Purpose and Scope

Our fashion website is committed to providing high-quality and engaging content related to the fashion industry, trends, beauty, lifestyle, and related topics. Our editorial policy outlines the guidelines and principles that govern the creation, selection, and presentation of content on our website.

Content Integrity

We prioritize accuracy, credibility, and transparency in all our content. Our writers and editors are expected to thoroughly research and fact-check information before publishing.
All claims, statistics, and information must be properly attributed to credible sources. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.


We strive to create original and unique content that offers valuable insights and perspectives to our audience.
Writers are encouraged to contribute fresh ideas and innovative viewpoints, avoiding duplicating topics or ideas that have been extensively covered elsewhere.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Our content celebrates diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to ethnicity, gender, age, body type, and cultural background.
We are committed to promoting inclusivity and avoiding any content that could be discriminatory, offensive, or exclusionary.

Fashion and Beauty Coverage

We cover a wide range of fashion and beauty topics, including trends, style guides, product reviews, fashion history, sustainable fashion, and more.
Reviews and recommendations are based on genuine experiences and evaluations. We disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could impact the objectivity of the review.

Ethical Standards

We adhere to ethical standards in our content creation. Any sponsored or paid content is clearly disclosed to our readers.
Advertisements and sponsored content are separate from editorial content and labelled as such to avoid confusion.

Commentaries and Opinions

Our writers are encouraged to express well-informed opinions and perspectives in their articles and commentaries.
Opinion pieces clearly differentiate between factual information and the author’s personal viewpoints.

Engaging and Relevant Content

Content is tailored to our target audience’s interests and preferences. We aim to engage and captivate readers by providing content that is relevant and insightful.

Visual Content

Visual content, including images and videos, is an integral part of our platform. Images must be properly credited, and all visual content should align with the website’s aesthetics and values.

User Engagement

We encourage user engagement through comments, feedback, and social media interaction. Constructive criticism is valued and taken into consideration for continuous improvement.

Corrections and Updates

If errors or inaccuracies are identified in published content, we promptly correct or update the information with a transparent note explaining the changes.

Privacy and Consent

We respect individual privacy and seek explicit consent before featuring any personal stories, images, or information.

Editorial Independence

Our editorial team operates independently from advertisers and sponsors. Content decisions are based on journalistic integrity and the best interests of our audience.

Handling Controversial Topics

When covering controversial topics, we ensure balanced and well-researched coverage, providing a platform for various viewpoints while maintaining respectful discourse.

Continuous Improvement

We regularly review and refine our editorial policy to ensure it aligns with evolving industry standards, best practices, and the needs of our audience.

Our Editorial Principles

  • Readers Come First: Everything we publish is done with the reader in mind. We’re committed to delivering the latest trends and fashion insights. Our language is easy to understand, and we avoid using complicated jargon.
  • Reliability: Our editorial team researched all content from reliable sources and fact-checked information to the best of our knowledge. We also work closely with experts and professionals to create accurate and informative content.

Our Content Creation Process

When it comes to fashion & beauty, we believe in transparency and sharing exactly how we go about creating content that matters.

Editorial Integrity

The content on You Have Style is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your doctor or a qualified healthcare professional if you have any medical condition.

We make a clear distinction between editorial and advertorial content. The team members here at You Have Style who work on content do not work in advertising.

At You Have Style, we pride ourselves on providing unbiased and authentic content. Any articles in association with brands are clearly labelled ‘Sponsored’ for transparency and do not reflect the opinions of our editorial team.

By following this editorial policy, we aim to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity, create a positive user experience, and contribute meaningfully to the fashion and lifestyle discourse.


We welcome feedback from our readers. If you have a suggestion or comment, contact us at tia@youhavestyle.com.