33 Cute Valentines Day Nail Design Ideas

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Here are 33 cute nail design ideas for you to try out this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day around the corner, whether you’re spending the day out with special someone or you have a cosy night in planned, we all want to spend the day looking our best. So, instead of sticking to your usual and having a classic red manicure, why not give one of the many cute nail designs ago this year.

In this post, I have put together 33 cute Valentine’s day nail design ideas for you to try. There’s everything from a simple nude manicure to a bright pink, heart filled set. There is literally a design for everyone so, step out of your nail design comfort zone and try something new this year.

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1. Rose Marble

This design is jam-packed with different features; the marble design is cool and edgy, mixed with the fine white cross-line detail, adds a unique touch to it. The red heart creates a contrast between the colours and stands out against the light pink background. If you like having an eye-catching design that is very distinctive, this is the perfect design for you.

Instagram: lindseysbeautylounge1

2. Golden Heart

The simplicity of this design is what makes it beautiful. The nude nails give a clean, sophisticated vibe, while the gold chrome detailing adds an understated yet eye-catching design. The line nail art gives the manicure a dainty and delicate feel, which is perfect, especially if you have this design on natural nails. This is perfect if you like more simplistic nail designs but still want a cute vibe.

Instagram: nails.by.jolene

3. Lovestruck

Pink and red are a lovely combination for nail design, even more so for Valentine’s Day. It creates a nice, bold, contrasting design, while the white touches in the nail art make it even more striking. The tip design gives the set a nice balance of classy yet fun, and the nail art, with the red hearts and white polka dots, is perfect for the fun element. This design has so much character to it and is the ideal design for this Valentine’s Day.

Instagram: embrace.nails

4. Red Wine

A mixed manicure is always a good look, even if it’s simple like this design. The deep red polish is perfect for this time of year and statement enough on its own. The chrome accent nails are a nice way of breaking up a block colour and adding more detail without adding too much. Chrome is also a nice, effortless way of making a set more trendy.

Instagram: gelsbybry

5. Nude Heart

If you want a cute, understated design, then this is the one for you. The classic nude is clean and classy, but the white heart details add a cute dainty look to the manicure. This is perfect for a more casual Valentine’s day or if you simply prefer modest nail designs.

Instagram: agulovenails

6. Simply Love

This is a great nail design to try out this Valentine’s day; the two textures adds some character to the design and make it more unique. The nude and red together blend well, and the hearts against the nude stand out nicely. This is a great, playful design, perfect for Valentine’s day.

Instagram: kathrynmcgee

7. Cloud Nine

This design is cute, girly, and just perfect for Valentine’s Day. The blue tip is bold and striking, a great colour to use if you don’t want the typical pink and red nails. The cloud and heart nail art is so intricate that it adds so much detail to the set, while the nude base keeps it minimal and classy.

Instagram: mannacured

8. Arrow Heart

The contrast between the black and nude stands out and creates a statement. This is a cute, simple detail that makes an excellent design for Valentine’s day. The added touch of gold makes the design look a lot more detailed and luxurious.

Instagram: basecoatartelier

9. All Love

Clear nail designs are a very new trend and are quickly becoming popular. The red foil type details look chic and delicate. The different shaped nails are different but make the manicure a lot more eye-catching. This is a very stylish design to have for Valentine’s day.

Instagram: embrace.nails

10. Love Bouquet

Nothing is better than a French manicure; it’s an elegant design that can be worn for any occasion. Adding small touches on nail art like this flower and heart design can take a set of nails from a classic manicure to a unique statement set. The design on two nails, with the pop of pink, gives this design so much detail and makes it eye-catching, which is exactly what you want for a nail design.

Instagram: nonakednails_

11. Touch of Heart

This type of design has been very popular in the last few seasons, the bare nail is classy and understated, but the multi-coloured tips make them more eye-catching and bold. This is a great design if you like to add a little bit of colour to your design but don’t want a big design.

Instagram: ivynailss

12. Ruby Red

The white and red are classic designs for Valentine’s day; this design is full of detail. This is a glamorous and chic nail design. The different details on each nail are fun and unique and great touch to add personality to your design.

Instagram: nails.by.zo_

13. Love Letter

This such a simple yet cute design. The nude base is a classy chic look, and the intricate nail art design is a great design to have this Valentines. The white detail mixed with the red and pink hearts create a contrast and make the nail design stand out a lot more. I like how the design is in different  places on each nail, it adds a creative and unique feel to the manicure.

Instagram: nails.by.zo_

14. Ying & Yang

Tip designs have been very popular for quite a while, and this is a perfect way to stand out from the trend but still have a stylish nail design. The white and red against each other is striking and will definitely be eye catching. I like how the hearts are the opposite colour to the tip, not only does it stick with the theme of the nail design but it makes it more appealing to look at compared to a plain nail polish. 

Instagram: fasia.nails

15. Cloud Nine

This is a perfectly cute and girly design to have this Valentines; the pink is a classic for Valentines, and then mixed with a cute nail art design it creates a great combo. The cartoon cloud design is fun and creative, paired with the multi coloured love hearts is a very playful design which is perfect for Valentines. I like that the design is on the two middle nails as it breaks up the solid colour and draws attention to the main focus of the design. 

Instagram: vivianmariewong

16. Red Shimmer

This is one of my favourite designs, reflective glitter polish is super popular right now, and we can all see why. The deep shimmer it gives is a lovely, classy way of incorporating glitter into your nail design. Then when a light is shone on them, the sparkle is beautiful, perfect for all your valentines photos. If you’re planning on trying any of these designs, this is definitely the one to try.

Instagram: venetiansalons

17. Neutral Love

This is a lovely design if you like Valentine themed nails but like to stick to neutral tones. The nude base is flattering to all nail shapes and skin colours; it’s also very classy and modest. The little brown heart gives it a small detail that makes it more exciting and on theme, and the different heart placements give it a distinctive touch.

Instagram: nailsbyabigel

18. Pink Marble

This is a more classic nail design for Valentine’s, definitely a design that’s been popular for a few years now, but nevertheless, it’s still a great option to celebrate with. The deep pink is more classy and has a more mature and formal vibe; a great option if you’re looking for a design that’ll be suitable for your workwear too. The marble design and glitter accent nails are a lovely way of adding more detail to a nail design, and they both complement each other well.

Instagram: rackstarnails

19. Rainbow Hearts

This is such a fun yet cute design. Having multiple colours on a nail design is a great way of trying out a trend whilst keeping it unique. The little hearts are a nice playful design that still makes a detailed and impressive design. The nude base keeps the design classy and allows each colour to stand out and create a statement manicure.

Instagram: naileditbeauty

20. Red Lipstick

Nail art is great for themed nail designs; it gives a manicure character and adds fun to the design. The heart and lipstick design is cute and girly while still being minimal and chic. The almond-shaped nails are perfect for designs like this as they have an elegant finish. 

Instagram: stylebyreags

21. Black Heart

This is a more classic nail design, with the block colour and accent nails. The chunky glitter nails add glitz to the design whilst balanced out with the block colour and nude nails. The love heart detail with the strip of glitter polish is a nice understated way of creating a Valentine’s day manicure. This is a design that looks great on natural nails and nails of all lengths.

Instagram: prissyjnails

22. Red Roses

This manicure is very popular at the moment, and it’s a perfect design to try out this Valentine’s. The bright red is a classic; it’s chic and sophisticated; paired with an abstract detail in the accent nails adds a fun, playful element to the design. The almond shape is feminine and very flattering, perfect for celebrating this holiday.

Instagram: thenailroom.by.y

23. Starry Eyed

Not every Valentine’s day do you need a nail design that is pink or red or covered in love hearts; sometimes, it’s nice to have something different. The glitter tips are a nice alternative, they’re still a special manicure, but they’re also a nice change from more classic Valentine’s nail designs. The muted glitter is a nice option to go for as it’s more elegant than chunky glitter and has a more sophisticated look. The added detail of the rhinestones completes the design; they give it a more luxurious, expensive feel.

Instagram: sarena_ariane

24. From the Bottom of My Heart

If you’re looking for Valentine’s day related nail design that is subtle and perfect for everyday wear, this is for you. The classic french tip is perfect for so many occasions; whether you want a design for every day or a special occasion, it’s a great go-to. The small pink heart is such a cute, girly design; it’s a nice detail that not many go for. This is definitely a great option for your Valentine’s nails this year.

Instagram: vickyxonails

25. Pure Love

White nail designs for Valentine’s day have a pure and elegant feel. This design is lovely; all the different features work so well together and create an amazing statement manicure. French manicures always look clean and elegant; the white heart design is something different and a subtle way of adding the Valentine’s theme to a design. The pearl detailing is a lovely way of completing the look that gives the manicure a luxurious finish.

Instagram: annagasienica_

26. Shower of Love

This design is a personal favourite; there’s so much detail in it but still so simple. The mix of full-polish nails and tip nails has been very popular for a while now, so it’s nice to incorporate this trend into a design. However, the heart detail on the two middle nails adds a unique touch to the design and adds a nice twist to the trend. The milky white base is also very stylish, giving the design a chic yet clean look.

Instagram: nailslpc.xo

27. Loves in The Air

This type of design has been very popular recently, and what better time to try it than Valentine’s day. A classic nude base has a clean, fresh look to it with the small heart details; it’s just a nice simple design. The odd glitter heart is a nice way of adding a bit of sparkle and making it that little bit more special to celebrate this holiday.

Instagram: denasnails

28. L.O.V.E

This is a really unique design; it’s definitely one to go for if you’re looking for a design that’ll stand out. The contrast between the two colours and the alternative pattern is super eye-catching and distinctive. Everything about this design screams Valentine’s day; the colours, the design, and the details. The long coffin-shaped nails really complement the design, too; they work really well together and create the ultimate Valentine’s day manicure.

Instagram: clawsby.angelica

29. Pink to Make the Boys Wink

Swirl designs have been popular recently, which is a great way to try it out. This design is cute and stylish, but by only having the design at the tips, it keeps the design idea simple and a different way of trying out the trend. The light pink and dark pink create a contrast that complements each other but also makes it catches people’s attention. In addition to that, the added detail of the pearls is another way of making them more unique to you.

Instagram: tiffanyabbigailebeauty

30. Classic Love

The nude, barely there nail design is a great look; it looks like a freshened-up version of your natural nails and has a very elegant, put-together look. The single heart nail art is a great look for Valentine’s day. It’s small, but the bright red stands out and creates a statement alone; sometimes, less is more. This design is also perfect if you’re looking for a design suitable for work or every day. The simplicity keeps it in line with workwear, but the small love heart detail is a subtle way to take on the Valentine’s day theme.

Instagram: lindseysbeautylounge1

31. Valentine’s Dream

Nude nails are the best if you’re looking for a classy and fresh look; they’re so simple yet have such a chic look. The heart nail art at the tip of the nails is the perfect detail for a nude nail. It adds so much detail to the set without removing the clear nail’s minimalism. This design also looks great on natural and acrylic nails, so this is definitely one to try this year. 

Instagram: bmelbeauty

32. Cupid’s Bow

Chrome nails have been popular recently, and this design is the perfect way to make them more of a unique style. The chrome base with the pink tip takes two trendy styles, giving it a more distinctive look. The subtle detail of the bow elevates the whole design and adds a bit of personality to the set. 

Instagram: samrosenails

33. Flamin’ Love

This design is the ideal balance of simplicity and creativity. The white and nude base is elegant and perfect if you’re looking for a day-to-day design, while the fire flame art is super creative and gives the set an eye-catching look. The heart cutout is a lovely, subtle way of making it a themed set without being too loud. 

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