15 Cute Valentines Day Nail Design Ideas

Here are 15 cute nail design ideas for you to try out this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day around the corner, whether you’re spending the day with a special someone or you have a zoom date planned, we all want to spend the day looking our best. So, instead of sticking to your usual and having a classic red manicure, why not give one of the many cute nail designs ago this year.

In this post, I have put together 15 cute Valentine’s day nail design ideas for you to try. So, why not step out of your comfort zone and try something new this year.

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1. Rose Marble

This design is jam-packed with different features; the marble design is cool and edgy, mixed with the fine white cross-line detail, adds a unique touch to it.

The red heart creates a contrast between the colours and stands out against the light pink background. If you like having an eye-catching design that is very distinctive, this is the perfect design for you.

Instagram: moni_wien92

2. Precious Pearl

This design is simpler than the last one; the iridescent pearl design is sleek and sophisticated. The small heart detailing adds so much elegance to the design. This is a perfect design if you like more simplistic nail designs but still want a cute vibe with it.

Instagram: thereinaflores

3. Lovestruck

This multi design is a classic Valentine’s day nail design, the red and nude contrast is very eye-catching, and the different designs make this more unique. The small gold detail is a great way to break up the block colours and makes the design look more luxurious. This design has so much character to it and is the ideal design for this Valentine’s day.

Instagram: mina.kay

4. Glitz & Glam

The pink ombre design is hugely popular and mixing that with the encapsulated hearts is super trendy and such a good idea. The pink glitter tip adds some glam to the design and a great way to break up the whole design. This is the perfect design if you have a special something planned for your Valentine’s.

Instagram: gelsbybry

5. Nude Heart

If you want a cute, understated design, then this is the one for you. The classic nude is clean and classy, but the white heart details add a cute dainty look to the manicure. This is perfect for a more casual Valentine’s day or if you simply prefer modest nail designs.

Instagram: agulovenails

6. Simply Love

This is a great nail design to try out this Valentine’s day; the two textures adds some character to the design and make it more unique. The nude and red together blend well, and the hearts against the nude stand out nicely. This is a great, playful design, perfect for Valentine’s day.

Instagram: creative_tayy

7. Heart Tips

The clear tip design is a very popular design. The pink nail polish is bright and bold, and against the clear tip is makes it very eye-catching. The heart details are simple but add a lot of character and fun to the design.

Instagram: mannacured

8. Arrow Heart

The contrast between the black and nude stands out and creates a statement. This is a cute, simple detail that makes an excellent design for Valentine’s day. The added touch of gold makes the design look a lot more detailed and luxurious.

Instagram: basecoatartelier

9. All Love

Clear nail designs are a very new trend and are quickly becoming popular. The red foil type details look chic and delicate. The different shaped nails are different but make the manicure a lot more eye-catching. This is a very stylish design to have for Valentine’s day.

Instagram: amycatherinenails

10. L. O. V. E

Nude nails are everyone’s go-to, so why not add something extra to it. This design is easy and simple, yet it is a perfect design for Valentine’s day. The bold red letter design is sleek and chic; this design is a great way to have a statement manicure.

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11. Touch of Heart

This type of design has been very popular in the last few seasons, the bare nail is classy and understated, but the multi-coloured tips make them more eye-catching and bold. This is a great design if you like to add a little bit of colour to your design but don’t want a big design.

Instagram: ivynailss

12. Ruby Red

The white and red are classic designs for Valentine’s day; this design is full of detail. This is a glamorous and chic nail design. The different details on each nail are fun and unique and great touch to add personality to your design.

Instagram: nails.by.zo_

13. Love Letter

This such a simple yet cute design. The nude base is a classy chic look, and the intricate nail art design is a great design to have this Valentines. The white detail mixed with the red and pink hearts create a contrast and make the nail design stand out a lot more. I like how the design is in different  places on each nail, it adds a creative and unique feel to the manicure.

Instagram: nails.by.zo_

14. Ying & Yang

Tip designs have been very popular for quite a while, and this is a perfect way to stand out from the trend but still have a stylish nail design. The white and red against each other is striking and will definitely be eye catching. I like how the hearts are the opposite colour to the tip, not only does it stick with the theme of the nail design but it makes it more appealing to look at compared to a plain nail polish. 

Instagram: fasia.nails

15. Cloud Nine

This is a perfectly cute and girly design to have this Valentines; the pink is a classic for Valentines, and then mixed with a cute nail art design it creates a great combo. The cartoon cloud design is fun and creative, paired with the multi coloured love hearts is a very playful design which is perfect for Valentines. I like that the design is on the two middle nails as it breaks up the solid colour and draws attention to the main focus of the design. 

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