12 Beautiful Acrylic Nail Designs (Inspired by Tiktok)

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Discover 12 beautiful acrylic nail designs inspired by Tiktok that are on trend

Tiktok has become the ultimate inspiration platform, where everyone goes to find the latest fashion and beauty tips and trends to try out. There have been so many nail designs that have become very popular, from being on Tiktok and going viral; that most people tend to choose design based on those videos. In this post, I have found 12 beautiful nail designs inspired by TikTok that I think have recently been massively on-trend. 

Brown and Nude Designs

Brown and nude shades have been very popular recently, and this is the perfect way to incorporate them into your design. Even though there are multiple designs in this manicure, each design is classic, making it look very chic. The contrast between the brown and nude works well, and the deep browns look very rich and luxurious. I really like the mix of the marble design and the french tip, I think it’s a nice balance, and it looks very classy.

Credit: tristat5

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Credit: livvy_lyman_nails

Credit: monybeautymb

Credit: nailsbyymoni

Coloured Nail Art Designs

This design is perfect if you like to keep your nails simple and classy but also want to add some fun to your designs. Having this design in black and white makes it more understated, but then the design is cool and edgy, making it look more exciting. I like that the white base is a classic french manicure with a bit of a twist and the black lines give the design a more abstract look.

Credit: kristinazarian

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Credit: anaiscarmen1

Credit: nails.by.hazel

Credit: kyliejenner

Glitter Nail Designs

This nail design is bright and fun; the different designs on each nail make it unique and easy to tailor to what you like. The orange blends well with the nude, and the small added details like the gems and flowers are nice touches that complete the design.I like this design because you can have this manicure all year round; the bright orange is great for spring and summer, but then the more burnt orange colour in the glitter and ombre is perfect for autumn.

Credit: nayellyzamora05

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Credit: mrsgezwhite

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