Natural-Looking Acrylic Nail Designs

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12 Acrylic nail designs that look like natural nails

Acrylic nails are a popular type of manicure. They’re great for special occasions but can also be worn for day-to-day life. When it comes to acrylic nails, many opt for bright colours, trendy styles, and distinctive nail art, but for some, simple is better. Acrylic nails can also be chosen for length or giving their real nails a break, so a natural design is better than a statement set.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 12 natural-looking acrylic nail designs, perfect for giving you that clean-looking manicure. All of these designs will show you how to make your acrylic nails look more like real nails and how you can incorporate nail art while keeping the designs simple.

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1. Pink Blush

A simple light pink polish with a round nail shape is the best way to get a natural-looking manicure. It replicates a natural nail, and keeping it shorter also makes it look more like real nails. This is also a great way of elongating your fingers, creating the illusion of slimmer hands. 

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2. French Manicure

A French manicure is a classic nail design; it’s timeless and looks great for every occasion. The white tip detail is an enhanced version of your natural nail, with the pure white tip being brighter and cleaner. If you want your French manicure to look even more natural, opt for a nude base rather than a pink base colour. 

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3. Golden Horizon

Just because you want a natural-looking nail doesn’t mean you can enjoy any nail art. This is a perfect balance; the light pink base coat and the oval nail shape look natural and fresh, while the gold dot detail brightens the manicure and gives it a unique touch. The nail art is simple and subtle, which is great if you want a natural-looking set. 

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4. Cloud White

Nude base coats are another great option if you want natural acrylics. The sheer look adds to that as it makes the nails look thinner, resembling natural nails. The white line detail is a lovely design; it has a very modest and elegant look to it. 

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5. Oval Nude

Pink and white are classic colours if you want a natural-looking set; this light pink shade is beautiful; it’s the perfect way to have a colour subtly. The white dot is such a small detail, but it brightens up the nail; it’s an easy way to add a design without removing the natural look.

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6. Barely There

A barely there nail is the perfect way to make acrylics look like real nails. This sheer, nude polish is one of the closest to a natural nail; it gives the illusion of a clear polish on your actual nails. The tapered square shape and this mid length is also a good shape for natural manicures.

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7. Gold Touch

This design is perfect if you’re looking for simple nail art; the gold line and dot detailing are simple but beautiful. The gold makes the set look more luxurious, but its simplicity keeps the manicure classy and effortless. An oval nail is not as common as other shapes, but it looks just as lovely; the shape has such an elegant and sophisticated look.

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8. Au Naturale

Tip designs are a classic; there are so many variations of them, but this colour is great for a natural set. The natural pink base colour with the nude tip colour is classy but also different from the usual tip designs. The nude tip is a lovely colour, and although it blends in with the pink base, it stands out because of how unique the colour is. 

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9. Minimalistic Shimmer

Cuticle designs have become increasingly popular, and they’re a great way of keeping the set minimal and understated. It’s a great way to get into nail art if you’re just starting out with designs. The thin glitter line is a small touch, but it adds a fun, party element to the set; this would be ideal for an evening event or special occasion.

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10. Soft Pearl

The airbrush design is becoming more trendy, and nude into milky white is an easy way to keep the design classy and humble, allowing the pearls and gems to be the main focus. This is perfect if you want a natural-looking nail but enjoy longer nails; it combines the two.

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11. Milky White

If you like getting acrylic on your natural nails, this design is for you. Clear acrylic is best for a natural look; it’s classy and fresh. The milky white cuticle detail is subtle but adds so much to the set. It makes it stand out more without needing to be loud. This is the ideal everyday set. 

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12. Pink Marshmallow

Pink tips are the go-to for many. They’re cute and fun but also classy and elegant. The natural base coat makes it look more natural than a pink base coat would, and the light pink colour on the tips adds to the natural look. This design would be perfect for the spring and summer; fun but still natural-looking.

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