90s Fashion: The Best ’90s Streetwear Trends in 2024

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Twenty-one of the best streetwear trends inspired by 90s fashion.

90s fashion has been coming back in fashion over the last few seasons. More and more trends we saw in the 90s, we are seeing in today’s fashion, especially streetwear. Streetwear trends right now are all about loose-fitting looks, edgy touches to the outfits and having that effortless look to them, all of which 90s hip-hop fashion had.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 21 streetwear trends for women inspired by 90s hip-hop fashion. All of these fashion trends are trends that you can incorporate into your streetwear fashion looks today that keep you in line with today’s fashion trends and give your outfits that 90s feel to it.

Here are 21 streetwear trends for women in 2024 that are inspired by 90s hip-hop fashion:

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1. Bandanas

Bandanas are an accessory that is always around, but it has a spike in popularity every now and again. During the 90s, bandanas were a hot trend; many rappers and hip hop singers would always wear them.

Bandanas were always featured in their outfits, whether around their head, wrist, or even worn as a top. In today’s fashion, bandanas are worn mainly in the hair or as an accessory in the outfit. For example, you can wear it tied onto your jeans or as a handkerchief around your head. 

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2. Scarf tops

Following on from bandanas, scarf tops are also one of the biggest streetwear trends for women inspired by 90s hip hop fashion. Many singers and models often wore scarf tops with jeans or mini skirts.

To suit today’s style, you can wear scarf tops with so many looks, mom jeans, midi skirts, or you can pair it with a shirt over the top. There are so many ways to make a scarf top fashionable this season.

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3. Double denim

Double denim is more of a daring look in the current fashion scene, but in the 90s, it was one of the most popular looks. Even though double denim may seem like a risky outfit, it can look very stylish and cool if it’s styled right.

Many women in the 90’s hip hop scene would wear low rise baggy jeans and a cropped denim jacket or a denim min skirt with a denim bra top. To suit today’s fashion trends, you could wear a pair of mom jeans with an oversized denim shirt or denim flares and a denim crop top.

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4. Gold jewellery

Gold jewellery, especially gold chains and big hoop earrings, was a huge trend in 90s hip hop. In today’s fashion, gold jewellery has made a comeback, with chunky gold accessories being the in thing. I like this trend because even though it’s being repeated, it’s being done slightly differently, so it still feels new and modern.

For example, in the 90s, they would’ve worn big thin hoop earrings, whereas now the trend is small thick hoops. A great way for you to incorporate it into your fashion would be chunky gold rings, thick hoop earrings or gold chain necklaces.

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5. Cargo trousers

Cargo trousers were a massive trend in the 90s, and we can see why. Cargos have been one of the biggest streetwear trends this year, the baggy, utility type style has been very popular for the last year, and cargos fit perfectly into that.

You can style them in so many ways; you can stay on the baggy style and pair them with an oversized t-shirt, or go for a more fitted top like a cropped vet top; both are very on-trend looks.

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6. Nike Air Jordans 

Nike Air Jordan’s have been on the rise again in the last 2 to 3 years, and just like in the 90’s hip hop scene, everyone is jumping on the trend. In the 90s, Air Jordans really started to pick up popularity, especially in the hip hop culture, and since then, they have been one of the top trainers to own. In the last year, Jordan’s have been the shoe of the year; they’re a streetwear staple that can be styled in so many ways.

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7. Varsity jackets

Varsity jackets were a huge thing back in the 90s and not just in hip hop fashion. Both women and men were wearing them all the time, and it looks like this fashion trend is repeating itself. In the last year, varsity jackets have made a comeback, and now, for many, it is their go-to jacket.

You can wear a varsity jacket are very versatile; you can wear them with so many look; for example, if you want a casual look, you can pair one with cycling shorts, a crop top and trainers or for a more dressed up, edgy look you can pair one with a little black dress and laced up heels.

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8. Crop tops

Cropped vest tops are a staple in today’s fashion; you can wear them with nearly every outfit and dress them up or down, so you definitely need some in your wardrobe. In the 90s, crop tops were very popular, often worn with mini skirts or low rise jeans, both of which have come back in fashion this year. You could stick with the 90s theme and pair them together or style one with a pair of wide-leg trousers or denim shorts; they’re a versatile piece. 

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9. Mom jeans

Mom jeans have become everyone’s go-to pair of jeans for the last few years, and it’s definitely been inspired by 90s fashion. The loose-fitting style has a cool, effortless look, which has been the look everyone has wanted for a while now. In the 90s, baggy clothes were the style that everyone loved, and these fit the criteria.

You can wear mom jeans with most outfits; you can pair them with a T-shirt and trainers, a corset top and heels or if you want to stick to the 90s trends; you can pair them with a bra top and a pair of Jordan’s.

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10. Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags were a trend in the 90s, and they’re also a trend now. In the 90s, small shoulder bags with thin straps were a huge trend, especially those in the hip hop scene; many women had them.

Specific bags like Prada Nylon bag, Fendi baguette bag and Christian Dior saddlebag have all made a comeback over the last few seasons, and many are recreating the 90s look with these bags. They’re such an easy piece to style as the shape of these bags looks good with nearly every look.

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11. Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts were a huge trend in the 90s, and they’ve become a staple piece in today’s fashion. In the 90s, cycling shorts were paired with oversized styles, as we saw on Princess Diana; it was worn with oversized sweatshirts and trainers.

In the hip hop scene, cycling shorts were also seen a lot, mostly worn in matching co-ords. In today’s fashion, cycling shorts are worn both casually and dressed up, casually with oversized t-shirts and trainers, or more dressed up with a bra top or matching crop top and heels.

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12. Mini skirts 

Mini skirts were seen so much in the 90s hip hop scene. Many women would wear them with matching bra tops, or they’d wear mini denim skirts; both of these styles were super popular.

Mini skirts are starting to make a comeback this season; it is such a cool, edgy trend. You can style them in so many ways; you can pair one with a cropped vest top and platform sandals, or you can style it with a corset top and a pair of heels for a night out look.

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13. Low rise denim

For a while now, high-waisted fits have been the standard for anything; however, in the last few seasons, low-rise denim has made a come. Just like in 90s hip hop, low rise jeans, skirts and shorts are becoming very popular.

A great way to style it would be low rise flared jeans paired with a white vest top and chunky trainers. This is a standard day-to-day outfit that you can add statement accessories, like thick sunglasses, a coloured shoulder bag or statement jewellery to make it more exciting.

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14. Bucket hats

Bucket hats are a great statement accessory that has been in and out of fashion for a while now. IN the 90s, bucket hats wear a wardrobe staple, both women and men were wearing them, and they were typically worn with baggy, oversized outfits that have a cool, effortless look.

In today’s fashion, they are still as cool as before, with people wearing them in their everyday outfits, festival look and even casual night outfits. What’s great about bucket hats is that you can wear them all year round, so you don’t need to get rid of them any time soon.

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15. Tennis skirts

Tennis skirts were a huge trend in the 90s; the preppy aesthetic was a trend for a while. In 90s hip hop fashion, many people took the preppy trend and changed it to suit the hip hop scene. For example, they’d pair a tennis skirt with a bra top or style it with a crop top and a pair of Jordan’s.

In today’s fashion, tennis skirts are styled with sweatshirts, trainers and a shoulder bag; this is a great way to take the 90s style and make it a modern, trendy look.

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16. Denim mom shorts

Like mom jeans, denim mom shorts were also a hot trend in 90s hip hop fashion. Many female artists would be seen wearing long baggy denim shorts, and they’d pair them with bra tops or bandeau tops.

Even though today’s version of denim mom shorts may be slightly more tailored and shorter, they can still be styled as if it was a 90s look. For example, you can pair them with an oversized t-shirt, ankle socks and trainers; you could then add a varsity jacket if you want to have the ultimate 90s look.

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17. Checked shirts

Checked shirts have always been a fashionable piece, but they have been especially popular in 90s hip hop fashion and in the last few years. Oversized checked shirts can be worn in many ways and for many occasions; having a few in your wardrobe is definitely essential.

Pairing checked shirts over another top is a cool, easy way of styling them. One outfit that I think is particularly cool is a white vest top, denim shorts, white trainers and a checked shirt over the top; not only can you wear this outfit so many times, but it also makes the checked shirt the statement of the look.

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18. Oversized t-shirts

As we know, 90s hip hop fashion was all about oversized, loose-fitting clothes, and t-shirts were no different. Oversized t-shirts were worn by everyone and paired with everything, and it’s no different in today’s fashion. An oversized t-shirt, whether it’s plain or has a graphic on it, has to be one of the easy pieces to style.

They can be worn with so many looks, and what I especially love is that you can take one from day to night. For example, you can wear it casually with a pair of mom jeans and trainers during the day, then for the evening, you can swap out the trainers for a pair of heels, add some statement jewellery, and you’re good to go.

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19. Platform boots

Platforms, in general, were big in the 90s, but platform boots were especially popular in hip hop fashion. Not many female artists wore heels very often, but they certainly had a platform for them when they did.

Platform heels and boots have started to make a comeback in the last few seasons, and we’re just getting used to incorporating them back into our looks. If you do what to wear a pair of platform boots, then it’s a good idea to keep the rest of the outfit quite simple and stripped back just so that all attention goes to your shoes rather than somewhere else.

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20. Sunglasses

Sunglasses were a huge part of hip hop fashion; both women and men would be seen with a pair of statement sunglasses all the time. They weren’t just any type of sunglasses; they were usually coloured sunglasses, oval sunglasses or a pair with thick frames; no matter what, they always stood out.

In the last few years, these types of sunglasses have become popular again, with many making sure they are the statement piece of every look. It’s always good to have accessories that stand out and elevate a look; this is a good way to make the outfit you already have in your wardrobe look different.

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21. Bra tops

As a lot of 90s hip hop fashion was oversized pieces, having fitted, figure-hugging items were important to add shape back into the outfit. Bra tops were worn a lot during the 90s; they could be worn with jeans, shorts, cargo trousers, and mini skirts; they were worn in multiple ways.

Bra tops have been frequently worn in the last few years and have fitted in with the different trends well. If you’re happy to wear a bra top on its own, you could style one with a pair of wide-leg cargos and Nike Air Jordans, or if you want a more modest look, you can pair it with baggy jeans, heels and a blazer over the top.

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