16 Glamorous New Year’s Nail Designs to Welcome in 2022

Discover 16 glamorous New Year’s nail designs perfect for welcoming in 2022.

The year is about to be over, and the new year begins, and if that means one thing, it means it’s time to party! New Year’s is the time of year that you should go all out, all the sparkles and all the glitter in your outfit, hair, and most importantly, your nails. No matter what you’re doing to bring in the new year, your nails have to look good regardless.

In this post, I have found 16 glamorous New Year’s nail designs to welcome in 2022. There is a design for everyone, so whether you’re looking for a glam manicure for a night out or more of a simple nail design for a chilled New Year’s at home, there’s the perfect design for you.

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1. Cheers to 2022!

This nail design is the ultimate New Years manicure. New Year’s is all about celebrations and partying, so why not add that to your nail design?

The black nail polish with the white nail art stands out and creates such a statement look; the wine glass design is fun and creative and a great way to create a unique design. Having a mixture of glossy and matte nails is again not the norm, but it works really well.

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2. New Year’s Firework

Nude nails are always a great staple, but that added details to this design are perfect for New Year’s. Black, white and gold are the classic colours for New Year’s, and they work so well together.

The gold glitter tips with the line detailing are the perfect glitz and glam design to bring the new year in.

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3. Ocean Blues

Navy blue is classy, and the matte nail makes it look even chicer. Marble on nail designs have been popular for a while now, and everyone is still loving it, and this is an ideal way of incorporating it into your manicure.

You still get the effect of it, but because it’s only on the bottom of the nail, it’s not too over the top. The gold foil detail adds some glam into the design, which we all want for New Year’s.

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4. Luxury French Tip

White nails are a classic, timeless manicure; they are great for many occasions, and New Year’s is no exception.

The mixed manicure is clean and classy, and the gold detailing is a simple touch to make them fancier. This is a great manicure for someone who likes simple designs and suits everyday life.

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5. Draped in Gold

Tip designs have such a sophisticated look and always look dressy. The black and gold tip is chic and elegant; paired against a nude nail, they create a statement manicure that will definitely have people talking about them. These will look great on New Year’s; although it is simple, it’s an effortless design that doesn’t need too much detail.

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6. Confetti

New Year’s is all about partying and celebrating, so why not go all out and have a glitter manicure. This nail design is perfect for the party holiday; it’s a fun yet chic design.

Even though this nail design is completely glitter polish, the small glitter makes it look more muted than a thick glitter would.

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7. Royal Blue

Blue is a great colour during the winter months; not only does it feel quite wintery, but royal blue is a very elegant colour. Even though New Year’s is a party season, it’s still during the wintertime, so this design suits the season. The white snowflakes against the blue stand out and make it even more eye-catching.

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8. Shimmer Stars

The star design is cute, fun and creative; this is a good nail design to go for if you want something fun for New Year’s but still lovely for every day.

The colours work well together and are great for after Christmas as they’re still quite festive without having a Christmas theme. The gold glitter stars are a great way to add sparkle to the manicure, ideal for New Year’s parties.

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9. Midnight Black

A black manicure is always such a chic sophisticated to have. The mix between gloss polish and glitter polish is unique and a great way to make a simple manicure more exciting. The short nails are clean and classy, perfect for formal events or even just for everyday wear after New Year’s.

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10. Stripes of Gold

If you like simple designs, this manicure is for you. A nude nail always looks classy and put together, it’s not the most exciting manicure, but it always looks presentable.

The gold strip down the middle is a great way of adding a simple detail to create a more exciting design. This is such a sophisticated nail design, it’s perfect for New Year’s parties, and then you can still wear it after.

Instagram: polishedinportland

11. Snowflake Sky

Snowflakes are such a cute detail, and this is a great way of adding them to a design. The white snowflakes against the deep purple stand out and brightens up the whole design.

The silver glitter on top of the snowflakes adds some sparkle and makes them even more special for the end of the festive season. The mix between the nude nail and the nail art creates a nice balance stopping it from being over the top and makes it the perfect manicure.

Instagram: amberelisebeauty

12. Touch of Glitter

This is a personal favourite of mine; the simplicity of this design makes it look even more special. The swirl design is unique but very creative; the mix between the glitter and the nude nail creates such a statement look but in a classy, chic way. The darker tone of the glitter is great for parties and formal events; it’s the perfect glitz and glam nail design.

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13. Winter Sparkle

This is a classic party manicure, and it is a lovely design for New Year’s. White nails are perfect all year round, and on every occasion, even though they are simple, they always create a clean, elegant manicure.

The two glitter nails add something different to the design and makes it more exciting than a plain nail polish. The dark blue glitter is great for the winter season, too, making the design look more festive.

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14. Golden Star

Nude and gold work so well together and always create such stylish designs. The gold ombre glitter tips are a cute design, but as it fades into a nude nail, it gives it a more chic look. I really like the shape of this design, too, as it gives it a softer, more elegant look.

Instagram: fasia.nails

15. Black & Gold

The contrast between black and nude is very harsh, but it works well to create a statement manicure. The black tips are a very popular design; adding the glitter outline adds some sparkle and makes them more suitable for the party season. The gold snowflake accent nail makes them more on theme for the New Year’s.

Instagram: nailsby_gxx

16. Blank Space

This is such a simple design, yet it’s so unique. The nude nail is clean and classy, and the black outline contrasts against the nude and makes the whole design stand out.

The black outline has tiny specs of glitter, which adds a little bit of sparkle, so if you want an understated design that is still suitable for New Year’s, this is for you.

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