18 Autumn Wardrobe Essentials (Fashion Ideas)

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Discover 18 autumn wardrobe pieces that are essential to have

Now that autumn is here; we are saying goodbye to the summer wardrobe and welcoming autumn fashion. The transition from summer to winter can be difficult as the rapid weather changes can be hard to dress for. Autumn is all about layering and having the clothes you need to build up outfits that can be suitable throughout the season.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 18 autumn wardrobe essentials to create the best autumnal outfits that are both stylish and weather appropriate. These items are the basis for an autumnal wardrobe, so there may be things you might want to add, but these will be useful all through to winter.

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Midi Dresses & Midi Skirts

As we know, autumn can be a difficult time to dress for; it can be too warm for chunky knits and puffer jackets, but too cold to wear mini dresses and shorts; that’s why you need a midi dress and midi skirt in your autumn wardrobe. Midi dresses and skirts are the perfect in-between,

There are so many great styles for autumn; you can go for a floral midi dress with white trainers, a jumper midi dress with biker boots or a satin midi skirt with a chunky knit. The endless styles of midi dress or midi skirt mean you can get one or two staples and style them in different ways to create multiple outfits.

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Boots are a wardrobe essential; whether that’s biker boots or knee-high boots, they are a must for autumn fashion. If you love summer fashion and aren’t ready to let go of it just yet, adding a pair of boots helps transition and make it more suitable for the autumn season.

Boots can be worn with so many different outfits, everything from midi dresses to jeans and jumper combo; a pair of boots complete the look. They can really transform an outfit and make it look much more dressy, and the best thing about a pair of boots is that you can wear them for both casual and smarter events and still suit the occasion.

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Leather trousers 

Leather trousers are super popular all year round, but leather trousers are always the go-to when it comes to the colder seasons. Again, leather trousers are perfect for so many occasions; whether you’re having a casual day out or a fancy dinner, you can style them to suit the attire. You can wear them with an oversized hoodie and trainers or a shirt and heels; either way, they create an effortless look.

There’s a variety of colours and styles when it comes to leather trouser, but if you are looking to create a capsule wardrobe or just want to have a few staples, a classic black slim-fit pair are the best option as they are more versatile and easy to wear no matter the time of day.

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Trench coats

A trench coat is the perfect jacket option for autumn, it’s lightweight enough to layer up with thick jumpers or a simple t-shirt on warmer days, but the longer length provides a good amount of cover-up for the cold weather. There are so many styles of trench coats, but you can never go wrong with a classic beige longline trench.

It is a classy jacket option for the autumn months and can be used daily for many occasions. A trench coat is definitely an autumn wardrobe staple, and it’ll for sure be the staple of your outfits too.

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A blazer is classy and chic no matter how or when it’s worn; adding a blazer to an outfit instantly takes it to another level. Your autumn wardrobe needs a black and beige wardrobe, they go with everything, and the neutral tones mean they are super versatile and can be worn with so many outfits.

Blazers can be worn casually or dressed up; they are the perfect item for day to night outfits. For example, in the day you can pair a blazer with a plain t-shirt, jeans and trainers and then in the evening swap the jeans for a pair of leather trousers and the trainers for a pair of heeled boots. Both of these outfits are super stylish and classy, and ideal for autumn weather.

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Knitted jumpers

Every autumn wardrobe needs a knitted jumper; they are the ultimate cosy wardrobe essential. Knitted jumpers can be worn in so many ways; you can dress them casual and smarter too.

What’s great about being able to dress knitted jumpers up or down is that you can wear them for many occasions, for example, you can make a knitted jumper suitable for office wear and evening events’ it just depends on what you style them with.

The staple knitted jumpers you need for your autumn wardrobe are a camel or beige, cream and black knitted jumper. They are the easiest to style, and as autumn is all about neutral tones and simplistic outfits, these will for sure keep you looking stylish and trendy.

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Roll necks

A roll neck is an autumn must, especially towards the end of autumn when it gets colder; a roll neck is what you need. You can layer roll necks in various ways; you can wear it underneath a big maxi coat for a cosy look, or you can layer it underneath a dress for a more transitional outfit.

If you’re trying to create an autumn capsule wardrobe, then a roll neck is a necessity because of how versatile they are; they are the basis of so many outfits. Sticking to the neutral tones means that you’ll get more outfits out of them, but you could also have a coloured roll neck, like mustard or burgundy, to be more of a statement piece on your outfits.

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Basic black and white tops

Having a basic black and white top in your wardrobe is a must all year round, but most important in autumn. Autumn fashion is all about layering; whether it’s with a blazer, shacket, or a hoodie building up the outfit is what makes autumn fashion.

A basic black or white top is the base of every outfit, you can decide what type of top you want, but it is so important to have them in your wardrobe. You can even wear them on their own with a pair of mom jeans and trainers or a midi skirt with a pair of boots, either way; you can’t go wrong with a few basic tops.

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Mom jeans

Mom jeans are a staple all year round, but they play a huge part in the outfits we want to create when it comes to autumn. During the autumn/winter months, darker jeans are much more popular, so going for darker blue or black jeans will mean you’ll get more wear out of them.

You can wear mom jeans with literally any outfit for any occasion, so getting a good quality pair of jeans is a good idea as they will last longer, and you’ll get the use out of them. Jeans are the base of most outfits, so you want to get a pair that you are happy with and suit your figure and style the best.

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White Shirts

Shirt dresses are super classy and clean and a must for autumn. Not only do shirt dresses look good on their own for a nice dinner or evening out, but they also make a great layering item. You can layer a shirt dress with a sweater vest or chunky knit and a pair of boots to create the ultimate autumn outfit.

Having a shirt dress in your wardrobe means you always have an outfit ready, whether for work or an evening out; a shirt dress is a complete outfit for so many occasions that doesn’t need much accessorising.

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Leather jackets

A leather jacket is an item you need to add an edgy-chic vibe to your autumn wardrobe. As you should’ve gathered by now, autumn fashion is all about layering, and a leather jacket fits right in with this; you can wear it over so many different styles, and they’d still look fashionable.

You don’t want to over complicated outfits when wearing a leather jacket, as adding a leather jacket does make it the main focus of the outfit. An outfit such as a plain white t-shirt, black leggings and trainers for a casual day or a shirt dress and boots for a dressier look are good outfits to add a leather jacket to as they are simple, classy outfits.

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Oversized hoodies

An oversized hoodie is a great casual piece to have in every wardrobe. They go with everything and are the perfect throw-on piece for everyday life. You can create great autumn outfits with an oversized hoodie; for example, pair an oversized hoodie with a shacket black leggings and a pair of trainers for an effortless casual look.

A hoodie is perfect for the beginning of autumn when it’s not too cold to have thick knitted jumpers, but you still want to be covered up; a hoodie paired with leather trousers and a pair of boots is a great outfit. You could even dress up a hoodie for a casual dinner out; add a pair of jeans and some heels, and it’s a great easy outfit.

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Over the last few years, shackets have become more and more popular and are now an autumn wardrobe staple. The mix between shirt and jacket makes it easy to layer, and they are lightweight enough for the days that aren’t particularly cold enough to wear a thick jacket.

The best thing about shackets is that you can have one and wear them in so many ways it looks like a completely new one each time, for example, oversized as a dress, as the main top or layered as a jacket. However you choose to wear one, they are always a classy, sophisticated option for the autumn season.

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Black Leggings/Trousers 

Having black leggings or trousers in your autumn wardrobe has to be one of the most useful items. Not only are they super versatile, but they are also very comfortable and easy to wear both day and night.

You can style them casually and in dressier ways; for example, in the day you can pair them with a hoodie and a pair of boots; and then in the evening swap the hoodie for a blazer and accessorise with a nice pair of heels and handbag.

A pair of black leggings or trousers are a great alternative for a pair of jeans that’ll provide you with a comfortable but stylish look. So if you are someone that always wears jeans or wants to add some variety to your wardrobe, you need to get a pair. There are also so many cuts and styles, so there is definitely a pair for everyone, no matter your style.

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Cardigans are the perfect piece to have in your autumn wardrobe; not only are they a great layering piece, but they can make an outfit look very stylish. You can get so much wear out of a cardigan for autumn time, especially on the cooler days when you don’t want a thick coat; a cardigan is the ultimate go-to.

They are so many styles and colours you can go for, but if you want a staple that you can wear multiple times with different outfits, it is best to go for a neutral colour, maybe a cream or beige tone in a regular length, loose-fitting style like the one in the photo.

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Tracksuits are a great option for casual days, especially during the autumn. It’s always a good idea to have casual, comfortable pieces in your wardrobe, especially in the autumn, as the weather changes will make you want cosy, loungewear-type outfits. Even though a tracksuit is a more relaxed outfit, the matching two-piece is still smart enough for you to go out in it. 

If you’re having a casual day out and want a casual look that’ll keep you comfortable, then a tracksuit should be your go-to; pair it with a trench coat and chunky trainers to make the outfit look a little more dressy. Not much effort is needed with a tracksuit; it’s a full outfit that only needs simple accessories to be completed, which is perfect for more chilled out days.

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Black Shoulder Bags

Although a black bag is a wardrobe staple throughout the year, it is definitely a must have for the autumn season. During the autumn, fashion tends to strip back to basics, with most outfits being built up with basics and neutral tone, so having a black bag in your wardrobe means you have a bag to go with every outfit ready to go. 

Having specifically a shoulder bag is a great option as they’re the easiest to wear, and they’re usually a good size, so they are great for both day and night looks. With a black shoulder bag in your wardrobe, you’ll surely be able to get through the autumn season without needing or wanting another bag option’ they are simply a classic. 

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Denim Jackets

A denim jacket is a great piece to have in your autumn wardrobe as it’s a good jacket for the transitional weather. In autumn, the weather is getting colder but isn’t cold enough to wear big, thick coats; a denim jacket is a thinner option that won’t make you hot but will keep you warm enough in the weather changes. It is also a good layering piece; during the autumn, layering is very popular, so having lighter pieces of clothing and pairing them together is the best way to do it. 

Not only that, but denim jackets are also an easily paired piece, especially with outfits usually worn during autumn. Denim jackets look good over a tracksuit, jumper and leggings, and even over shirt dresses, so it’s a good piece to have in your wardrobe as you can chuck it over whatever outfit you’re wearing to complete the look.

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