90’s Fashion Accessories That Are Still in Style

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Here are the top 90 fashion’s accessories that are still in style today

The 90s was a huge era for fashion, with so many fashion statements today inspired by the influential time. It’s been over three decades since the 90s trends first became popular, and it’s only natural that the fashion trends begin to gain popularity again. So many trends were loved then and are still loved now, but accessories are a vital part of the 90s that has always had a place in the fashion scene. 90s accessories have always been trendy, but recently, there has been a huge rise in their popularity.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 7 90s fashion accessories that are still in style. All the trends are perfect additions to your wardrobe to take your style to the next level. These accessories can take you from a stylish day outfit to an elegant evening look, the perfect touches to a capsule wardrobe.

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1. Claw Clips

Claw clips must be the biggest 90s trend to return to fashion. The craze of claw clips has been like no other; if you don’t already own one, what are you doing?!. Claw clips were the perfect accessory to create chic looking hairstyles that complemented the 90s style well, and they’ve fitted in perfectly with the trending styles we have today. This trend just seems to be getting bigger and bigger, with more colours and styles constantly popping up. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to get into the 90s fashion trend, this is the best place to start.

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2. Bumbags

Bumbags have to be one of the most practical fashion trends to exist; not only are they big enough to carry everything you’ll need, but you can still have your hands free. They were huge in the 90s and are as popular in fashion today, with so many celebrities and influencers rocking them in their everyday fashion. In the 90s, they were classically worn around the waist, but a more popular way of wearing them today is across the body, which has a much chicer look. There are so many styles, colours and patterns; they’re just a wardrobe staple, and there’s one suitable for everyone.

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3. Headbands

Hair accessories were a huge part of 90s fashion, and headbands were a key feature. From jersey sport headbands to thick padded headbands, there were so many popular styles, and lucky for you, they’re all back in fashion today. We’ve seen many celebrities and fashion icons take on this trend in the last few seasons; they’re the perfect accessory for all occasions, including everyday errands and glamorous evening events. They take an outfit to the next level, so whether you prefer the classic chic look or want the glitzy, statement headband, there is one to fit every style.

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4. Bandanas

Bandanas are a 90s fashion accessory that has always been popular but is slowly becoming the fashion statement it used to be. They’re a great addition to an outfit that adds so much to it in a simple way. In the 90s, we had the classic bandana print that was the go-to for everyone, but there are so many styles and prints available today; there’s one suitable for every occasion and style. Not only are they an effortless piece to style, but they’re also a great way of changing up your hairstyle; so if you want to change up your style, this is the ideal place to start.

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5. Chain Belts

Chain belts are the perfect way of adding small details to an outfit to elevate the outfit completely and give it a whole new look. They were a highly popular accessory for different styles in the 90s; whether it was the preppy look or the hip hop/urban style, chain belts were an accessory that suited all styles. In today’s fashion, chain belts are popular for tying a look together. They aren’t as popular as other 90s trends are right now, but this is great if you want to create a more unique look that still incorporates a touch of the 90s.

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6. Bucket Hats

This trend is a bit of a love it or hate it moment, but it’s definitely one we love. Bucket hats have been back in trend for the last few years, so although we can’t say it’s a new trend, it has made a huge statement in the fashion scene. When you think of 90s bucket hats, you think of the standard cotton type in various colours; however, with the 2024 twist, there are so many more versions of this classic hat. There are fur and teddy bucket hats that are perfect for the autumn/winter months; nylon, denim, and the classic cotton bucket hats that are the go-to for spring and summer.

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7. Coloured Sunglasses

The 90s was full of colour and quirky styles, and although in 2024 we don’t have the same level of colour in our fashion, we’ve bought back small touches of colour. Coloured sunglasses are the perfect way of adding colour to an outfit; taking an all black outfit and adding a pair of red sunglasses elevates the look and makes it stand out so much more. Little touches like adding coloured sunglasses to an outfit can add so much personality and uniqueness to any look; it is the perfect way to create your own style that is unique to you.

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