16 Colourful Nail Design Ideas Perfect for Spring

Discover 16 colourful nail design ideas that you’ll want to try this spring.

Spring is here, and we’re all ready for the warmer weather, bright colours, and fun nail designs. When a new season begins, having new nail designs to play around with is always exciting and a great way to get creative.

In this post, I’ve hand-picked 16 colourful nail design ideas perfect for spring. There is something for everyone; whether you want your nails to scream spring or want something cute and simple, you can find a design that’s ideal for you.

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1. Diamond Daisy

This is the perfect mix between simple and glam. The multi-coloured flowers are cute and dainty, and the added jewels make it look much more special. The nude base makes it look more simplistic and less crowded. The colours really pop against the nude base and make it stand out more, perfect for starting the spring season.

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2. Hot Cross Buns 

Having different colours or designs on each hand is super popular this year, and this is the perfect way to do it. The pastel pink and blue complement each other well, and the pink and yellow stands out against the tip colours. Top designs are also very trendy at the moment, so this is a great design to keep you up to date with the trends.

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3. Spring Flowers

Flower designs are always a hit, and this is the perfect way to do it. Having the floral design on two nails creates a nice balance; it’s nice and vibrant but not too in your face. The yellow tips are also nice to make the manicure more exciting.

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4. Cookies & Cream

White and nude are clean, classic colours to have on your nails, but this is a great way of making it more unique. The half and half design is cool and edgy, and the black dot design adds more detail. It’s a simple monochromatic design that is still fun, bold, and eye-catching.

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5. Blue Skies

Blue has been a go-to manicure colour for the last few seasons, and it’s definitely here to stay for spring. This shade of blue is bright, perfect for the warmer weather, but still very chic and classy. The mix between the fully painted nails and the top designs creates a nice contrast, and the nude base breaks up the colour, making it stand out more.

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6. Rainbow Manicure 

Tip designs have been a massive thing for the last few seasons, and we’re still loving it. Not only are tip designs popular, but having a different colour on each tip has also been a craze, and this design is the perfect way to do it. What I like about this is that even though it’s fun and bright, it’s still has a simple, cute feel to it without being too loud.

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7. Pearl White 

Spring is all about new beginnings and starting afresh, and what better way to do that with a clean French manicure. French manicures are always a hit; they are classy, chic, and always look fresh. The pearl detailing is something we’ll be seeing a lot this spring, and we can see why. It’s a nice little touch to add to a design without overcrowding the nails.

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8. Retro Spring

The colours in this design are bold, fun, and the ultimate eye-catching blend. Pinks, yellows, and oranges are going to be popular colours this year, so why not get ahead of the trends and add them to your nail designs. This is a great design if you want a nice spring nail art design but don’t want the typical floral pattern. The mix and match is excellent for making the manicure feel unique.

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9. Frosted Ombré 

This design is a personal favourite; the pastel colours, the line detailing; all of it works so well together. Ombré has been around for a few years now, and it still looks amazing every time, but this frosted ombré is such a unique and stylish way of doing it. The line detail helps emphasise the colour and gives it a little pop to help it stand out.

Instagram: _glamlifeofb

10. Lavender Field 

White tips are always classy and elegant, but adding the flower nail art makings it more fitting for spring. Purple is a lovely colour choice; it’s girly and cute but still subtle enough not to stand out too much. The different shades of purple are a nice contrast and a great way of adding more colour to the design without having multiple colours.

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11. 70’s Vibe

Even though pink and orange can clash, they work really well together and create a nice design. This manicure is a quirky way of having a tip design, but it works really well and is definitely going to get many compliments. The small difference in the design layout makes it very playful and perfect for spring going into summer.

Instagram: joelyoceannails

12. Pastel Snake Print

This snake print design has been and still is one of the most popular nail are designs, and this is a fantastic way of making it ideal for the spring season. The different pastel shades are fun and exciting but still quite classy. Even though it’s a simple design with a nude base, the snake print has intricate detail that elevates the whole design.

Instagram: tgbacademy

13. Spring Break

This is one of the more simple designs to go for this spring, but it’s equally exciting. The split between colour and nude polish is a really good balance. If you want to add colour to your manicure but don’t want to commit to full colour, the nude tones it down and creates an illusion of less colour. It’s a fun, pretty design that is still perfect for an everyday design.

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14. Pink Blossom

This design is definitely more suited for someone that wants to go all out on their manicure. This design has so much going on, but it all works well together and doesn’t look overpowering. The mix between white tops and pink nails breaks up the colour, and the blend of pink and white dots makes it more eye-catching and ensures that they stand out against the base colour. Pink and white are great colours to go for on your nails.

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15. Ocean Waves 

This design is cool and wacky, but it works well against a nude base. The two together create a fun but classy manicure. The muted tones of blue add enough of a contrast that it’s bold and stands out, but it’s still acceptable for everyday life.

Instagram: nailpromagazine

16. Flower Chain

This is very detailed, but it looks amazing. The 3d flowers are so detailed and delicate that it automatically makes the design look luxurious and gives it an expensive feel. The line detailing is a slight touch that just brings the whole design together and makes it feel complete. The multiple colours are fun and trendy, and against the nude base, it’s very eye-catching.

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