25 Nail Designs You Need to Try Out This Summer

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Discover 25 summer nail designs that’ll make you want to get your nails done now.

This summer is all about bright colours, fun patterns and stepping out of your comfort zone.

What I love about getting your nails done is that it is the perfect way to experiment; if you don’t like wearing too much colour or don’t like to wear patterned designs, then trying something new on your nails is the perfect way to incorporate it into your daily style.

Instead of going for the usual nude, simple designs, why not try something new this summer and go for a design you probably would never get before. Summer is an ideal time to try out a new funky design, and we’ve got the perfect designs for you.

In this post, there are 25 nail designs you need to try out this summer. These designs are super popular right now and they are fun, stylish and the perfect summer manicures.

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1. Pink Sunsets

Pink and orange are a great colour combination, especially for summer; it’s bright, bold, and fun. The milky white base is a nice alternative to a natural nude base as it still has a clean look, but it makes the colours pop even more. This is a simple design, but it’s perfect for a nice summer design.

Instagram: _by_shelley

2. Iridescent Shell

This is a beautiful design; the iridescent 3d shell-type design is elegant, chic, and so distinctive. Styles like this have become more popular recently, and summer is the perfect time to try designs like this. The round nail shape works well with this design and adds to the shell look of it.

Instagram: bigfatjenna

3. Hawaiian Print

Summer is the perfect time to try new designs and step out of your nail comfort zone, and this is the best type of design to start with. The tip style is a classic look, simple, but the yellow is more daring and bold. The pink flower is a cute detail to add; it makes the set more unique, and the contrast of the yellow and pink makes it stand out even more.

Instagram: prettywth.julia

4. Pretty Pop

If you like unique designs that will get a lot of attention, this is the design for you. Each design is so different, but they work well together and create a stylish statement look. The subtle pink base is a nice touch of colour, and it makes the white details pop more.

Instagram: clawaddicts

5. Dotted

The dot design is very fun and creative; the dots are such an intricate design it creates the perfect statement manicure. The different shaded dots are also a good feature; it adds more depth to the design and is an attention to detail feature. Again the two contrasting colours on each hand is very popular and great for summer. This summer is all about bright colours, so you’d definitely be keeping in with the latest trends. 

Instagram: thenicenailsclub

6. Abstract Black

This is a much more simple design to have this summer, but sometimes simple is needed. A nude base is classy and sophisticated and perfect for everyday work-life but also suitable for formal events. The black abstract design makes the manicure look more snazzy in a classy way. It’s an element of fun but still allows it to be suitable for so many occasions. The black contrast against the light nude background and each slightly different nail make this a very eye-catching design.

Instagram: naileditbeauty

7. Rainbow Hearts

This design is a cute, fun style to have this summer. The different coloured tips are trendy and playful, and the small heart details add a cute, girly feel to the manicure. The rounded tips are such a feminine style and make the manicure look much more delicate and simple. This is a great shape to go for with this type of design as it tones it down and makes the nail artless look more dainty.

Instagram: nails_and_soul

8. Mint Chocolate Swirls

This is ideal if you don’t want bright colours but want a funky design. The swirl detailing is such an intricate design, yet it looks so effortless and classy. The nude and browns work so well together, and the slight contrast of green makes the colours pop more. The sheer nude background gives the illusion of your natural nails and makes the whole design a lot more natural. This is a very chic and elegant design to have and would be perfect for many different occasions.

Instagram: nailin_itt

9. Multi Tips

Tip designs are a summer favourite this year, and we can tell why. This design again is simple and doesn’t have much to it but definitely creates a statement. The long square shape really suits this design and shows it off the most. The different colours are fun and perfect for the summer. The contrast outline makes them stand out more and really completes the manicure. These nails will get loads of attention as they are super eye-catching. 

Instagram: gieos.room

10. Chrome Bow

Having too much colour isn’t for everyone, so there are much simpler designs you can go for, and this is the perfect option. This design has a good balance of simplicity and fun. The nude base is great for every day; it’s clean and classy, the bow detail is trendy, and the tip design adds some colour to the set. 

Instagram: beautybyelee

11. Summer Snake Print

Animal prints have always been popular in nail designs, but this design has a summer twist. The brightly coloured snake print design is very unique but such a cool design to have. Again we have different colours on each hand which is a fun, quirky design. The contrast between the colours on each hand not only makes the design stand out more, but it also creates an ombre, blended design to the nail art. This design is the ultimate summer manicure.

Instagram: lindseysbeautylounge1

12. Flower Fields

Blue and orange are nice bold colours to have during the summer, but adding small details like the flower nail art makes the design more creative and distinctive compared to other manicures. This manicure will make you summer-ready, and you’ll get many comments on this lovely nail design. 

Instagram: heluviee

13. Summer Sunshine

Chrome nails have been the nail craze recently, so it’d be wrong not to give it a go this summer. Yellow is one of the most popular colours for summer nails; it’s a vibrant, feel good colour that looks lovely against a nude base. The yellow tip with the chrome overlay is a stunning look. It’s a pop of colour without being too bright, the perfect way for you to get into colour this year.

Instagram: nailsby_gxx

14. Flower Bomb

A flower design is always a winner during the summer and this is a great way to do it. The different coloured tips mixed with the multi colour flower design is a great way of getting creative with your design and tailoring it to suit your personality. What I like about this design is that you can have it multiple time but with different colours; so it’ll look like a new design each time.

Instagram: gelpolish_bar

15. Cinderella Blue

Chrome has been very popular this last year, and summer is a perfect time to try it out if you haven’t already. Its subtle shimmer and metallic look have a cool and edgy feel, perfect if you’re looking for a fun festival set. Baby blue is a lovely colour to try; it’ll look good on all skin colours, and it;’s a nice colour that will stand out without being too bright.

Instagram: _nailsbycinthia_

16. Ruby Stone

Red is perfect all year round, especially for the summer seasons; it’s bright and bold but still has a sophisticated look. This set is a really unique design, the red on the outskirts of the nail with the nude base in the middle is not a common design, but that’s what makes it a good design to try, as it’ll make it stand out even more.

Instagram: leannehaycock_

17. Monochrome Madness

Nail art like this one, with a different fun design on each nail, has become increasingly popular recently, and it’s a perfect design to try out this summer. It’s a creative, light-hearted design that is great if you want to try a different style. The black and white keeps the design looking classy and not over the top; it’s also perfect for both natural and acrylic nails, so this design has a lot of versatility.

Instagram: nailzbyliz_

18. Lemonade Ice

Tip nail designs are always classic nail designs; they’re easy designs that are perfect for any occasion. The pastel yellow is. A lovely way of making it more suitable for the summer weather and an easy way of making it different from the typical French manicure. If you like to stick to the classic design of a French tip, then this is a good way of changing it up and trying something fun for the summer.

Instagram: amyguynailartist

19. Cherry on Top

White nails are a staple for the summer seasons; it looks fresh but still elegant. However, sometimes, a plain white set can be a bit boring, especially if you’re going to a summer event like a garden party or a festival, so this design is a great way of making it more creative. The cherry nail art is a nice simple way of adding detail to a design; it’s a fun, intricate look that adds a bit of colour to the set.

Instagram: gieos.room

20. Tropical Vibes

This set is the ideal holiday nail, the classic tip design paired with the green animal print design is a lovely combination. The animal print tip design is such a detailed design; the colour contrasts make this manicure stand out, and you’ll definitely be getting compliments on this design. The green tones are perfect for the sunny weather, especially against the nude base; they’ll complement all skin tones.

Instagram: phoebesummernails

21. Glitter Pink

Glitter nails have always been a popular nail design; it’s fun but still has an elegant and glam feel. This chrome glitter effect is definitely going to become very popular, so this summer is a great time to try it out. A deep pink is a nice option; it’s a very mature yet feminine shade, paired with the gold detailing on a few nails; it gives the set a glitzy and expensive look.

Instagram: nylove_nail

22. Glass Flowers

Clear acrylic nails recently came to light when they when viral on social media, and we can see exactly why people are going crazy over them. They have such a delicate and elegant look to them, while the flower nail art adds a creative and feminine touch. This is great if you want a more subtle design that is still on theme for your summer set.

Instagram: gieos.room

23. Green Grass

You can never go wrong with a natural nail; it’s clean, elegant, and looks good for any occasion. The green strokes are subtle but add so much to the design, brightening the set and elevating the whole look. This is a cool, unique take on a tip design; it’s a good way to make your manicure more distinctive.

Instagram: nailsbymaki.nyc

24. Metallic Wave

This manicure is perfect if you’re not a huge fan of bright colours but want a design that’ll stand out and catch people’s attention. A nude base is classy and chic, perfect for all occasions, so great if you have an event but still want them to be appropriate for work. The chrome metallic wave-type nail art is such a subtle design, yet the texture and the unique design give it that statement effect without having to do too much.

Instagram: gieos.room

25. Iced Latte

Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean we can’t go for a nude nail design like this one. This manicure is a great design to try out; not only does it have loads of detail, but it also has a chic and sophisticated look. The abstract design is fun and unique, and the colour combination is a beautiful blend, creating a stunning set.

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