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Are midi dresses flattering for short girls?

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Discover ways that midi dresses can be flattering for short girls

Dresses are a staple fashion item and are most people’s go-to for so many events. However, finding the right dress is where it can become complicated, especially if you are petite.

Midi dresses have become very popular in the last few seasons, and for petite girls, this can feel very daunting. 

As we know, midi dresses can be unflattering if you are petite as it tends to cut you off as a very focal point of your legs, which can make you look shorter than you are.

Yet this dress length can be very comfortable and very classy to wear, but are midi dresses flattering for short girls?

The short answer is yes; they can be if you find the right style. 

Most people would say to either choose a long dress or a short dress if you are petite, as trying a midi dress won’t be flattering. Most people believe that the awkward length won’t benefit you in any way and could make the bottom of your legs look wider and shorter.

However, if you find a midi dress in the right style, they can end up looking very flattering and compliment your body shape well. 

In this post, I will be giving you three midi dress styles that are the most flattering for petite girls. I will also be sharing some midi dress styling tips to help you find the best way to wear one.

Discover ways that midi dresses can be flattering for short girls

Three styles of midi dresses that are flattering for petite girls

1 – Fit and flare/a-line styles

As we know, a midi dress is just one solid piece of material, and if not styled correctly, could end up drowning you and create a very unflattering look. So, it is important to look at how it fits your own body and make sure it enhances the correct places.

To ensure that the dress flatters your figure the best, focusing on the top half and waist area is crucial. Having a fitted top that then cinches you in at the waist, with a more flared bottom, creates a nice shape on a petite frame.

This allows your figure to show more and adds a nice balance to the outfit. You don’t need to have it skin tight on top, but fitted enough to add shape back into the dress is what you’re looking for.

A looser-fitting or flared type bottom allows the dress to flatter your bottom half a lot more. As mentioned earlier, where a midi dress cuts you off on your legs can make your legs look shorter and broader, which is enhanced more with a fitted style.

The flared or a-line style creates more of a balance throughout your figure and draws less attention to the bottom of your legs.

Not only that, but it gives the outfit a more elegant look and makes the dress look more classy. An a-line dress paired with nude pointed heels will give you a flattering, feminine look and is a great way of styling a midi dress.

2 – Midi dresses with slits

One of the things that make midi dresses unflattering for petite girls is that there is no break in the outfit, and the illusion of added length you would get from other style dresses doesn’t happen.

However, a midi dress with a slit is a good way to overcome this. Having a slit at the front or side of the dress allows your legs to be seen, which automatically elongate your legs and can make your legs look longer. 

You can choose any style of dress with a slit, as this makes the dress more flattering. Having a dress with a slit gives the dress a wow factor and draws attention to your leg.

You could also pair the dress with a statement pair of heels, as they will be on show more with your legs being bare. Not only that, but they also have a very sexy look, which is great if you like the more dressy, girly look.

A midi dress with a slit is also a good option for a going out outfit or special occasions as the detail of the slit can make it a more formal outfit.

#3 – Asymmetric hemlines

There are so many different ways you can have asymmetric hemlines; you can have a dip hem where its longer at the back and short at the front, a handkerchief hem where it’s different lengths all around the hem, and also a longer hem on one side and shorter on the other.

This type of style is flattering for short girls as it breaks up the length all over and doesn’t cut your legs of bluntly. As we know from earlier, midi dresses are unflattering because of the block look it gives, if the hem of the dress is different lengths, then this isn’t the case, and it allows your legs to look slightly longer. 

Not only is it more flattering, but it is a good choice when you aren’t sure about what length you want. You can have the best of both worlds with an asymmetric hem dress, as you can have it shorter in some parts and longer in others.

This is also good if you aren’t too confident in having your legs out, you can still enjoy a shorter length in something you feel more comfortable with. 

A midi dress with asymmetric hemlines is also a great style as it has a playful, fun look to it, which is easier to dress either up or down depending on what the occasion is.

This style of dress pair well with both high heels and flat shoes, so if you are a big fan of wearing heels, this midi dress style may suit you well.

Midi dress styling tips 

Here are a few styling tips on wearing a midi dress so that it flatters your petite frame the best. 

Monochromatic colours

As we all know, monochromatic colours are more flattering than brighter colours as they can be very slimming. Not only do they make an outfit more flattering, but they have more of a seamless look, so when you are wearing a midi dress, this will give it a smoother look, which makes it more flattering for shorter girls.

This isn’t to say that midi dresses that have colour won’t be flattering, but monochromatic colours will make it more flattering. If you like bright colours, you can incorporate it into the dress; for example, you can choose a dress with a monochromatic base and then has a pattern or design that involves colour.

Not only will this allow you to have some colour in your outfit, but it also gives you the best of both worlds as it still makes the dress more flattering and suitable for your petite frame.

If you worry that a monochromatic midi dress can be very simple and understated, you can use accessories to dress it up more. For example, accessorise it with statement jewellery or add a pop of colour with your handbag. 

Wear the right shoes

Wearing the right shoes is essential for flattering outfits for shorter girls; your legs are the area where your height can be shown, so the shoes you wear can affect this.

If you wear shoes with ankle straps or ankle boots, it cuts you off at your ankles and makes your legs look even shorter. Not only will the midi dress cut you off, but ankle strap shoes will also cut you off at the bottom of your legs; this can make your legs look stumpy, which is not the look you want.

If you swap these out for a pair with a pointed toe or a nude colour, it adds extra length to your legs as it creates a smooth transition from your legs to the shoe.

Wearing high heels is a very flattering shoe with midi dresses as it compensates for the lost length you get and prevents you from being shortened too much. 

If you don’t like wearing heels, then there are also flat shoes you can wear to pair well with a midi dress. The main things that add height is a pointed toe and shoes that have a dainty look.

Try to avoid anything that looks heavy or big on your feet as it can make you look shorter. 

Focus on your waist

Accentuating your waist is a good way of making a midi dress suit your frame better as it allows your figure to been seen more. A midi dress can make you look quite boxy on a petite frame, so adding something to enhance your waist or choosing a style that does this is a good way of making it more flattering.

Focusing on your waist also allows us to see the break between your torso and legs. This gives your legs the illusion of starting higher up on your body. This can give you the extra length, making you look taller rather than focussing on your shorter frame.

A good way to add focus to your waist is by adding a belt. Choosing a dress with a fabric belt is a good option as it gives the dress a seamless look, which we know is essential in a midi dress. If you add a belt to the dress, choose a thinner belt as they are more flattering than wider belts. 

Choose fabrics wisely

The fabric of clothes is a vital part of how something fits or looks if you want something to be more flattering; choosing something with a light fabric will benefit you.

Heavy materials can look quite stiff in the way they fall on your body, and they tend to be very blunt in the way they’re cut, which may not be the best if you want it to flatter your petite frame. 

Whereas lighter fabrics are easier to work with, as you can style them better and they are easier to alter, you can tweak it to better suit your body shape.

For example, if you have a midi dress made out of a jersey material, you can tie it up at the bottom or add a belt and create a balloon-type top over the top of the belt. These are simple ideas that can help the dress more flattering for you.


It is important to wear what you feel confident and comfortable in; although there have only been a few styles I’ve mentioned in this post, it doesn’t mean you can only wear these styles.

Try different styles and patterned until you find the best one for you that suits your frame the most. Everyone is different with different body shapes and different needs from an outfit so tailor this to yourself.

Hopefully, you have found this post helpful and have helped you better understand ways to dress for a more petite frame. Being 5’2 myself, I know how stressful it can be to find something that suits me best, so I hope this has made it a little easier. 

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