10 Cute & Comfy Winter Outfit Ideas

10 cute and comfortable winter outfit ideas that you’ll definitely want to add to your wardrobe this year.

Fashion during the winter is mainly focused on what will keep you covered and warm during the cold weather. This means big jumpers, thick coats and all the layers you can get; practical outfits outweigh fashionable looks.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t still wear nice outfits or keep up with the latest fashion trends. Finding outfits that achieve both is so important for the winter season, not only so you’re prepared for the weather but so that you can still enjoy fashion and love the outfits you wear.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 10 cute and comfortable winter outfit ideas that you’ll definitely want to add to your wardrobe this year. These outfits will get you through the entire winter keeping you warm and cosy whilst still showing off your great style.

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Outfit 1

This is a simple look, but it’s chic and classy. Top and trousers co-ords are perfect for winter as they’re easy to wear and instantly look good, which is all we want for the colder weather.

This style of beige coat is sophisticated and classy, ideal for so many occasions, and it will keep you covered and warm.

An outfit like this doesn’t need too many accessories, and as you can see, she’s wearing plain knee-high boots which blend in with the all-black outfit and a black shoulder bag which creates a contrast against the beige coat, and finally, a pair of sunglasses to add a cool, trendy feel to the look.

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Outfit 2

This outfit is perfect for sunny winter days; it’ll still keep you warm and cosy, but you don’t need the extra layer of a jacket or coat.

Cream oversized knits are a classic for your winter wardrobe; they’re timeless pieces that are super versatile and good thick jumpers to keep you warm on colder days.

This outfit is styled simply but is ideal for a casual day, whether you’re getting lunch with friends or for a shopping day outfit; this outfit needs to be a go-to.

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Outfit 3

This is the perfect mix of dressy but comfortable. During the winter, it is hard to create dressy yet practical and warm outfits; but this outfit achieves both.

This dress is a knitted roll-neck dress, and even though it’s a short dress, the way it’s styled is a good alternative to provide warmth.

Leather boots are a staple in your winter wardrobe, and with these being over the knee, it’s a trendy take on a staple piece. Completing this outfit with a patterned maxi coat is a nice simple way of adding detail to the outfit whilst keeping the outfit practical for the weather.

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Outfit 4

Cosy co-ords are ideal for the winter months. There’s nothing better than a warm, comfortable outfit that looks put together enough to go out in.

Outfits like these are just as essential to have in your wardrobe as dressy or smart looks, as they provide variety to your wardrobe, and it means you’re sorted for many casual days you might have.

A trench coat is a nice option for outfits like this, as it is a much thicker material; you don’t want a thick coat on top as you’ll get too warm in it; especially if you’re having a busy day out.

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Outfit 5

Striped jumpers are definitely a classic for a winter wardrobe; they’re a timeless piece that is great for chilled looks or smarter outfits. This smart casual outfit is a nice look that can be dressed up or down.

The sock boots dress the outfit up, creating a chic look for casual days in the office, but you could swap them out for a pair of loafers or trainers to dress it down.

Blue jeans brighten up the look and create blocks in the outfit, which is nice compared to if this was styled with black jeans, which could be too dark.

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Outfit 6

Bomber jackets are a good jacket option for winter; they are stylish and trendy pieces that’ll keep you warm in the cold weather.

This brown satin bomber creates such a lovely look; the satin material makes the outfit look much more expensive and dressy; even though it’s casual, the bomber jacket elevates the entire outfit.

Brown and blue are a lovely combination, these colours complement each other well, and it’s a nice change from the neutral tones without being bright colours.

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Outfit 7

You’re probably wondering why this is a good winter outfit to try when you can’t see half the outfit, but that’s why. Sometimes it’s not about the outfit itself; it’s about how you accessorise the look.

This outfit consists of a cropped white t-shirt and cream wide-leg trousers; the beige maxi coat is the main piece in the look. However, the accessories are the main feature; the chunky cream scarf is the perfect piece for winter; not only is it a practical piece to provide more warmth, but it’s also such a stylish piece that you can wear with so many different looks.

The pops of green are a nice way of adding colour to an outfit; during the winter months, fashion tends to stick to neutral tones, so this is a nice change and a trendy take on a classic look.

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Outfit 8

A hoodie is perfect for comfort; the fit, the cosiness, everything about it is ideal for comfy casual days. The hoodie, leggings and trainers mix is a great look; it has that effortlessly chic vibe that makes you look cool with minimal effort.

The layering in this outfit is an excellent way to do it, especially without overdoing it and it looking too much and being too hot. The white t-shirt peeping through breaks up the outfit and brings the whole look together finished off with a maxi puffer; this outfit is definitely a trendy look you should try this year.

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Outfit 9

Uggs are a very popular shoe option during the winter, and this is a great way to style them. Sometimes simple outfits can look better than those with loads of detail; an easy knitted jumper and pair of jeans is an ideal everyday look.

It’s a comfortable and stylish outfit; the maxi coat is a nice layer that adds warmth to the outfit and more to the overall look. Even though the outfit is a nice fashionable look, the main focus is still on the Uggs, which is perfect as it will keep you within the trends this winter.

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Outfit 10

This is a great option if you’re looking for a smart casual outfit for a good casual evening look. An all-black outfit always looks chic and classy; adding a heeled boot is a nice mix that creates a classy, fashionable outfit.

This coat is a lovely piece, leather jackets, no matter the fit or style, is a great item to have in your wardrobe, and this coat is definitely a nice smarter option.

The brown incorporated in the outfit is a nice touch that really makes the outfit stand out, so if you can add a touch of colour to an all-black outfit, it can be what’s needed to elevate the whole fit.


I hope this post has given you some outfit ideas that you’ll want to try out. All of these outfits are great for everyday, office wear and even dressier looks; there’s something you can take away from each look.

Even if you decide not to wear these exact outfits, these are good outfits to take inspiration from and create looks more suited to your style. For example, you might take a style of jumper from one look and pair it with a coat from another; it’s all about what works for you and your style.

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