Best Nail Polish Colours for Autumn This Year

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Discover the best nail polish colours to try out this year.

With autumn on its way, fashion and beauty trends are starting to change, and everyone’s preparing for the colder months. With that in mind, many are starting to think about new nail designs and the latest trends they will try out this season. Some would rather stick to solid colours and have a few staple colours rather than try something new.

In this post, I’ll be sharing the best nail polish colours for autumn this year. There are 7 different colours for you to try out this year, so not only is there a colour perfect for everyone, there are multiple manicure options ready for you to try out this year.

1. Red

Red is a classic colour for nail designs, it’s a colour that’s stylish and elegant, and it looks good on everyone. Red is one of the few colours that’s always trendy and creates a manicure that always looks put together, and for the transitional period during autumn, it’s the perfect go-to colour.

There are loads of different shades of red you can have throughout the year, but for autumn, there are two different shades I think are best for this time of year; a deep red and a red with an orange undertone. These two shades are great in between colours; moving from bright summer colours to darker shades, these colours are ideal.

2. Orange

Orange is the ultimate autumn colour, so it’s perfect for your autumn manicure. It’s a great transitional colour, going from light pastel tones in summer to toning it down and having deeper, richer tones. There are so many shades to choose from, so you’ll definitely be able to find the right tone for you.

This is a very attention-grabbing colour for autumn which can look great against all the neutral tones you’ll be wearing. If you tend to stick to more neutral tones but want to try a bright colour before the winter months, I’d definitely recommend an orange manicure.

3. Green

Green has been the popular colour of the year and is definitely a go-to nail colour for the autumn season. There are multiple shades of green you could go for, but deep, darker shades of green are perfect for this time of year. Not only do they suit the change in weather and the transitional feeling from summer to winter, but they are also such classy and luxurious colours.

In contrast, if you’re not entirely ready to give the bright colours a miss, going for a light but pale green is also a good option as it is more of a muted tone rather than a bold, bright colour you’d have during spring and summer.

4. Brown

Over the last few years, brown has become more popular, and autumn is the best time to try out brown nail designs. There are so many different brown nail designs you can go for, but one thing they have in common is that they all look so sophisticated and chic.

Brown is a rich colour that looks very stylish no matter how you wear it or what style you go for it. Additionally, brown shades compliment all skin tones; it creates a sleek manicure that everyone can enjoy. If you have a special occasion during autumn, this is definitely a good nail colour to get.

5. Yellow

Yellow is not a colour I personally think of getting when it comes to nail designs, but it is becoming more popular for the autumn season. A deep, mustard tone yellow is great for autumn; it’s a warm, classy shade of yellow, exactly what you want for your autumn nail set.

During the autumn season, everyone is toning down the bright colours and reaching for more neutral or darker colours to transition into winter colours; this yellow is a great transitional colour as it’s still bright but fits in with the autumn mood.

Even though it’s a deep tone of yellow, it still stands out and is very eye-catching, so if you want to create a statement manicure, this is a good colour to try out this year.

6. Bronze

Bronze is a nice colour to have for autumn; the mix of bronze with gold tones is like a more fancy version of brown designs. This glitzy colour is fun and unique but still has a neutral tone that compliments many skin tones and looks good in different styles and designs.

If you have any special events or parties over the next few months, this is a lovely colour to have. It looks nice with all neutral tones, and it’ll compliment many other colours too; not only that, but this colour creates a very elegant, stylish manicure, so it’s perfect for dressier occasions.

7. Purple

When it comes to autumn, certain colours are associated with the season that are classics when it comes to nail designs; but purple is definitely more unusual. Deep purple tones look great during the autumn season; they have a warm, cosy feel, which is exactly what you want for this time of year.

This is a colour that looks great in both glossy and matte polish, so you could definitely try out a few different looks this autumn with this colour. If you want to make them look more special, you could add a gold feature to the design; not only does it make the design more unique, but it elevates the manicure and makes it more dressy.

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