14 Nail Designs You Need to Try Out This Summer

Discover 14 summer nail designs that’ll make you want to get your nails done now.

This summer is all about bright colours, fun patterns and stepping out of your comfort zone.

What I love about getting your nails done is that it is the perfect way to experiment; if you don’t like wearing too much colour or don’t like to wear patterned designs, then trying something new on your nails is the perfect way to incorporate it into your daily style.

Instead of going for the usual nude, simple designs, why not try something new this summer and go for a design you probably would never get before. Summer is an ideal time to try out a new funky design, and we’ve got the perfect designs for you.

In this post, there are 14 nail designs you need to try out this summer. These designs are super popular right now and they are fun, stylish and the perfect summer manicures.

Instagram: natalieholtnailartist

1. Rainbow Dots

This is a simple yet effective summer design. The nude background makes the manicure look elegant and not too over the top, and the rainbow dot detailing adds some colour and fun to the design.

Summer is the perfect time to try new designs and go out of your comfort zone, and I think this is the best design to start with. The details don’t stand out too much, but they definitely make a statement.

Instagram: wenailditla

2. Half Circle French Tip

A classic french tip design is perfect for summer. It’s a fresh and clean design that is great for any occasion; white is so classy and will look good with anything in the summer.

The twist of the line detailing at the cuticle is a great way of jazzing up a classic design, so this is ideal for someone who likes more simple styles but adds a small twist to make it a little bit different for the summer.

Instagram: cinziabayliszullo

3. Colour Spectrum

Having two completely different colours on each hand is super popular right now, and we can see why. It is such a quirky and exciting design, and it’s a great design to have when you can’t choose between two colours.

Having a different shade of the same colour on each hand is such a unique style and will definitely catch people’s attention. What I love about this design is that it is coloured tips and not the whole nail, as this makes it a little more subtle and more classy.

Instagram: nailsbydaovo

4. Half & Half

This is a simplistic, classy design that is perfect for summer. The half-French tip and the black outline are small details, but they are elegant and chic. The abstract type of designs are very trendy at the moment, so this design will keep you up to date with the latest trends.

This design is best as an everyday design or if you are going to a special event and want a simple design. Even though it isn’t as detailed as the other nail designs, it will definitely still get you many compliments.

Instagram: clawaddicts

5. Dot-to-Dot

The dot design is very fun and creative; the dots are such an intricate design it creates the perfect statement manicure. The different shaded dots are also a good feature; it adds more depth to the design and is an attention to detail feature.

Again the two contrasting colours on each hand is very popular and great for summer. This summer is all about bright colours, so you’d definitely be keeping in with the latest trends. 

Instagram: thenicenailsclub

6. Abstract Black

This is a much more simple design to have this summer, but sometimes simple is needed. A nude base is classy and sophisticated and perfect for everyday work-life but also suitable for formal events.

The black abstract design makes the manicure look more snazzy in a classy way. It’s an element of fun but still allows it to be suitable for so many occasions. The black contrast against the light nude background and each slightly different nail make this a very eye-catching design.

Instagram: naileditbeauty

7. Rainbow Hearts

This design is a cute, fun style to have this summer. The different coloured tips are trendy and playful, and the small heart details add a cute, girly feel to the manicure.

The rounded tips are such a feminine style and make the manicure look much more delicate and simple. This is a great shape to go for with this type of design as it tones it down and makes the nail artless look more dainty.

Instagram: nails_and_soul

8. Mint Chocolate Swirls

This is ideal if you don’t want bright colours but want a funky design. The swirl detailing is such an intricate design, yet it looks so effortless and classy. The nude and browns work so well together, and the slight contrast of green makes the colours pop more.

The sheer nude background gives the illusion of your natural nails and makes the whole design a lot more natural. This is a very chic and elegant design to have and would be perfect for many different occasions.

Instagram: nailin_itt

9. Multi Tips

Tip designs are a summer favourite this year, and we can tell why. This design again is simple and doesn’t have much to it but definitely creates a statement. The long square shape really suits this design and shows it off the most.

The different colours are fun and perfect for the summer. The contrast outline makes them stand out more and really completes the manicure. These nails will get loads of attention as they are super eye-catching. 

Instagram: indiesbeautyroom

10. Coloured Specks

Having too much colour isn’t for everyone, so there are much simpler designs you can go for, and this is the perfect option. This design has a good balance of simplicity and fun.

The nude base is great for every day; it’s clean and classy, then the dot detail is a subtle way of adding a pop to the design to make it stand out and more unique.

Instagram: beautybyelee

11. Summer Snake Print

Animal prints have always been popular in nail designs, but this design has a summer twist. The brightly coloured snake print design is very unique but such a cool design to have.

Again we have different colours on each hand which is a fun, quirky design. The contrast between the colours on each hand not only makes the design stand out more, but it also creates an ombre, blended design to the nail art. This design is the ultimate summer manicure.

Instagram: jennyboylan_nailartist

12. Sherbert Swirl

A classic manicure with a solid colour and a design on one nail was such a classic design, but we’re adding a twist this summer.

The bright solid colours are a bold design to have during the summer, but adding a design such as the swirls makes the design more creative and different from your other manicure.

This manicure will definitely make you summer-ready, and you’ll be getting a lot of comments as these nails scream summer. 

Instagram: nailsbydaovo

13. Pick & Mix

This manicure has to be the most unique and fun design out of all of them. The different cartoon designs are very quirky and far from conventional nail designs.

The nude base helps to make the nail art stand out and not overcrowd the manicure. This is the perfect type of design to have if you like to have a distinctive set of nails and what I really like about them is that you can tailor them to your style to suit your personality.

Instagram: nailsby_gxx

14. Flower Bomb

A flower design is always a winner during the summer and this is a great way to do it. The different coloured tips mixed with the multi colour flower design is a great way of getting creative with your design and tailoring it to suit your personality.

What I like about this design is that you can have it multiple time but with different colours; so it’ll look like a new design each time.

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