75 Beautiful Nail Designs Made With Nude Polish

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Here are 75 nude nail designs to try out!

Nude nail designs have been a trend for quite a while now and have become most people’s go-to nail designs. However some people see nude nail designs as boring and dull, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  

Nude nails are a sophisticated and classy look that doesn’t need much to look good. Not only are they easy designs as they are perfect for every occasion, but nude nail designs will also always keep you on-trend and keep you looking ready for any occasion

To help you keep you looking fresh and give you different ideas for your nude nails, here are 75 Beautiful Nail Designs Made With Nude Polish. 

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Instagram: nailpromagazine

1. Nude Tones

If you’re that person that can’t choose which colour to go for, then this is the perfect design for you. This new trend has made it so much easier to decide what to go for as you get to choose five different shades.

The colours used are very rich and luxurious, it makes the manicure look a lot more expensive. The small detail of the embossed letters adds more volume to the design.

Instagram: gelsbybry

2. Delicate Gold Touch

This is a classic nude design, with a little added touch of the gold detailing around the cuticle. This is perfect if you don’t like having too much on your nails; it’s classy and sophisticated. It’s a unique look that is perfect for any occasion.

Instagram: amyytran

3. Barely Nude

This nail design is a very natural look; the darker shade of nude and the asymmetrical style give the design an abstract feel. It’s a very chic look that is still quite understated. This manicure is perfect for someone that loves to look sophisticated and keeps their nails looking very clean cut.

Instagram: shkurtanails

4. Milky White

The light, white nude is such an excellent way of changing up the classic nude designs. The small detail of the marble effect keeps the nails looking trendy, and the gold glitter and gold foil application make the manicure look a little bit more exciting.

However, the squared nail and the light nude shade keeps the nail design very simple and classic. These nails are perfect for so many different occasions; you could even have them as an everyday design.

Instagram: lilysnailsss

5. Mixed Manicure

This mixed manicure is a great way to switch up a nude nail design. It’s perfect if you can’t choose what design you want as you can put them all together.

The contrast of the white used makes the nails eye-catching, and the rhinestones make them look fancy. The marble detail also keeps the nail design on trend and keeps it looking fresh. Not only will these nails be great for special occasions, but they will also pair nicely with professional attire.

Instagram: devonnails

6. Iced Latte

This design is effortless and very chic; the plain nude nails next to the marble effect nails blend well and finish off the manicure. On the other hand, you could even switch around the design, for example, having the marble effect on your thumb and middle finger.

This design is great if you like to keep up with trends and want to stay in your comfort zone; this gives you the best of both worlds.

Instagram: oceannailsupply

7. Pink Jewels

The ombre detailing makes the nails look very sleek and effortless. The more neutral-toned nude into a more pink nude gives it a girly feel to them, and it’s also a great way to add colour into your manicure while still being neutral.

The jewel details make this manicure perfect for special occasions as it makes the nails look very elegant and expensive. The application of the jewels makes the nails look unique and make them stand out even more.

Instagram: nailsbyellec

8. 50 Shades of Nude

The combination of these tones work so well together and give the manicure a gradient effect. The classic square shape keeps them looking simple and clean, while the different tones allow an element of fun into the design.

This manicure would be perfect as your everyday manicure; also, if you want to go for something a little bit more adventurous but still keep it modest, then this is great.

Instagram: nailsbyleah2020

9. Double Lines

The two-line detail has a unique look to it; the black is very harsh against the light nude, making the manicure really stand out. Having two lines can give the illusion of longer and thinner nails, which for some is great.

Instagram: jet_set_beauty_nails

10. Pretty Pink

This pink nude nail design is a sleek classic look; the shine makes it look high quality and elegant. This is a great manicure to have when you don’t want any detail, just something that’s fresh looking and conservative. This would be perfect for an everyday business manicure.

Instagram: rachdoesnails_

11. Chocolate Abstract

The colours used in this nail design look very rich, and they complement each other very well. The base nude is a shade that is suitable for the majority of skin tones.

The swirl design is very fun and creative, while the colours used creates a great balance that makes the design look sophisticated. The swirls add texture to the manicure, which creates more character to the design.

Instagram: nailsby_thao

12. Ombre Dreams

You can never go wrong with the classic nude, but adding an ombre accent nail and white outline takes it to a whole other level. This manicure is the combination of three different timeless styles, and it works so well.

The white outline tip breaks up the nails and makes them more eye-catching; the small rhinestone detail is such a chic way of adding a bit of sparkle to them.

Instagram: violetanaildesign

13. Gold Rings

This is such a beautiful design; the detail makes the manicure look very luxurious. The gold ring design adds texture to the nails and has a very detailed look to it.

This is such a delicate design; it makes it a nail design perfect for special occasions. This is perfect for someone who loves to keep their nails looking elegant but want to add a little more detail to their manicure.

Instagram: sarahsgelnails

14. French Nudes

As we’ve seen from earlier, the different tones are a huge trend at the moment, and this is a great way to hop on the trend. A french manicure has always been a timeless nail design, and this design is such a good way to add a twist to it.

Mixing the two trends makes it quirky and unique, while the colour choices make it very classy.

Instagram: dollhousepaisley

15. Pink Caramel

The contrast between the two types of nudes adds character to the nail designs. Next to each other, they look entirely different, but they are still nudes; this is a great way to change your nails and make them look different.

The glitter accent nails make these nails perfect for times such as Christmas. If you like to make your nails more festive but prefer to have nude nails, this is a great design. The blend of the colours and the glitter give the manicure a very warm feel to them.

Instagram: nailss_paradise

16. Starlight

The star nude nail design is playful and fun, and it’s a great way to be expressive. With star designs, you can always make it look different; how big the stars are, where you place them or how many you have, you can always change it around.

Although it’s a simple design, the stars make it look very delicate. It’s a very flattering design for all shapes and styles of nails; it adds excitement to your manicure, but also the colours keep it quite classic.

Instagram: raelondonnails

17. Fine Lines

The black line detail is such a small design, but it adds so much more depth to the whole look. The design is very delicate and sophisticated; it’s perfect for everyday, business attire manicure.

This nude nail design pairs so nicely with short natural nails, it adds to the dainty feel about it, so if you like having a very natural manicure, this is perfect for you.

Instagram: beautybyelee

18. Houndstooth

This houndstooth nail design is unique; the texture makes it look very expensive and chic. The harsh contrast of the black and white against the nude makes the nail design stand out.

This is a perfect design for someone looking for a statement manicure perfect for everyday and formal events. The shape of the nails suits this design, and the asymmetric detail makes the nail look thinner and longer.

Instagram: nelia_nails_ch

19. Touch of Sparkle

This is a classic nude nail design; the colour is very classy and subtle. The glitter accent nail adds a pop to the nail design and makes it more eye-catching.

If you like to keep your nails quite simple and classic, this is a great manicure for you, and you still get a little bit of detail with the glitter.

Instagram: nailsbymelanie1

20. Rose Quartz

A rose quartz design is such a classic design, but it’ll always look very stylish. This is a good way to have a classic nude nail design, with added depth to it.

This is an easy design you can change to suit your preferences; this design looks good with most nail shapes and styles. So, if you want something you can put your own touch on, this is a great place to start.

Instagram: allnailss._

21. Burberry Sweater

The accent nails add so much detail to this design, the Burberry inspired nail adds a pop of colour, and the sweater type design adds texture to the manicure giving it more depth.

This nude nail design is great for autumn and winter as it has a very warm subtle feel to it. This design isn’t too detailed, but it has enough to make a statement; so if you are someone who likes simple designs, give this one a go.

Instagram: _beautybyjamielee

22. Up in the Clouds

The cloud design has a light, airy feel to them, there is so much detail in this design, but it has an effortless, easy look.

This is perfect if you want a simple, cute design as not only does it keep the natural look of a nude nail design, but it had a fun element to it.

Instagram: nailitmag

23. Nude Abstract

This abstract nude nail design is so effortlessly chic; the different tones and the freehand design is such a nice design. Each nail is so unique in its way, and it all blends nicely together.

This short oval shape keeps the manicure looking classy and well put together. This is the perfect design if you are looking for a stylish nude nail design.

Instagram: beautybyelee

24. White Butterfly

This is a very natural-looking manicure; the matte faint ombre design gives it the illusion of it being your natural nail. The white butterfly and tip design are a very popular trend at the moment, and this is such a good way to make your manicure more eye-catching.

It’s a very girly, cute design, but the small details keep it looking very classy and stylish.

Instagram: _thenailloft

25. Glitter Trim

This design takes the classic french manicure and has its twist; the glitter detail gives the illusion of the French tips. This is a good way of changing a basic nude nail in a small, subtle way; the glitter breaks up the block colour and adds a little detail.

This is a good mix between a classic nude and a glitter design, so if you’re looking to keep your manicure quite simple, then this is perfect for you. This design also looks the best on shorter, more natural style nail as the detail is small; it has a better effect.

Instagram: marlenap

26. Polka Dots

Adding a polka dot design to nude nails gives the whole design a vintage feel to it. Although it’s such a simple design, the small polka dots makes the manicure feel very delicate. This design is much more suited on shorter nails as it adds to the whole detailed, classical feel to them.

Instagram: nailsbykirstey

27. Pearl Accent

This pink nude design is very girly and sparkly; the glitter and faint marble effect make the manicure eye-catching. The rhinestone detail makes the design look more luxurious.

If you are a big fan of more pink tones and more glitz and glam designs, this is perfect for you. This design is great for more formal occasions, such as a prom or wedding.

Instagram: salongnewcastle

28. Mixed Nudes

These glossy tones are very warm, perfect for autumn and winter; the shape and style make them look very sophisticated. The difference between this design and the other different tone designs we’ve seen is that the colours are quite different.

Although they are different, they complement each other well, and it’s a very seamless transition between the different colours. This is a great everyday design and such a good way to switch up the nude nail designs.

Instagram: thenicenailsclub

29. Pink Heart

This nude is very faint and gives the nails a very natural look, but then the pink heart adds a fun, girly vibe. There’s not much detail on this nail design, but the pop of colour makes it stand out and gives it something different about it.

Instagram: vampnaildesigns

30. Seashells

The contrast of the different colours used in this nail design makes the manicure eye-catching. It looks like a very simple design, but it’s filled with so much detail.

This is a lovely holiday nude manicure; the design almost resembles the detail you would see on seashells, so, with that in mind, these would be perfect for summer and beach holidays.

Instagram: gosh.chmielewska

31. Paint Splatters

The gold paint splatter effect gives the nails such an artistic feel to them and makes them unique. The nails’ short rounded shape complements the nail design as it allows all the focus to be on the gold detailing.

Although it is a minimal, delicate design, this manicure does make a statement and will have loads of people asking you questions about them.

Instagram: c._beauty

32. Shimmer Ombre

Ombre nail designs have been on trend for a while now, and combining that with a nude colour makes it the ultimate manicure, but adding the iridescent touch to it makes it completely different from the normal design.

The added shimmer on two of the nails is a good way of making your nails stand out without making them look any different from the rest of your nails. The blend of the two is perfect for someone who likes the classic nude manicure and adds a little glitter.

Instagram: charsgelnails_

33. Nude Check

This design is very fun and light-hearted; the check design is such a good way to add your twist to a classic nude manicure. With the check design only being on two nails, it creates a nice balance so that it isn’t too over the top but still makes this nail design very unique.

Instagram: iramshelton

34. Double French

This nude nail design is so sleek and clean; if you’re someone that likes to keep things simple and doesn’t like to have too much change to their manicure, then this is perfect for you.

The double tips keep your nails on-trend and fresh. The short style keeps them looking natural and makes the design look more delicate.

Instagram: devonnails

35. Nude & Neon

The neon pink against the warm-toned nude is very eye-catching and makes the design look very fun. It’s an effortless style to make your own as you can change the neon writing to what you prefer. The shape is very sophisticated and keeps the design looking classy with the neon detail.

Instagram: courtneycantwell_nails

36. Cow Print

Cow print has recently become an on-trend abstract design, and this, paired with a nude nail, is a great combination. The pointed nail makes this manicure look very chic and stylish. This is the perfect nail design for someone that wants a bold, statement set of nails.

Instagram: studio_bari

37. Simply Nude

This is a very simple nude design, the fine white line is such a small detail, but it gives the manicure a very intricate feature. Although this design feature is minimal, it completes the manicure and differs from your classic nude nails.

Instagram: nailitmag

38. Silver Lining

This is a very understated, unique look; even though it imitates the French manicure design, it has its distinctive look. The natural look of this nail design is perfect for those who don’t like to have too much detail or looking for a fresh, clean manicure.

Instagram: nailsbyclairexo

39. Glitter Pearl

This design is very soft and subtle; the unique glitter design adds very delicate detail to a classic nude design. This is perfect for when you want something extra for your nails, but you don’t like something too overpowering.

Although it adds a small detail to them, the manicure still looks very natural, and having this design on a short nail will complement this nicely.

Instagram: style_sapphire

40. White Almonds

This is a very classy, sophisticated design; the added twist of the white detail on a classic nude nail design is a good subtle way to change your manicure.

This design would be great for everyday business attire as it’s chic but simple enough not to be too eye-catching. Nevertheless, expect many compliments with this design.

Instagram: xthebeautybarx

41. Pink & Whites

This design has more of a pink tone, which makes the white features stand out more. The contrast makes it look like a French manicure, and the marble and glitter features are such a good way of switching up a classic design.

Instagram: tres_belle_by_natacha

42. Gold Swirl

This nude design is so simple yet so effective; the nude colour is very natural, and the oval shape makes the nail look even more natural. The gold detail against the pale nude colour stands out. It makes the manicure look much more expensive, and the gold lines are very delicate.

Instagram: dagmara.zajac_

43. Touch of Black

The small details of black might not be huge, but it does add something to the nail design. This is such a good way to switch up a classic nude but still allows it to be quite understated.

It might not be the most eye-catching design, but sometimes that’s what we want. A very chic, natural-looking manicure with small unique detail.

Instagram: gcnailedit

44. Pointed Marble

Marble nail designs have been one of the biggest nail trends and can sometimes seem quite repetitive, but this design is slightly different. The matte effect adds so much more depth to the design and makes it look more sophisticated.

The pointed nail also makes it look like more of a mature nail design, and that mixed with the nude colour is such a vibe.

Instagram: nailitmag

45. Gold Leaf

The gold leaf detailing looks very luxurious, and the design has a very delicate look to it; this nail design is a great statement manicure. Having this design on a shorter nail makes the design look even more classy and keeps your manicure looking clean.

This is a perfect design for special occasions when you want some with the ‘wow-factor’ but is still quite understated.

Instagram: ellielouisenails

46. Contrast Hearts

Each nail has a different nude shade with a contrasting shaded heart; this is a very fun and quirky design that still is kept quite natural with the colours used.

It’s not over the top but still is very eye-catching and will stand out. This is perfect if you want to have a very distinctive nail design but still want to keep it classy.

Instagram: thedreamset_

47. Line Drawing

Abstract figure designs have been very popular recently, and it pairs amazingly with a nude nail design. The pointy nail shape compliments the designs as it almost makes them look longer.

This is a great design if you like to have a unique, abstract design that is still a very classy and stylish manicure.

Instagram: raelondonnails

48. Minimalism

This design is very simple; the dot detail is almost unnoticeable; however, this is great if you want a classic nude manicure, but you want to add a small detail to make it slightly different.

You can never go wrong with a classic nude design, so this has a very chic look.

Instagram: natalia_nicholson_nails

49. Gold Marble

This is an easy, classy look; the marble effect accent nails balance out nicely with the classic nude nails, and it gives the overall nail design a very calming feel to them. The gold detailing adds a bit more character to them and makes them stand out better.

Instagram: nailmeon_

50. Pearl Caviar

A classic nude nail design with tiny pearls’ added detail takes this manicure to the next level. The heart detail adds fun to the design and gives it even more of a girly feel.If you like your manicure to make a statement and be a talking point, this is a great nude nail design.

Instagram: _leonanails

51. Iced Coffee

Tip designs are such pretty designs, especially this one. The line detailing is classy and sophisticated, great for a special occasion or if you’re looking for a formal design. The light nude base has such a clean-cut look to it, and the contrast of the brown lines makes the manicure stand out.

Instagram: mydumbnails

52. Golden Glitter

Glitter ombre is a lovely design; not only is it a classic nail design, but the glitter adds an exciting and distinctive touch to it. The pearl detailing is such a stylish trend that adds a unique feature to any manicure, perfect for making it your nail design.

Instagram: nailsbypaulin

53. Ginger Swirl

Having a feature nail or two is a nice touch that takes a simple nail design to the next level. The burnt orange glitter is the ideal detail if you want something exciting but still want to keep within the nude theme. The swirl accent nail blends the colours together, creating a seamless transition between the two.

Instagram: gelsbybry

54. Abstract Swirl

Swirl designs have been very popular for a while now, and you can see why. This design is fun, exciting and full of detail; the glitter adds a bit of glam to the design, which is a nice detail. The shades of brown and neutral tones complement each other well and create a nice blend.

Instagram: isabelmaysurtees

55. Caramel Cream

This design has such a simplistic look, yet it has so much detail; the different design on each nail is a nice feature to make your manicure more distinctive. The light cream against the barley there nude is subtle, creating a fresh look. This is perfect if you’re looking for a design for everyday wear and don’t want it to be too much.

Instagram: paintedby.lucy

56. Chrome Links

Chrome is such a cool design that it has become very popular over the last year. The tip feature of this trend is a nice subtle take on it, a nice way of incorporating it whilst still keeping the design simple. This is a great design if you want to try something new and trendy but still want to be comfortable with the design.

Instagram: _leonanails

57. Neutral Palette

The mix of designs in this manicure is a nice way to take a basic design and make it more fun. The mix of full colour nails and tip designs is a subtle detail, but the added feature of the alternate swirl detailing makes the manicure more of a statement and eye-catching.

Instagram: nail.obsessed.beata.duda

58. 24K Gold

If you like bare nails with a tiny bit of detail, this is a great design for you. The bare nude nails are a clean, fresh look perfect for everyday wear or office jobs. The gold leaf design is very subtle but still has a lovely look; this is a great design if you want something that you know is there but isn’t too obvious to others.

Instagram: sugarcoatmidtown

59. Dreamy Marble

Marble is such a lovely, elegant design; it always looks good, no matter the design. The nude base with a white marble effect creates a dreamy, subtle look. The gloss on top of the polish gives the design a glass look, which is a lovely feature and a perfect touch to this design.

Instagram: _leonanails

60. Dotted Line

This design is so simple and understated, perfect if you like classic nude nails, but you want to add a small detail. The black and white dots are a good contrast that stands out against the milky white base. The square shape adds to the clean and fresh look of the manicure, a lovely design if you like the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic.

Instagram: agalorynowicz

61. Watercolour Flowers

Watercolour nail art is a new design that is becoming much more popular, and you can see why. The lines are so faint, but mixed with all the details, like the stone-coloured detail and the touches of white, it stands out more and creates a nice outlined design. The different design on each nail is a nice way of making the design more unique too.

Instagram: nailsbyalsn

62. Starry Eyed

Clear nude bases like in this design have such a clean look; it’s a lovely design, especially if you like the understated, classy designs for your nails. The star nail art is a lovely detail, the lines are so fine you can hardly see them, but when they catch your eye, it’s such an intricate design. The rhinestones are a nice simple way of making the design stand out a tiny bit more.

Instagram: alyshanailartist

63. Split Swirl

This design has so many different designs in it, but they all work well together and create a beautiful design. The brown and white swirls with the split French manicure and solid colour blend really well together and create a nice contrast. The glitter is a nice touch to add a bit of glitz and glam to the manicure. The darker pink base makes the manicure stand out more and more eye-catching, especially against the white details.

Instagram: blendedbeauty.mb

64. Neutral Love

A simple heart design is always a winner no matter how it’s done; the nude base with the heart in the centre makes the heart stand out more and keeps the focus on the detail. The gradient detail in the coloured hearts is an easy way of making the design a little bit more interesting and eye-catching; it pairs perfectly with a design like this.

Instagram: _nailsbyemmaa_

65. Finishing Touches

French manicures are such a classic, chic design; they’re perfect for both everyday and formal occasions. The gold glitter cuticle design is a nice way of making a French manicure more unique and creating an eye-catching feature. This design would look great for weddings, proms or any other occasion you may want a classy, elegant design for.

Instagram: ingridraiana_

66. Fall Flowers

Flower designs always look lovely, and this is a beautiful way to incorporate them into your design. The full colour mixed with the tip colour and a few accent nails feature the flowers all blend really well together and create a classy but fun design.

Instagram: embrace.nails

67. Tortoise Tips

Animal prints are such a nice feature for nail designs; their intricate designs are full of details that stand out and instantly create a statement design. The split of the tip design with the classic French manicure is a nice mix; they contrast well against each other and add to creating that statement look.

Instagram: iramshelton

68. True Love

Small white hearts always look lovely on a nail design; they have such a delicate pure look to them, which against a nude base, creates a beautiful manicure. The small gem detail is a nice detail to add to give it more depth without overdoing it and taking away from the simplicity of the design.

Instagram: magdula.es

69. Comic Manicure

Comic nail designs are becoming increasingly popular; they’re still a new trend, but they’ll definitely be seen more regularly. This is such a cool design; it’s fun and something different, a great way of making a standard manicure more unique.

Instagram: slayedbyshababy

70. Crystal Butterfly

Swirl lines like this design have been hugely popular for a while now, and it’s still such a lovely design. The white contrast against the pinky nude base makes them bold and eye-catching. The gems and butterfly pendants are such a beautiful touch that just takes the whole design to the next level. These nails would be perfect for a wedding or special occasion.

Instagram: mua_hannahtaylor

71. Detailed Simplicity

This style is super unique but still looks amazing. The line detail on the outside of the nail adds depth and makes it eye-catching. The nude base in the middle keeps it very simple and sophisticated, whilst the glitter frame adds a bit of glam to the set.

Instagram: nailsxmina

72. Elegance

Tip designs have always been nice-looking designs; they’re elegant and super flattering. The split tip is a great way of having a tip design whilst still making it look different at the same time. The simplicity of this design is what makes it even more of a beautiful design; the delicate feel of it will definitely make it a popular design.

Instagram: laurasnailsspot

73. Glazed Doughnut

The glazed-type chrome design has become a huge trend recently, and it’s a great way of giving a plain manicure a little more detail. The light pink chrome has a natural and clean look to it, but the glazed effect makes it chic, perfect if you want an everyday design that’ll stand out.

Instagram: thenaildrip

74. Teddy Bears

Gradient nail designs have been hugely popular over the last few years, and this is such a lovely, classy take on the trend. The different tones of browns and nudes are perfect if you’re looking for a warm manicure, maybe for the colder months. The teddy bear detailing is cute, fun and super girly, perfect for adding a little excitement to your set.

Instagram: fairynailmotherr

75. Touch of Heart

This design is a lovely take on a tip design; the heart design is cute but also still elegant and sophisticated, it’s perfect for formal occasions. It’s a lovely way of making a French manicure more unique as it has a more statement look compared to the classic design.

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