Heal Cuticles Overnight (That Really Works)

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Discover a step-by-step method to heal cuticles overnight.

Having damaged cuticles can be very painful, and it is important to treat damaged cuticles as a small crack can lead to a much bigger issue if left alone. Not only are they painful, but damaged cuticles also aren’t the most appealing to look at, so you might be looking for a quick solution.

In this post, I’ll be sharing a step-by-step method on how to heal cuticles overnight that really works. This method will help restore them and rehydrate them. I’ll also be sharing recommendations on which products to use and how to protect your cuticles from future damage.

How to heal cuticles overnight

It is really important to treat damaged cuticles. As it’s a small part of our body, we tend not to pay too much attention to them; however, damage to them is like any other injury on the body, and it needs to be treated. Not only that but cuticles have an essential part to play in protecting your nails and keeping them healthy.

There’s a two-part method to help really restore your cuticles; a strong cream or ointment to heal the injury, followed by a repair oil or serum to help build back up the strength and help them look and feel healthy quicker. Both stages are just as important, especially if you’re trying to have quick results.

A nail cream or ointment is best to use as they are much better at soaking in and locking in the moisture that the cuticles need. This allows the cream to solve the actual problem underneath rather than just solving the issue on the surface.

Then you need a nail and cuticle repair oil. This helps build up the strength back into your nails and cuticles as, like any other injury, you will lose some strength needed to protect your nails. It also helps prevent them from any further damage as it creates a protective barrier over your cuticles.

Step-by-step method

Starting with the nail cream/ointment, apply it to your cuticles. Make sure you are applying a good amount to ensure all areas are completely covered.

Gently massage it in with circular motions. Circular motions help increase blood flow in that area, which helps the healing process.

Once you’ve applied it and massaged it in, leave for around 30 seconds to soak in slightly.
Next, apply the nail and cuticle oil the same way as the cream/ointment; a good amount using circular motions.

Once it’s covered all your cuticles and nails, or the affected area, leave them to dry and soak in fully. Doing this at night will give you the best results as you’re less likely to interfere with it. Try not to wash it off for a minimum of half an hour to get the best out of it and ensure it has sunk in.

By using this method, you will see an improvement overnight. Visibly they’ll look much healthier, and they’ll also feel less sore. It is recommended that you do it for a few nights in a row to get the best results and make sure they’re healed completely.

Although this does work overnight, you need to ensure that you’ve tackled the issue so it doesn’t happen again, so this is a good way to be sure of that.

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How to protect your cuticles from damage in the future

Avoid using cuticle clippers – Cuticle clippers cause more damage to your cuticles than they do good. Clipping your cuticles leaves the base of your nail exposed, this part of your nail is very sensitive and needs to be protected, which is why you have cuticles. When exposed, it’s open to all bacteria, germs, and general dirt in your environment, leading to irritation and infections.

If you want to do something to them, the only acceptable thing to do is push them back. The best time to do it is when you’re in the shower or the bath, as they soften, which lessens the risk of damage. Gently push them back with an orange wooden stick, and make sure to apply a cuticle oil afterward.

Keep them moisturised and healthy – Your cuticles are less likely to get damaged if they are hydrated and healthy. To keep them moisturised and hydrated, use cuticle oil every night. As said before, applying at night is best as it has a good amount of time to really soak in and replenish your cuticles without any interference.

It is also essential to take vitamins and have a balanced diet with the right foods that benefit your nails and cuticles.

Taking care of your nails and cuticles isn’t only something you do from the outside; you need to strengthen them from the inside and provide them with the right nutrients to ensure their healthy on the surface and underneath.

Avoid picking and biting – If you have a habit of picking or biting your nails or cuticles, try to cut this out. This is easier said than done, so to help you cut it out, you’ll need to find ways to help or distract you.

Finding the reason behind biting and picking your nails is very important; there may be a deep-rooted issue that you need to deal with, or if it’s a more simple reason, you need to find something to replace the urge.

Keeping your nails short so you’re not tempted to bite them is a nice and straightforward way of cutting out this bad habit without having the temptation of a nail to bite or pick, which means you’re less likely to do it.

Keep nail clippers or cuticles scissors with you so if there’s a nail or bit of skin irritating you, you can cut it off. Even though this isn’t necessarily advised, it’s a better habit than biting or picking in the long run.


Keeping your cuticles healthy and free from damage is normally about how you look after them on a day today. Cuticles are essential, and they need as much care as any other part of your body. I hope this has been useful; even though this is a good method for overnight results, it’s important to keep looking after them, especially if they were damaged.

Repeating this method for a week will really benefit your cuticles; following this on with consistent maintenance will help give you strong and healthy cuticles and nails that are less likely to get affected by damage.

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