38 Winter Nail Art Designs You’ll Want to Try This Year

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Here are 38 winter nail art ideas and designs you’ll definitely want to try out this year.

With the weather getting colder and the winter season coming in full force, we are all putting away the summer dresses and getting all the cosy knitwear out. The trendy nail designs are also slowly changing to suit the mood of winter. During this season, nail designs are all about minimal designs that still create a strong manicure.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 38 winter nail designs you’ll want to try this year. These designs have everything from dainty nail art designs to deep rich tones, all of which you’ll definitely want to give a go.

Instagram: nails.by.zo_

1. Frozen

This is the perfect nail design for winter; the ice and snow theme is great for the colder months. The blue marble theme is a trendy and stylish design, and then the snowflake detailing adds to the winter theme. The glitter is subtle, but when it catches the light, it can look stunning.

Instagram: adriannawysocka

2. Dark Winter

Many tend to stay away when it comes to black manicures, but this is a great way to have it. The white snowflakes brighten up the black, and the dark gold foil detail is a really unique touch. The different design on each nail is a great way of making the manicure more exciting.

Instagram: sassynailsuk

3. Snow Angel

You can never go wrong with a classic french manicure, but the added twist makes it even more beautiful. The snowflake design is great for the winter season, and the added gems make it more glitzy. This nail design is perfect for a special occasion, especially if you want something that’s classy but still has the glitz and glam feel to it.

Instagram: olootka_nailart

4. Shooting Star

Navy blue looks gorgeous in the winter months, so why not incorporate it into your nail design. The gold glitter on top is such a simple detail, but it completely transforms the manicure. It brightens the look of the nails and makes them more interesting. The line detail on the middle nails is a simple, classy way of adding an extra feature to the design.

Instagram: nailsbyravi_

5. Winter Jumper

This is a classy winter nail design, the check design is classic in autumn/winter, and it works perfectly for nail designs too. The nude base and the faint line detail makes the manicure look clean and sophisticated. The gold makes the design stand out more and gives it that elegant look.

Instagram: magnificientnails

6. Ocean Blue

Blue is a classic for a winter nail design. The ice blue colour is great for winter as it stands out, but it also suits the ice-cold theme. The mix between the full colour and tip design is unique and a great way of switching up a standard manicure.

Instagram: aleksandra_jaworskaa

7. Silver Shimmer

This is an elegant nail design; the silver glitter and blush nail polish work well together and create a stunning manicure. The two middle nails being different from the rest of the manicure makes it stand out more and give it a unique feel. The intricate snowflake detail looks very delicate and dainty.

Instagram: monika__nails

8. Golden Forest

Deep green is always popular during the winter months, and this is such a great way to add it to your nail designs. The nude, green and gold complement each other really well, and they all stand out as much as each other. The stripe design is a fun, creative touch to the design that completes the look.

Instagram: mua_hannahtaylor

9. Snow Crystal

This is such an elegant, glamorous design. The nude nail is classy and gives a clean-cut look; the white and gold glitter line around the side is a simple detail but makes such a difference to the design. The gold glitter gives it an expensive look and makes it even more perfect for a special occasion.

Instagram: nailsbypaulin

10. Snowflake Ice

This teal colour is perfect for winter; not only does it have a cold wintery feel to it, but the green tint and snowflake design also make it look quite festive. The silver glitter blends really well with the design and compliments it really well. This is a great design for the weeks leading up to the festive season as it does have a festive feel to it but isn’t too much.

Instagram: monika__nails

11. Champagne Sparkles

This colour is perfect for the winter season; it’s not a bright colour bright but also not a standard nude shade. This is a much simpler design, but the elegant touch of glitter and thin white line makes it more exciting and gives it a more statement look.

Instagram: vwnails_

12. Ice Glitter

Teal green works great in winter as it has an icy, snowy feel to it. The tip design is ideal for those who don’t like the detail in their manicure, but the glitter polish and swirl design on the two fingers is a great way of adding detail minimally.

Instagram: aleksandra_jaworskaa

13. Chocolate Pudding

Brown is still one of the most popular colours this year, and it is perfect for the winter season. Winter is all about deep neutral tones, so a chocolate brown is a great option for your manicures. The pop of white not only breaks up the solid colour and make it more interesting, but it also brightens the whole manicure. So, if you’re worried about it being too dark, this is a good way of brightening it up.

Instagram: glamnails06

14. White Winter

White nail designs are a classic no matter the time of year, but white nails in winter are the ultimate pairing. The different designs on each nail create a unique, fun manicure that looks classy and chic. The gold glitter adds some colour to the nails and makes them stand out more, and the nude nails create a nice balance between the two.

Instagram: sylwia.ka_1982

15. Winter Warmer

Sometimes it’s nice to have a pop of colour during the winter months, and this is a great way to wear it. This purple creates such a beautiful manicure; even though it’s bright, it’s a muted tone, so it doesn’t look too much. The different snowflake and cable-knit designs fit the theme for the winter, and the mix of the colour and design creates a stunning manicure for you to try out.

Instagram: samrosenails

16. Ice Blue

Having detail at the tip and cuticle line has been popular recently, and this is a nice simple way to incorporate it into your design. Baby blue and blue glitter are both perfect for the winter season; not only that, but they stand out well against a nude base. This design works well with long and short nails, so whether you have acrylics or natural nails, this is a good design to try out.

Instagram: nailartbyqueenie

17. Mulled Wine

Abstract designs have been super trendy in the last year, so why not try them out during the winter months. Abstract nail art is a fun yet simple way of making your manicures more exciting and unique. The deep red paired with the reflective glitter is a lovely mix that complements each other well.

Instagram: alyshanailartist

18. Forest Green

Green is a lovely colour to have on your nails all year round, but this dark green works very well in the colder months. Tip designs have been very popular in the last year, and they are such a classic that no matter the colour or design, they look really good.

Instagram: _nailsbyemmaa_

19. Golden Star

Gold stars are always a good go-to, no matter the time of year, but it’s a really popular design during winter. The gold stars on a nude base make them stand out without being overpowering. I like the subtle detail of the stars being different sizes, as it just adds a unique touch to the design.

Instagram: minea.nails

20. Glistening Snow

These muted pink tones are perfect for winter; they suit the season much more than bright pinks; these shades also work really well with the colour of the glitter. The mix of designs complements each other well and is a good theme for winter. This design also looks nice on coffin nails as it shows off the nail art.

Instagram: vwnails_

21. Hot Chocolate

Brown is a perfect colour for your winter manicure; it’s a warm cosy feel which is great for this time of year. The different shades mixed with the swirl nail art are a great way to make your design more unique. The subtle glitter in the accent nail is a nice touch that makes the whole design look a little more special.

Instagram: cosmicnailzz

22. Pearl White

A white tip is a classic design that always works and always looks clean and fresh. The pearls are a nice touch to the design to make it more exciting; it’s perfect for special occasions too. The design paired with the almond-shaped nail is a simple way of making the manicure more distinctive.

Instagram: polished_yogi

23. Gingerbread Latte

Burnt orange glitter polish is a nice look for the winter season. It’s a dark yet warm tone, but the glitter brightens it and gives it that winter sun-type effect. This is a good design to go for if you want something more than a plain polish but aren’t a fan of nail art.

Instagram: nailsbymilee

24. Deep Sea

Matte nail designs are much more unique than normal nail polish, which makes them more eye-catching. This deep blue is a bold colour, mixed with the slight touch of marble on the accent nail, giving them an elegant, luxurious feel to the design. The square shape works well with this nail design; it makes the nail art pop more and keeps the design looking clean.

Instagram: indigonails

25. Icicles

This design is perfect for winter, it’s subtle, yet the silver foil creates a nice statement look. A nude base is always good to go for; it’s clean and classic, then paired with a simple design, it creates a chic and elegant manicure. An oval-shaped nail is also a lovely shape to go for in winter as it’s a nice, soft-looking, elegant nail.

Instagram: filloreta.nails

26. Starry Night

Tip designs and glitter polishes are very popular trends this year, so if you’re looking for nail trends to try this winter, this is for you. The tip design also looks really good in the almond-shaped nail; it gives the illusion of longer and slimmer fingers. This design is also a good way to brighten dark colours during the winter season.

Instagram: moni_wien92

27. Snow Sparkle

Ombre designs are perfect to try out in the winter season; they always look nice and elegant, but they also fit with the white, icy theme during winter. The gold glitter stripe down the centre is a small detail, but it’s a nice way of adding glitter without overpowering it and keeping it looking effortless.

Instagram: nailsbyriyea

28. Black & Gold

A nude nail is such a fresh and sophisticated look; it’s perfect for an everyday manicure and special occasion. Adding a small bit of detail is a nice way of taking it from a simple classic to a more exciting design, and the black and gold asymmetric tip is a very chic way of doing it.

Instagram: indigonails

29. Deep Shimmer

Deep purple is a lovely colour to try this winter; not only is it a warm tone, but it’s a nice colour to go for just before we get into the festive season. The light glitter is very popular this year, so this is a stylish design to try out this year.

Instagram: ewiloving.nails

30. White Leaf

This is a good autumn to winter transition design, the winter and silver and very much winter tones, mixed with a leaf design which we typically see during autumn. The abstract design works really well, and with each nail being slightly different, it makes the manicure look more interesting. I like that it’s more of an off-white tone rather than a harsh bright white, giving the whole design a warmer feel.

Instagram: beautyspace_charlotte

31. Ice Queen

Chrome nails have become really popular over the last year, and this design is a great way of making a statement set. The different shades of blue are bold, fun and a simple way of making the manicure more unique. Sometimes, you don’t need nail art or a lot of details to create a lovely, eye-catching design.

Instagram: nailsbyalsn

32. Winter Gem

Barely there nails have a clean, classy look; not only are they perfect for any occasion, but they also have a beautiful look to them without having to add too much. The rhinestone gems are a lovely addition; they’re subtle but give the set a delicate, dainty look.

Instagram: alyshanailartist

33. Hot Cocoa

Brown nails are perfect for the winter; they look warm and cosy but also have a rich, luxurious vibe to them. The accent nail design with half a tip outline is such a unique look and a great way of elevating the design in a simple way.

Instagram: _nailsbyemmaa_

34. Eggnog

Tip designs are great all year round, but this design is great for the winter. Instead of the typical white tip, the nude shade gives the design a warmer look, which is lovely for the winter season. The glitter cuticle line is simple but adds so much detail to the design, making it much more interesting than a classic French tip.

Instagram: pinkipromise.nails

35. Ice Drapes

This shade of blue is such a lovely colour, especially for the wintertime. The contrast it creates against the nude base makes it stand out and eye-catching. The 3D outline is such a distinctive look and is a statement on its own. The abstract tip design with the 3D outline is perfect if you’re looking for a set suitable for a special occasion.

Instagram: marcia_nails

36. Winter Rose

Pink nails in the winter are a must; they have a fun, girly look and give such a statement. The long pink almond shaped nail is the perfect way to do a pink nail. It’s bold but still very classy and chic. The chrome detailing completes the look and creates a very elegant looking set.

Instagram: nailsbyalsn

37. Merlot

Deep red tones are perfect for transitioning from autumn into winter. The short, rounded shape and the deep shade are elegant and stylish. The two tip accent nails are a nice way of breaking up the dark colour while making them stand out even more.

Instagram: thenaillologist

38. Midnight Blues

Dark blue just screams winter, with a deep tone with a rich feel. The blue paired with the nude in the accent nails is bold; it stands out, but the design is still quite simple. The design of the accent nails is a lovely way of making the set more unique and special.

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