10 Cute & Comfy Winter Outfit Ideas

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10 cute and comfortable winter outfit ideas that you’ll definitely want to add to your wardrobe this year.

Fashion during the winter is mainly focused on what will keep you covered and warm during the cold weather. This means big jumpers, thick coats and all the layers you can get; practical outfits outweigh fashionable looks.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t still wear nice outfits or keep up with the latest fashion trends. Finding outfits that achieve both is so important for the winter season, not only so you’re prepared for the weather but so that you can still enjoy fashion and love the outfits you wear.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 10 cute and comfortable winter outfit ideas that you’ll definitely want to add to your wardrobe this year. These outfits will get you through the entire winter keeping you warm and cosy whilst still showing off your great style.

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Outfit 1

This is a simple look, but it’s chic and classy. Top and trousers co-ords are perfect for winter as they’re easy to wear and instantly look good, which is all we want for the colder weather. This style of beige coat is sophisticated and classy, ideal for so many occasions, and it will keep you covered and warm. An outfit like this doesn’t need too many accessories, and as you can see, she’s wearing plain knee-high boots which blend in with the all-black outfit and a black shoulder bag which creates a contrast against the beige coat, and finally, a pair of sunglasses to add a cool, trendy feel to the look.

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Outfit 2

This outfit is perfect for sunny winter days; it’ll still keep you warm and cosy without needing the extra layer of a jacket or coat. Cream oversized knits are a classic for your winter wardrobe; they’re timeless super versatile, and good thick jumpers keep you warm on colder days. This outfit is styled simply but is ideal for a casual day, whether you’re getting lunch with friends or for a shopping day outfit; this outfit needs to be a go-to.

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Outfit 3

This is the perfect mix of dressy but comfortable. During the winter, it is hard to create dressy yet practical and warm outfits, but this outfit achieves both. Jumper dresses are a lovely dress option for the winter; they’re dressy enough for more formal events while still being comfortable and cosy. Leather boots are a staple in your winter wardrobe, and with these being over the knee, they’re a trendy take on a staple piece. Completing this outfit with a matching coat and scarf is a simple yet trendy way of adding detail to the outfit while keeping the outfit practical for the weather.

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Outfit 4

Cosy co-ords are ideal for the winter months. There’s nothing better than a warm, comfortable outfit that still looks put together. Outfits like these are just as essential to have in your wardrobe as more dressy pieces, as they provide variety to your wardrobe, and it means you’re sorted for the casual days you might have. A trench coat is a nice option for outfits like this, as the co-ord is a much thicker material; you don’t want a heavy coat on top as it can make the outfit bulky, especially if you’re having a busy day out.

Instagram: sherienboni

Outfit 5

Roll-neck jumpers are a classic for a winter wardrobe; they’re a timeless piece that is great for chilled looks or smarter outfits. The jeans and heels pairing creates a chic look for smart casual days spent maybe in the office or even on a brunch date. The tailored coat is a lovely statement piece that gives the outfit a classy and sophisticated look. Even though the pieces in this outfit are minimalistic, the whole outfit together makes a beautiful outfit that could be worn many times. 

Instagram: emmamilton

Outfit 6

Puffer jackets are a good jacket option for winter; they are stylish and trendy pieces that’ll keep you warm in the cold weather. An all-black outfit has a sleek finish that makes any outfit look even more put together. The puffer jacket paired with the knee-high boots creates a nice grungy yet trendy look, which is perfect for the winter. The neon yellow scarf adds that pop of colour that completely elevates the look. Accessories are so important in fashion; they give each outfit the necessary details, so make sure you’ve got your statement accessories ready for the winter.

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Outfit 7

Sometimes, all you need to create a stylish winter outfit is a big coat and a bigger scarf. During the colder months, comfortable outfits are all we want, so wearing a basic outfit with a stylish coat and a statement scarf is the perfect way to achieve this. Chunky scarfs are one of the winter fashion trends this year, which is perfect for providing warmth to an outfit, so getting a neutral one like this is a great idea as it means you can wear it with so many different outfits. The pops of green are a nice way of adding colour to an outfit; during the winter months, fashion tends to stick to neutral tones, so this is a nice way of making an outfit more unique and stand out more.

Instagram: missjamiefirth

Outfit 8

Knitwear is perfect for comfort; the oversized fit, the cosiness, everything about it is ideal for comfy casual days. An oversized jumper paired with wide-leg jeans is a great look; it has that effortlessly chic vibe that makes you look cool with minimal effort. Layering is perfect; it adds more layers for warmth, and it has a trendy look to it, too. The white t-shirt peeping through breaks up the outfit, and the maxi coat creates a nice statement look; this outfit is a fashionable look you should try this year.

Instagram: evepecak

Outfit 9

Sometimes, simple outfits can look better than those with loads of detail; a plain knitted jumper and pair of jeans is an ideal everyday look. Adidas sambas have been one of the most popular trainers this year, so adding them to your winter wardrobe instantly makes your outfit look stylish. A black floor-length coat will always be a staple for winter fashion, and with an outfit like this, it is the perfect finish. An oversized bag just adds to the comfort and practicality of this outfit and makes it ideal for work and everyday life. 

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Outfit 10

A causal yet chic look is needed in your winter wardrobe, especially if you go out for dinners or casual evenings out. An all-black outfit always looks dressier than it is as it has a seamless finish. A pair of heeled boots dresses up a casual outfit, adding a nice classy look. This coat is a lovely piece; leather jackets, no matter the fit or style, are a great item to have in your wardrobe, and this coat is a nice, smarter option. The brown incorporated in the outfit is a nice touch that makes it stand out and adds a nice texture to give it a seamless look.


I hope this post has given you some outfit ideas that you’ll want to try out. All of these outfits are great for everyday, office wear and even dressier looks; there’s something you can take away from each look.

Even if you decide not to wear these exact outfits, these are good outfits to take inspiration from and create looks more suited to your style. For example, you might take a style of jumper from one look and pair it with a coat from another; it’s all about what works for you and your style.

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