18 Beautiful Prom Nail Design Ideas Perfect for This Year

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Have a look at these beautiful prom nail design ideas that are the perfect addition to complete your look.

Prom season is finally here; after all your hard work, it’s time to get all glam and party the night away. Your prom nail design can really transform your look, and after finding the perfect outfit, you need to find the perfect nails to complete the look. Whether you choose to go simple and classy on the nails or want a statement design to add the wow factor, I have the perfect set for you.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 18 beautiful prom nail design ideas that are perfect for your prom this year. All these designs are neutral tones, so you can wear them no matter the colour of your outfit and keep the main focus on the overall look.

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1. Glitterball

Gold glitter nails are perfect for prom; they have a glam look and are a great way of tying them in with your outfit, as you can match them to your jewellery. The muted tone of gold paired with the fine glitter detail has a very classy feel, which is exactly what you want for your special night.

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2. Elegance

This is the perfect option if you want a simple yet clean nail design for your prom night. A French manicure is a classic look that is sophisticated and ideal for formal occasions; the almond shape adds an elegant look to the set. The pearl detailing is such a lovely touch; it adds so much to the design but in such a subtle way.

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3. Night Shimmer

Nude nails have a clean, fresh look that is perfect for special occasions. The gold celestial design is a nice nail art design for prom. It adds detail to the look but isn’t too overpowering, and the design still looks quite classy. The gold chrome is a nice way of making the set trendy; it’ll definitely catch people’s attention.

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4. Corsage Flowers

French tips are a staple design; they’re classy and look put together. A mix of French tips and plain nude nails is a great way of making the set more unique and eye-catching. The pearl and flower detailing adds so much detail to the design, but it still has such a dainty look. The one-coloured flower is a great way to match it to your outfit for a seamless look.

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5. Fine Lines

Black tips are always a good option; the design is simple yet chic, while the black is bold and striking. The thinner line underneath the black tip is another great way of making it stand out and giving it that special touch. If you’re looking for a simple look this prom or a monochromatic look, black tips are the way to go.

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6. White Lace

This is a beautiful nail design; the barely-there base gives the design a natural look, which is great if you have a bright or detailed outfit. The lace-type detailing is elegant and classy; it has a very mature look, which is a lovely effect for your prom.

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7. Silver Accents

This is such a cool, quirky design for prom, so if you want a set that’ll stand out, this is definitely an option for you. The tip outline keeps the design classy and chic, but the silver chrome line detailing is fun and unique. This is also a great nail design to match your accessories to blend the whole look.

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8. Champagne Iridescence

This is such a subtle and elegant look. The almond tip shape is stylish but also sophisticated, and the champagne colour is not a usual colour used for nail designs, so it’ll be a nice special look. The iridescent shimmer has a graceful look, which is lovely for a special occasion like prom.

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9. Golden Drapes

The gold drape look has such a luxurious and expensive feel; it is an ideal design for a prom. The nude base is elegant, creating the illusion of long slim hands, while the gold textured detail adds an eye-catching effect. This manicure is perfect if you want a statement set to top off the whole look.

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10. Flower Embroidery

The raised flower details are what make this design so special. The white tips are always a good design to go for, especially for formal occasions, but the flower outline adds such a delicate touch to them. The pearl detail has a dainty look but adds texture to the set, which is a great way of making them stand out more.

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11. Midnight Black

Black nails are not often thought about for occasions like prom, but they have such a chic look that they’d be great for you to try this year. The mix of matte and shiny polish gives the manicure a unique touch and is also a great way of making the nail art look more prominent. The fine glitter is also a nice touch to make it even more fitting for your prom.

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12. Touch of Pearl

This nail design is a stunning set; it’s simple yet stylish. As you already know, tip designs are very popular and one of the biggest nail trends ever, but this look is one of its most unique takes. The pearls have such a chic look, and it s a perfect way of creating a statement set without adding colour or extravagant nail art.

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13. Butterfly Effect

This nail design is great for prom. It has so many details that’ll make the design stand out while still being elegant. The cluster glitter mixed with all the embellishments creates such a unique design; it’s a great way to show off your personality and have your own touch on the design. The nude shade is also a great option for your prom nails as it is versatile.

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14. Glitter Lines

White and silver are a lovely combination perfect for prom. You have the simplicity of the white tip and nude base colour, and then the silver glitter adds a touch of glam in a classy way. This design is great if you’re looking for something simple with a bit of sparkle that doesn’t overpower your outfit.

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15. Simplicity

Not all prom nails need to have a lot of detail; a set like this is a nice simple, yet chic option for prom this year. The barely there base paired with a nude polish has such a delicate look to it; it’s perfect if you want something that looks clean and put together. The abstract design gives it that trendy touch and makes it stand out more than a classic tip design.

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16. Bow Ties

Bow nail designs are a huge trend this year and are perfect for prom. The delicate and elegant look of the bows is great for an occasion like a prom. The nude base is also an ideal way of keeping the design simple and allowing the focus to be on the bow. What’s lovely about this design is that you can customise it and match the colour of the bows to match your outfit. It’s really the small details that make your look stand out.

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17. Prom Beauty

White tips are always a great option for occasions like a prom, but the added detail in this design just makes it a little bit more special. The swirl detailing is simple and dainty, perfect if you’re looking for a natural-looking set. The short square nail paired with the white tip design is a clean, chic design—a great look, especially if this is your first time getting your nails done.

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18. Golden Night

This design has such a sophisticated look; it’s gorgeous if you want subtle details. The white tip with the gold chrome outline is classy but will also stand out more than a classic French tip. The almond shape is also more elegant, which would look lovely for a special event like a prom.

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