48 Awesome Nail Art Ideas You Can Do At Home

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Nail art designs you’ll want to try right away from the comfort of your own home

Nail art has become a huge part of the manicure you get, and is the main thing we all focus on. Although there are so many amazing nail art designs, sometimes the simplest designs are what most people go for.

With more people doing their own nails at home, I thought why not put together a few simple nail art designs, so here are 48 nail art ideas you can do at home.

A key thing with nail art is the idea of being able to make it our own, finding a design you love and making it your own is what makes you enjoy your manicure more.

These designs are simple enough for you to be able to do at home but also easy enough for you to change and make your own, to create your perfect nail design.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: a.g.n.e_nails

1. Cotton Candy

The contrast of the pink and blue blends well, and the pastel shades make the colours match nicely. It’s a unique design as each nail is slightly different, and the mismatched design on each nail makes it look very chic and stylish. This is a perfect design for someone that wants to stand out and have a unique, one of a kind manicure.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: nails.by.zo_

2. Domino Effect

This monochromatic design is cool and edgy; there’s so much character to this nail design. Even though it’s a very abstract type of design, the black and white keep it looking classic and clean. This type of design is great for someone who wants to have a statement manicure, which’s very eye-catching. 

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: frecklepusnails

3. Rose Tint

This is a minimalistic design; the pink colour against the nude nail bed blends into each other, giving the illusion of a bare nail. The glitter adds a bit of sparkle to the manicure and makes the colour more noticeable. This type of nail art is easy to do yourself as it doesn’t require much to make it look finished.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: dorkanails

4. Pink Chevron

This is a great design as it has a lot going on, it looks very detailed, but it is a simple design. The main detail of the chevron and arrow design is unique, and the different colours make the design more attractive. The glitter makes this manicure more suitable for special occasions, so you could do this design for every day or a specific event you may have.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: igakretowska.nails

5. Cow Patch

This design is very classy and sophisticated. The glossy black nail polish keeps the design looking very clean and chic, and the cow print adds some fun into the manicure and keeps it on-trend. This design suits shorter nails as it adds a balance to the design.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: amyytran

6. Sunset Sky

This design is eye-catching; the bold colours and the striking design make it stand out even more. It’s such a simple, effortless design; the colours are so versatile as the bright, bold look is great for summer, but also the contrast of red and gold makes it perfect for the festive seasons.

Instagram: nailsbyharriet_

7. Fall Tones

This is a lovely design for the fall season; the warm tones create a nice soft, elegant design. The mix of glitter and solid colour. The plaid design is a classic nail art detail that’s perfect for the fall theme. The nude base keeps the design subtle and clean, whilst the rest of the details stand out; it’s a lovely blend. 

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: eternalhappinesss

8. Pink Jewels

This nail art design is a cute, girly look. The rhinestone detail makes it look luxurious, but then the light pink keep the manicure quite clean and doesn’t make it look over the top. Having this design on a short square shape makes them look classy and sophisticated.

Instagram: beautyspace_charlotte

9. Summer Fun

This design is perfect if you’re looking for a brightly coloured manicure but still want something simple and not over the top. The asymmetric tip is a great way of taking a classic French tip and adding a fun and unique twist to it. The two contrasting colours are a great way of making them more eye-catching and creative.

Instagram: nailmailbykhlo

10. Milky White

Milky white bases have become a new favourite; it looks classy and fresh and is a simple way of taking a basic manicure and adding a new feature. The black lines against the white base really pop and have a bold effect; the slight differences in the lines on each nail are also a lovely touch. 

Instagram: nailsbynatashapaige

11. Ocean Tide

A cuticle design is perfect for those who like minimal detail; it completely elevates a simple nude base, keeps it classy, and adds a delicate feel to it. The bright blue compliments the nude nail and has a bold effect. This design would look lovely on both acrylic and natural nails. 

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: nailsuponatime

12. Purple Palette

This nail art design is perfect for all year round, the purple shade is fun and summery, yet the abstract accent nail design makes the manicure look a lot warmer. The glitter detail makes it suitable for a special occasion. This is perfect if you like to add your touch to a nail design, as the abstract design can be totally unique to you and your style.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: embrace.nails

13. Abstract Clouds

Everyone loves a classic white tip manicure, but what everyone loves more is a classic white tip manicure with a twist, and this design is perfect for that. The white tip design keeps your nails looking classy and clean, and then the different designs on each nail add a pop of colour to the manicure and a lot of character. 

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: beautyby.hq

14. Glitter Flower

The pale pink manicure is girly and sophisticated; the glitter flower design is subtle but still adds a bold statement to the nails. This design suits a short set as it makes it look clean and smart while still being eye-catching.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: gettipsy_nails

15. Emerald Tips

We all love a classic nude manicure, but this design is unique and trendy. The green and gold contrast make the nails look luxurious and sophisticated. The tip design keeps them looking classy, but also, the green makes them look entirely different from the usual tip manicure.

Instagram: nailsbyharriet_

16. Neon curve

Neon French tips are a must for the summer, especially if you’re going on holiday or to a festival event. They are bright and playful, but they still have a sophisticated look that comes with French tips. The curve line detail at the cuticles is another way of taking a standard nail design and adding to it to make it stand out more. 

Instagram: baraandbeauty

17. Simplicity

Nude bases are always a classy, chic option, but adding detail like the gold chrome on this design completely elevates the set. The half gold chrome tip is such a subtle detail, but it adds texture to the design and gives it an expensive feel. This is a lovely option if you’re looking for a wedding set and trying to avoid the traditional white look. 

Instagram: nailsbycharlx

18. Emerald Gem

This shade of green is rarely used for nail designs like this, so if you want to try something different, this is a great option. The mix of fully polished nails and split nails is a great way of making the manicure stand out without having to add too much detail. The gold foil is a nice touch that complements the green well and ties the whole design together.

Instagram: lindseysbeautylounge1

19. Pastel Palette

The pastel-coloured detail on this design is the perfect way of adding multiple colours whilst still keeping it classy and subtle. The stripe design is a very popular nail design, and the asymmetric detail is a great way of elevating the design and making it different to the classic designs.

Instagram: disseynails

20. Groovy Blue

The bright blue and white not only create an eye-catching contrast, but they complement each other so well in this creative design. The different design on each nail is a great unique touch that creates a fun but still chic manicure. This design would be perfect for the spring and summer seasons when you’re looking for a playful design.

Instagram: peachinails

21. Retro

Abstract designs like this one have been really popular recently, and this one is definitely a unique version. The colours used are also not typical for nail designs, but that’s what is nice about the design; it adds personality to the nail set and makes it stand out much more. This is a lovely design to try out, there’s not too much going on, but it still has loads of detail to create a statement design.

Instagram: nailsbyg____

22. Polka Dot 

Polka dot nail designs are always a lovely option, they have such an intricate and delicate look, yet they’re so simple and easy to recreate. The deep brown colour with the nude base creates a contrast that makes the nail design stand out even more, and the touch of blue in the nail art is a nice way of adding more colour to the design.

Instagram: milanailed_it

23. Golden Star

Stars are always good when you want to try out some nail design; they’re a classic feature and easy to do. The gold glitter with a black outline is simple to recreate but still has a classy and chic look. This is perfect if you want a nail design suitable for special occasions but still want some character in the design. 

Instagram: heygreatnails

24. Monochrome Base

Tip and cuticle designs are both huge nail trends, so why not do both in one design. The alternating black and white details are a super chic detail, and it’s a lovely way of adding more to the design without having to add too many different details.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: ____annails____

25. Shades of Blue

The different shades of blue blend well, and it’s a seamless transition between the shades. The little heart detail makes the manicure look cute and girly, it’s such a small detail, but it makes the design look finished.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: barbrafeszyn

26. Soft Cartoon

The pink is a lovely pastel shade, it’s not too harsh or bright, and the contrast with the black design makes the manicure more eye-catching. The eyelash nail art design is fun and exciting, and it’s such a good way to add some character to your manicure.

Instagram: monika__nails

27. Peaches and Cream 

This is a great holiday design; the colours are super summery and bright, and the abstract design is super trendy. The white dot detail is so intricate that it completely elevates the design. The slight differences in each nail are subtle details, but it adds a lot more depth to the set.

Instagram: nnailsbynatashapaige

28. Shining French Tip

French manicures are the ultimate classic nail design; they’re perfect for any occasion and always look sophisticated. This design is perfect if you want to keep the traditional look but also want to add something different to it. The star accent nail is great for this as it’s not too extravagant, but it still adds a fun element to the design. 

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: gelsbybry

29. Pink Polka

Having different shades of one colour is an on-trend design, which is a great way to do it. The different pinks against the white and black polka dot design is very eye-catching. This is a great summer design, but what is great about it is, you can choose darker, more muted tones to make it more suitable for autumn and winter.

Instagram: thehangedit

30. Blue Waves

Blue is such a lovely colour for a nail design, no matter the occasion for the nail set. The contrast of the light blue line makes the design pop and gives a statement feel. This design is perfect for natural nails, it’s simple, but the bright colour helps it stand out more. 

Instagram: peachinails

31. Fire Orange

This abstract design is a great nail art design to try out at home as it’s simple to do yet looks cool and stylish. The neon orange against the nude base pops and creates a nice contrast, adding a lovely feature to a simple design. This manicure is ideal for festivals or vacations; the bright colour is perfect for such occasions.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: glambyit

32. Ballerina Style

This manicure is a classic French tip with a twist; the black diagonal tip is such a trend right now, and it’s the perfect design. The diagonal tip style is fun and quirky, while the black and nude shade keeps your nails looking very sleek and smart.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: thenailroommanchester

33. Silver Lining

If you like to have a classic manicure, then this design is perfect for you; the small detail of the double silver lines is very subtle but adds a little something to your nails. It’s not a statement look, but sometimes all you want is for your nails to look classy and clean cut. This is a great everyday attire nail design.

Instagram: phoebesummernails

34. Checkered Abstract

This is a unique design, everything from the colours to the design. The checkered design is fun, creative and always looks good in nail designs, but adding it to the abstract detail, is a great way of making it different. The muted tones really complement each other, being a classy way of adding some colour to your nail design.

Instagram: nnailsbyharriet_

35. Clip Art

This design is fun, creative and a great design to try out. The different nail art on each nail is an easy way to make the set more unique and personal. The nude base keeps the design classy and not over the top and allows the nail art to stand out and be the statement piece. 

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: gettipsy_nails

36. Fine Lines

This is a very sophisticated and chic design; the line detailing is very simple yet so effective. The black line against the pale pink nail creates a harsh look, making it more of a statement look. This design is perfect for an everyday business attire manicure, but it can be for formal events also. 

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: minimini.blogcuk

37. Summer Daisies

This is the perfect summer look that is easy enough to do at home. It’s a very bright, fun nail design; the white flower design adds a bit of contrast to the nails and makes it more of a statement manicure. This is a perfect design for someone that likes eye-catching, girly designs.

Instagram: bygrayce

38. Clementines

Tip designs are always a great option; they have a chic look and are also super easy to recreate and do yourself. The orange tip is perfect for the spring-summer season, and the added detail of the white swirl is a nice touch that ties the whole look together. 

Instagram: maniwithsami

39. Fresh Flowers

Pastel colours are always lovely in nail designs, especially for a tip design. It has such a cute, feminine look to it, which is lovely for a nail design. The white flower nail art is a great way to make it suitable for spring and summer.

Instagram: gelsbybry

40. Colour Bomb

The asymmetric tips with different colours have been a popular design over the last few years, and this is a great design to try at home. It’s an easy look to recreate but is super stylish and fun to look at. This is perfect for those days when you can’t decide on a colour, why have one when you can have 5!

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: amberjhnails

41. Bold Hearts

This natural nail design is perfect for someone that loves a nude nail with something a little extra. The black heart design is effortless but finishes the design; the gold outline on the heart adds that extra touch, giving it an expensive look. 

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: beautybychloemayboyce

42. Golden Beam

This abstract design mixes very simple details that blend well with each other and create a chic and unique design. The gold and white make the manicure look more luxurious; the short design makes it suitable for an everyday manicure, but also the detail and colours used means that it can also be ideal for special occasions. 

Instagram: nailswithaby

43. Half moon

White tips are the ultimate classic nail design; it always looks classy and chic, so it’s always a good look. This design has a unique take on it with the half white and nude tip; even though it’s slightly different, it still has that clean cut and elegant look to it.

Instagram: gelsbybry

44. Purple Sky

This is such a cute design with such a delicate feel to it. The lilac tip is perfect for spring and summer, brightening the nail design without being too loud. The cloud nail art is a lovely detail that’s not only lovely to look at, but it gives the design a light and airy feel to it. 

Instagram: beautyspace_charlotte

45. Springtime Stripes 

Stripes always look good in a nail design, especially a design like this one. The multi-colours are bold and eye-catching, and paired with a nude base; it allows them to be the statement. The different thickness of each line is a nice and easy way of adding another element to the design; it adds depth and elevates it from a simple striped manicure.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: bluxenails

46. Bare Heart

The heart detail is very simplistic, and against a pale pink nail, this manicure has a very classic barely-there type look. This is great for everyday business attire nail design with a cute, girly touch to it; sometimes a simplistic design is the way to go. 


47. Simple Sparkle

This design is ideal if you’re looking for something suitable for everyday or business attire. It’s classy and has a fresh look with the nude and white base. The glitter line detailing is subtle but adds a nice bit of glitz and glam to the set.

48 Nail art designs you'll want to try straight away
Instagram: megan.anne.beauty

48. Black Leopard

The leopard print is really on-trend now, and this design is perfect for incorporating into your nail art. Having it as an accent nail design rather than over all your nails gives it a more subtle look and keeps the manicure looking very modest. The colours used are very calm and classy and would be perfect for autumn and winter times.

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