Wedding Nails 37+ Bridal Nail Art Ideas Fit for Brides!

Wedding Nails: 43+ Bridal Nail Art Ideas Fit for Brides!

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A wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so every decision you make has to be the perfect option for you. For many brides, wedding nails are an essential element not to be overlooked on your big day.

Picking your wedding day nails is more than picking your next design; it’s picking the best design for you that will be part of your wedding day memory for the rest of your life. So, whether you’re looking for a classy, minimal look or a detailed statement set, you want something that will make you feel special. So, I have put together 43+ bridal nail art ideas fit for a bride to help you make that final decision and find the perfect nail design.

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Wedding Nails Fit For a Bride!

1. Champagne Pearl

If you’re looking for something simple but modern, this is perfect for you. The subtle champagne iridescent tip with the pearl detailing is such a beautiful look, and the almond shape gives your hands such an elegant look.

Instagram: marcia_nails

2. French Chrome

French tip is a classic that looks so classy and is ideal for your wedding day, but if you want to make it slightly more unique, this is a simple way to do so. Chrome is very popular at the moment, and it’s a great addition to this design. It makes it stand out more and adds a twist to a classic manicure.

Instagram: glossyglow_bycintia

3. Diamond Heart

The short French tips are clean, chic, and a lovely fresh look for your big day. The heart detailing on the ring finger is such a lovely touch; it’s in line with the wedding theme and adds a statement touch to make your nails pop in the wedding photos.

Instagram: june.naildesigns

4. Wedding Flowers

Milky white nail designs are slowly becoming a staple look; they’re simple but elegant, which is what you want for a wedding. The floral detail on the two middle fingers is a nice, simple bit of nail art that elevates the whole design, creating a lovely manicure you’ll never get over.


5. Silver Lining

Ombre nails are perfect for white nail designs; the white into the nude is clean and suits all different skin tones. The silver glitter detailing at the tip of the nail is such a unique look, and it adds so much to the design. The rhinestone on the tip of each nail really completes the look; who doesn’t want a bit of shine on their big day?

Instagram: thenaillologist

6. Golden Flower

A nude nail is always a good option for a wedding; it looks clean and classy and means you can have a blank canvas to add whatever you want. The white and gold flower petal design has such a dainty look to it; it’s simple but just enough to create a beautiful nail design.

Instagram: amanda.sudolll

7. Gold Crystal

This design isn’t your usual wedding day nails, but they’re still a great design to go for. These are more of a fun, trendy design; even though there’s a lot of detail in this design, it still has a simple look, which is lovely for your wedding. So, if you want people to see a nice, modern set of nails when showing off your ring, this is your design.

Instagram: thehotblend

8. Ivory Shimmer

This champagne, gold colour is lovely, especially if you don’t want to go for the typical white nail design. The mix of clear and polished detail in the abstract design is a nice subtle detail, a perfect way of elevating the design. This colour is a great way of creating a contrast against your white dress to avoid them clashing.

Instagram: nailsbylaurissa

9. Pearl Ombre

An oval nail for a wedding is such a lovely shape; it’s classy and chic but still has a natural look. The ombre design is perfect for your wedding, especially if you want a clean, natural look. Adding details like the pearls and cluster glitter is a great way of adding detail but still keeping it modest.

Instagram: poshandpolished__studio_

10. Glitterbells

A nude base is a staple for your wedding nails; it is classy and nice for you to create whatever design you want. The white tip is the perfect pairing for a nude base, and the glitter ombre adds something different to the manicure to make it stand out a bit more.

Instagram: olootka_nailart

11. Confetti

The pink nude almond-shaped nail is a lovely design; it’s simple but flattering. The speckles of glitter at the cuticle are such a subtle detail, but it makes such a difference to the design. You could also match the glitter to your wedding decor colour to create a seamless blend throughout your big day.

Instagram: wondernails_wn

12. Diamond Ring

A French manicure is a classic for a wedding day; they’re classy, modest and just an all-round lovely design. The added detail of the diamantés on the two middle nails is an elegant touch to make the manicure a little more special.

Instagram: _by_shelley

13. Flower Girl

The milky white base is a lovely alternative to a nude base while still keeping the nails looking fresh. The white flowers really pop against the muted base and adds a statement without having to add too much colour. The little dots of colour in the flowers are a nice way to incorporate your wedding colour into your nails without it being too obvious.

Instagram: overglowedit

14. Shining Shimmer

If you like the abstract design but want to keep it toned down for your wedding day, this is the perfect way to do it. The clear acrylic mixed with the white detail makes the abstract design stand out, whilst the clear nail keeps it classy and simple.

Instagram: paznokcie_mn

15. White Wedding

Ombre is a classic for nail designs, so if you want to keep it classy and play it safe for your big day, ombre is a good option. Even though the ombre on its own is beautiful, the glitter twist on this manicure makes it even more special and gives it that statement factor.

Instagram: nic75_x

16. Bridal Party

The glitter nude base is such a lovely look; it’s a nice way of adding more detail without creating a busy design. The white swirl design is a great tip design as the white creates a nice contrast against the nude base, and it adds a fun element to the design while still keeping it elegant.

Instagram: crystalbubbles

17. Wedding Bouquet

The classic nude square nails are perfect for a wedding; they’re modest but also chic. The ring finger design is a beautiful addition; the 3D flower design and the rhinestones make such a stunning statement feature to the set. Why not add some detail to the nails to make the ring photos pop?

Instagram: nailsbylaurissa

18. Flower Garland

Almond nails are such an elegant shape for your wedding nails; they give the illusion of longer and slimmer fingers and have such an effortless look that gives any design a softer look. The nail art has such a delicate and dainty look, a perfect addition to complete the look.

Instagram: pazybohomazy

19. Glitz & Glam

The square French tip is always a good look; it’s traditional, easy, and elegant. If you like detailed nail designs but want something toned down, the glitter cuticle detail is perfect for you.

Instagram: vivianmariewong

20. Diamonds & Pearls

Taking a classic nail design and giving it a unique twist like this is perfect for your big day, as it’s a nice in-between of classy and stylish. The rhinestones and white tips create such a cute, girly look; even though it’s a simple detail, it makes a statement look, perfect for a day all about you!

Instagram: _nailsbyemmaa_

21. Pink Flower

This design isn’t your usual wedding nail, but it’s still a lovely design to choose from. The nude nails are clean and classy, and the flower detailing has a delicate look, which is great for a wedding set of nails. The light pink is also lovely to go for as it’s subtle but adds some colour to the set.

Instagram: nailsxanalysse

22. Wedding Night

If you’re looking for a bold, stand-out set of nails, this is the design for you. The long milky white nails with the ombre detail in the middle is such a stylish design that it’ll catch the attention of all of your guests. The gold charms just complete the whole set and give them a nice amount of detail.

Instagram: alexa.didthat

23. Bridal Veil

This design is simply stunning; the simplicity of it and the elegance is perfect for your wedding day. The soft nude, paired with the white outline and the 3D clear detail, has so much detail and depth while keeping it minimal. Everything about this design is immaculate; it’ll definitely be a set to remember.

Instagram: safinailstudio

24. Something Blue

If you’re looking to incorporate the something blue tradition into your nails, this design is a beautiful way to do it. The subtle blue ombre base with the nude outline is beautiful, and the specs of gold glitter are a lovely touch. The drape-style nail art gives the design a delicate look and really elevates the whole design. This design would look stunning on your wedding day.

Instagram: nails_by_annabel_m

25. Golden Touches

If you like mixing and matching different metals and looking for a way to blend them for your big day, this nail design can help. The blended tips against the nude base really stand out and create a bold design; the butterfly nail art is a cute touch to keep the set looking quite feminine. This design is lovely if you’re looking for something a little different to the usual wedding day nails.

Instagram: __nailsbybailey__

26. Posy Bouquet

Floral nail art is a beautiful design for your wedding day; it has an intricate look that elevates any nail design. This design is perfect if you want something minimal but still have enough detail for them to stand out. The rhinestones are a good way of making them eye-catching.

Instagram: nailsby_annat

27. Winter Wedding

The almond French tip with the accent nail is a classic nail design, so why not keep it straightforward for your big day. The petal branch nail art is simple but adds so much depth to the set. If you want to play it safe with a beautiful design, this is a great option.

Instagram: bostonsnailsandspa

28. Finishing Touches

If you’re a less is more type of person, this is your ideal manicure. A nude base is clean and minimal, whilst the line detailing is intricate but elegant. This design is gorgeous and would look lovely for your big day, especially when you’re showing off your stunning ring!

Instagram: peachinails

29. Ups and Downs

Swirl abstract designs are super trendy at the moment, so finding a way to incorporate them into your wedding day nails will create a stylish look. With nail art like this, a nude base is a must to keep it classy and stop it from being too busy. The pure white lines are bold and eye-catching against the plain base, perfect for a wedding.

Instagram: cybernails.pembrokepines

30. Fine Lines

Tip designs are always safe options; they’re simple but always look good, so they’re great for your wedding day. This is a lovely design; not only is it flattering and creates the illusion of longer and slimmer nails, but it’s a timeless style, so when you look back on your wedding day photos, you’ll always love the nail design you chose.

Instagram: setsbycarolaa

31. Flower Pin

This type of nail design has been popular for a while, and you can see why. The French tip is elegant and chic, whilst the 3D flower detail adds a girly, cute vibe. Adding some rhinestones to the set adds some glitz and glam to the manicure, which is perfect for your wedding day.

Instagram: gaudyoctopus

32. Lace Wedding

This lace-type nail art is a detailed and intricate design; it has a very soft, elegant feel, which would be lovely for your big day. The almond shape works well with this design; it elongates your hands and adds to the elegance of the look.

Instagram: coderoseboutique

33. Swirling All Night

The soft, milky white base is very clean and subtle, whilst the white tip adds a bit of fun and excitement to the set without being too loud. This is a lovely design for your wedding day, as it’s a nice balance of classy and fun.

Instagram: nails_by_annabel_m

34. Good Vibes

This design is great for natural nails; it’s simple, not too loud, but still a stunning set. The clear glitter on the nude base is beautiful but still subtle. The gold star and evil eye nail art are a lovely touch; they add a cute feel to the set and keep any bad energy away for your big day.

Instagram: glowbygracee

35. Touch of Glitter

The double-tip design has been popular for a while now, and this is a great way of making it wedding-appropriate. The white tip with the thin glitter line is classy, glam and just overall gorgeous. This is definitely a good option if you’re a less is more type of person.

Instagram: doriczegledi

36. Shining Diamonds

Clean nude nails will always be a great option for your wedding day; they’re just clean, beautiful, and set for a bride. This is a design that’ll look good whether you decide to go natural or with extensions. The little rhinestone detailing on the ring finger will make your ring glisten even more.

Instagram: viraa.naails

37. Chrome Hearts

Chrome is becoming a huge nail trend, so incorporating it into your wedding nails is a great way of creating a stylish set. Sometimes, going for a trend can be off-putting, but chrome on a simple nude polish keeps it classy and timeless. The gems are a nice way of adding a bit of glitz and glam to the set; after all, it’s your wedding day why not go all out!


38. Simplicity

If you want a nail design that is plain, nothing fancy, but looks elegant and classy, this is the design for you. A simple line French manicure is perfect for a wedding; it has a very pure, modest, beautiful look. Perfect if you’re also looking to keep it natural for your big day.

Instagram: _borowiecka

39. Isle Flowers

The clear tip is such an elegant look; it’s natural but also a nice way of making the manicure more unique. The flower nail art is such an intricate detail that it gives the set a dainty look. If you want to incorporate the theme of your wedding into your nails, matching the flowers to the decor would be a nice touch.

Instagram: alicepaintsnails

40. Country Wedding

If you’re having a barn, rustic type of wedding, this would be lovely. Not only is the shade of the tip quite earthy and natural, but the nail art also has a country feel to it. Having the design at the tip of the nail is always a good idea, as that’s the part that will be seen most.

Instagram: jane_nailsit

41. Bouquet of Roses

The rose accent nail is such a unique detail but so fitting for a wedding. The nude and white are great for your wedding day as they always look clean and chic; the short almond nail is also perfect for that. The rose detail on the ring finger is great for showing off the ring, too.

Instagram: _nailsbylilly__

42. Golden Night

The gold French tip is just stunning. It still has the same look as the classic French tip, but the gold chrome gives it a luxurious feel. The short nail works so well with this design as it adds to the chic look of it. If you’re having an autumn/winter wedding, this would look stunning.

Instagram: lovenailsbysarah

43. NewleyWeds

The ombre white tip is an easy way of making it slightly different from the classic white tip whilst still keeping it simple. The two nails with swirl designs are a lovely touch, making it more eye-catching than the traditional white tip.

Instagram: _nailsbyemmaa_

44. Royal Wedding

A natural nude nail will always be flawless; the colour, the shape and the length create such a lovely look. The gold leaf design is stunning; not only does it have a delicate look, but it stands out against the nude base and will look lovely on your big day.

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