to make your legs look longer.

Jeans have always been an essential item in the wardrobe, and with so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to find a pair that suits you the best. 

Being 5’2 myself, it can be hard to find jeans that fit me properly. It is hard to find a pair that is the right length, but it’s also hard to find the right pair to flatter my body shape the most.

High waisted jeans are very popular and do flatter most body types. However, one question that gets asked a lot is; do high-waisted jeans make your legs look longer?

Yes, high waisted jeans do make your legs look longer. With high waisted jeans, they start higher on your torso, which gives the illusion of longer legs. 

There are many other ways you can make your legs look longer; in this post, I will be showing you ways you can create an illusion to make your legs look longer.

Discover ways to make your legs look longer.

How to Make Your Legs Look Longer

Here are 5 ways you can flatter your petite frame, and make your legs look longer.

High Waisted Jeans

If you are petite, high waisted jeans are perfect for you, as the extra length in the torso makes it look like your legs start high up and enhance the length. 

When wearing high-waisted jeans or trousers, tucking your top half in will really compliment the look. This will help enhance your waist and add extra focus on the appearance of longer legs. 

If you were to wear a long shirt with high waisted bottoms, it would end up defeating the purpose of them and could end up making your torso look shorter.

Vertical seams/stripes

Vertical seams or stripes are a great way of making your legs look longer. Vertical lines draw the attention down the leg, which gives the illusion of longer legs. 

They create a slender silhouette for your legs, which contributes to making your legs look longer.

There are many style trousers you can get with vertical stripes or seams. When it comes to jeans, it may not be as easy to find a pair with stripes. However, there are some pairs you can get with vertical seams down the front. 

You can also find pairs that have seams down the sides; however, these won’t work as well as seams down the front. Seams down the front create an illusion of an hourglass figure, which also adds extra length.

Flared trousers

Flared trousers are very flattering for most people, but even more so for petite girls. The flare expansion, at the end, adds an illusion of longer legs. Not only that, they are a very slimming style of trousers and that with the illusion of longer legs can help make you look taller. 

To enhance this even more, you can pair flared trousers with heels, which will give you a double lengthening look.

If you choose to wear flare trousers, make sure to choose full-length flares rather than cropped. If you are going to wear heels, make sure they are full length once worn with heels. 

Cropped flares don’t make your legs look as long as full-length flares do as they tend to cut your legs off.

Wear monochromatic outfits

A great way of making your legs look longer is wearing monochromatic outfits. You could either do this by wearing a complete outfit of the same colour or wearing the same colour trousers and shoes. 

This gives the outfit a smoother look, compared to when you wear an outfit with different colours. The different colours create a block effect in the outfit, which cuts you off at different points. 

Wearing monochromatic coloured outfits, are very flattering for any body type as they are slimming colours. This means that they don’t draw attention to the more unflattering parts of the body and give the outfit a 

Wide leg or straight leg trousers

Wide leg and straight leg trousers are very good at making your legs look longer as the loose-fitting style makes your hip area look smaller. This makes you look slender and doesn’t show the outline of your legs as much. 

Not only are the good at making your legs look longer, but they are also a very popular option right now. They are an easy item to wear as they go with nearly everything. 

If you decide to wear a wide leg or looser fitting trousers, try to avoid cropped wide-leg trousers. This style doesn’t benefit you when it comes to making your legs look longer; in fact, it has the opposite effect.

Cropped wide-leg trousers can make you look broader and shorter, not only does this enhance your petite frame, it isn’t a very flattering style all round. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of shoes makes your legs look longer? 

Pointed shoes will help make your legs look longer. Round toe shoes can make you look shorter as it gives a blunt cut, whereas pointed shoes elongate your legs. 

Nude shoes are also a good way to make your legs look longer. They give you a seamless transition between your leg and the shoe, making it appear that your legs are longer.

What should you not wear with short legs?

If you are petite and want to find the most flattering styles for your body type, avoid wearing too many colours. As mentioned earlier, monochromatic outfits will help make your legs look longer, too many colours will make you look shorter. 

You can wear colours in your outfits, but too many colours together will create a break at each body area and will make your legs look shorter. 

Another thing to avoid is ankle straps. Ankle straps cut your legs at a crucial point and will make your legs look even shorter. Without ankle straps, the seamless look from your legs to your feet adds extra length.

Ankle boots or high top trainers also make your legs look shorter, so try to avoid them if you can. 

Do mom jeans make you look taller?

Yes, mom jeans do tend to make your legs look longer. The fit is high-waisted and baggy; the baggy leg tends to give the illusion of a longer leg as it has a straighter, more relaxed silhouette.

They tend to make your legs look longer than they would in skinny jeans as they don’t outline your legs as much, so it doesn’t show your legs’ true length.


As mentioned earlier, I understand how hard it is to find jeans that suit a petite frame. 

The tips I have shared are all ones I have personally tried and tested, and they do all work. 

I hope this has been helpful, and you have found good styles to flatter your body shape the most. 

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