Marble Nails: 47+ Stunning Marble Nail Art Designs!

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Marble nail designs have become a classic when it comes to nail trends. No matter how many nail trends and crazes there are, marble nails are never not popular.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle, faint white marble or a bold, out-there neon marble, there’s a design perfect for everyone, whatever your style. Not only is it super versatile, it’s a great design that looks good on both natural, short nails and long acrylic nails; it really is the design for everyone.

In this post, I have put together 47+ stunning marble nail art designs so that you can find the perfect one for you. There’s every colour and style of marble nail you can think of, so you’ll be sure to find your next nail set here.

Instagram: gieos.room

1. Chocolate Marble

This brown mixed marble pattern is a lovely design; it is a nice balance of detail but simple. The brown and nude shades are great if you’re not too keen on coloured nail designs, but the marble design is very detailed, and has lots of depth to it.

Instagram: sansungnails

2. Ruby Red

This is such a beautiful colour; it’s vibrant but still classy. The specks of glitter underneath are a nice feature and add another element to the set. The white is a nice contrast to the design, not only breaking up the colour but giving it an eye-catching feature.

Instagram: scaviar.nails

3. Pink Beach

This pink marble tip with the milky white base is a lovely design. The milky base gives the set a unique look compared to the traditional tip design, and the baby pink and white tip is subtle but has a cute, girly feel. This design works well with the almond shape, too; it has more of an elegant look.

Instagram: gelnailsby_

4. Deep Ocean

Dark blue is a good colour for nail designs; even though it’s not one of the go-to colours for nails, it has a chic, luxurious look. The gold foil details complete the design and elevate the whole look.

Instagram: miaminailstudio

5. Fire Flame

A bright orange marble design is perfect if you’re looking for a vacation or festival set. Not only is it a statement set that stands out, but it’s one of those colours and designs that complement all skin tones. The hints of red in the design are such a lovely addition; it works so well, and many layers to the set.

Instagram: rrilinails

6. Rose Ombre

This pink marble, paired with the ombre effect, is stunning. Even though it is a bold colour and eye-catching, the marble mixed with the ombre gives the set a soft, elegant look. The tapered squared shape is very popular at the moment, and you can see why; it’s simple but classy.

Instagram: gelsbylinya

7. Whipped Cream

Cream is a lovely colour for a nail design; it’s warmer than a bright white and still has a clean, fresh look. The pink and white marble accent nails are a nice way to break up the colour and add detail to the set. The gold foil in the marble is a nice touch, too; it adds a delicate detail to the manicure.

Instagram: leannehaycock_

8. Green Envy

Green nail designs are vibrant, fun and always look lovely. The nude base on this design is clean, classy and a simple way for the focus to be on the nail art. The different shades of green in the marble design create a nice contrast that makes it stand out even more, and the fact that the marble design is just on the tips of the nails makes the set even more appealing.

Instagram: cegenailbar

9. Midnight Shimmer

This set is perfect if you’re looking for a design for a special occasion. The colour is great; it’s smart but still very stylish, and all the small details create a very special set. The marble mixed with the silver nail art enhances the whole design and gives it a statement factor.

Instagram: nailsbypaulin

10. Glitter Glitz

If you like simple, less is more types of designs, this is the set for you. The light pink is natural; paired with the short square nail, it has a natural toned-down look. The marble and subtle glitter add a nice touch of detail without being loud or over the top.

Instagram: dymenails_shop

11. Watercolour Marble

This set is the ultimate summer set of nails. The colour, the design and the shape are perfect for your summer nails. They’re bold, and this colour looks lovely on all different skin tones, so you definitely need to give this one a go.

Instagram: maniwithsami

12. Blue Lavender

The abstract design of this set is a cool way of making it different and stand out. The nude base keeps the set looking calm and not too loud. The blue and purple marble works well; they complement each other, but the colours also pop. This set would be great for a festival; it’s bright and fun, which is ideal festival nails.

Instagram: nails.bylynsey

13. Subtle Brown

French tips are a classic nail design; they’re chic and classy, but sometimes they can do with a bit of detail. The accent nail is a nice, simple way of elevating the design and making it more appealing. The brown marble is a nice way of keeping it neutral and muted whilst still adding a touch of colour to the set.

Instagram: msxro.nails

14. Tropical Cocktail

The combination of colours in this design works so well and creates a nice, bold, exciting design. All the colours have deep tones, making them even more striking. The added embellishments are a nice little detail that gives the design another element. These nails would be perfect for a beach vacation trip.

Instagram: manicuresbymo

15. Chocolate Swirl

Ombre marble designs are beautiful; they’re full of detail but have such a classy look to them. The nude base keeps them looking clean and fresh, while the marble design is very eye-catching. The brown marble is a classic that looks stunning every time, but the blue in this design is a nice touch that makes it unique.

Instagram: amanda.sudolll

16. Dark Rose

Black and pink are such a striking contrast; it’s instantly eye-catching. The white and pink marble accent nails are great for brightening up a dark manicure. The silver foil detailing is a nice touch that gives a sparkling effect, a lovely way of completing a look.

Instagram: clavier_nails

17. Ocean Waves

This pinky nude shade is a lovely colour; not only does it look very natural, but it has a very elegant look, too. The blue and white marble is a beautiful design; it’s a classy, chic look, and the gold foil detail adds a luxurious feel.

Instagram: juliedidthem__

18. White Feathers

A nude and white nail is a classy and elegant design; the simple colours create a beautiful look. The white marble tip has a delicate and feminine look, which is lovely for a nail design. The iridescence in the white marble is a subtle detail, but it makes a difference to the design.

Instagram: pearliepressed

19. Colour Galaxy

This design is the perfect holiday nails; it’s fun, vibrant, and just a feel good set of nails. The pink, orange and blue contrast, making the design even more eye-catching. The white nail art stands out against the bright colours and adds a nice finishing touch.

Instagram: charsgelnails_

20. Sage Plant

Sage green is a lovely colour for nail designs. It’s a nice colour, but the pastel shade gives it a neutral feel. The green and white marble breaks up the solid colour and makes it more exciting. It’s simple but still stands out, which is a lovely balance.

Instagram: meloo_nails

21. Pastel Crystal

Pastel colours are great for nail designs; they add colour to the set but still have a toned-down look. The white marble is a delicate and intricate design, and the gold foil adds to the elegance of the look. The purple and orange are a nice combination. It’s colourful but not too bold.

Instagram: the.nail.auntie

22. Pink Sea

Hot pink is a great colour for your nail design; it’s bold, fun and looks great against a nude base. The pink and white marble detail with the gold glitter outline is a lovely design; it’s bright but not too loud, which is perfect for this type of design.

Instagram: nail_blisss_

23. Toffee Latte

The blend in this marble design has such intricate details it makes the design look much more detailed than it is. The brown and cream shades used in this design are a lovely combination; it’s still very neutral whilst being mainly colour. This design works really well with the round shaped nail; it has a very classy look.

Instagram: _luca_nails

24. Sweet Clementine

Neon orange is the ideal colour for the summer season, whether for a holiday, a festival, or just to get into the summer spirit; orange is the perfect colour. The milky white nail with orange marble design is such a contrast to the neon orange; it gives it an eye-catching feature.

Instagram: nailsbymilee

25. Clear Sky

Baby blue ombre into a milky white base has an elegant and dainty look. The effortless ombre with a subtle marble detail is a classy design, but it’s still trendy and stylish. The sharp square nail is the perfect shape for this design, simple yet effective.

Instagram: diananailedit

26. Pink Sunset

Deep pink tones like this design have a rich, chic look. The orange and purple undertones in the marble art are a lovely combination of colours; they complement each other well whilst standing out individually. This design is definitely a lovely design for you to try out.

Instagram: by_hannahtaylor

27. Bubblegum

Milky white nails are a lovely take on a natural looking nail; it has the simplicity of a nude nail but is much more distinctive. The tip design is always a lovely staple for nail designs; the pink and blue are bright and fun. The marble design has a cool, quirky look; it’s perfect if you’re looking for a unique design.

Instagram: brushedbyb_

28. Fireball

This orange, red marble effect design is great if you want a statement nail design. It’s bold, vibrant, and will get a lot of attention. This design would also be perfect for summer and autumn; the deep tones are perfect for those times of year.

Instagram: nylove_nail

29. Tropical Sea

Blue and white create the most lovely nail designs; the deep blue tones contrasting against the bright white create an eye-catching design with a classy look. The mix of full colour nails and tip nails is a great way of not overdoing the design and breaking the pattern up. The flower nail art is also a lovely feature of this design.

Instagram: nailsnc__

30. Natural Brown

Sometimes, simple, understated designs like this are the way to go. A nude nail with a brown tip and marble design is subtle but has all the detail you need. It’s a stylish, trendy design that doesn’t need to be too bright or loud; what’s not to love?

Instagram: sansungnails

31. Teal Gemstone

This design is stunning; the colours, the marble effect, and everything about it is beautiful. The blue and purple tones blend well and complement each other well. The marble has a glass crystal effect, and the gold foil detailing completes the look.

Instagram: amanda.sudolll

32. Strawberries & Cream

Pink and white marble nail designs are always a lovely option. They’re fun, cute and just the ultimate girly nail design. The iridescent glitter running through the design is a nice touch; it elevates the whole design and makes it look more special.

Instagram: cuticles_01

33. Dark Night

Black nail designs are such a striking, bold statement. They have a stand-out element but look chic no matter the design. The grey marble design on the two nails is a nice, simple way to break up the solid colour and brighten the whole design.

Instagram: __nailsbyolive

34. Nude Blend

Nude nails are always so classy and clean, but they could sometimes do with a little detail. This abstract marble design is a lovely addition; it’s simple, still keeping in the nude theme, but it adds a bit of excitement to the set.

Instagram: france_nailz

35. Rose Quartz

This nail design is lovely to try out if you like the marble design. This pink crystal-like marble design is cute and girly but also still chic. The pink is a lovely colour that complements many skin tones, and the gold outline is a lovely touch that adds texture to the set.

Instagram: sophbnails

36. Summer’s Day

This light pink base has a clean look to it; it’s plain, but it looks very classy. Having a marble design as an accent nail is a nice way of adding some nail art to the set without overpowering the nails. This manicure is a nice balance; it has a simple, fresh feel while being fun and detailed.

Instagram: unghiicugelbrasov

37. Auburn Smoke

Milky white French tip nails have a lovely look; they’re simple but classic, so they’ll always look nice. The marble detail on the two middle nails is a great way of making your nails stand out and more attractive. The deep orange and brown tones look lovely, perfect for the autumn and winter.

Instagram: learnahstarbuck_nailartist

38. Key Lime

Marble nail designs don’t always have to be loud and obvious; sometimes, a subtle marble effect is just as nice. This light green is an unusual colour for nail designs, but it’s lovely if you’re looking for something more unique.

Instagram: dennynailedit

39. Colour Bomb

Tip nail designs will always be trendy; they’re a great way of adding colour and nail art to a design while still keeping it simple. The multicolour marble tip is fun, quirky and a great way to be creative. This design would be perfect for a festival or summer events as the colours make them more eye-catching.

Instagram: pegi_nails

40. Paint Palette

A matte nail is such a unique design, but it always looks good when it’s done. The asymmetrical marble design looks lovely; it’s a nice way of making a marble design different. The colours stand out individually but work well together to create a nice colourful design.

Instagram: by_hannahtaylor

41. Dark Cocoa

Dark brown is a beautiful colour for nail designs. It is rich, the glossy shine gives the manicure a chic look and complementss many skin tones. The amount of detail in this design elevates the whole look; the tip and glitter outline paired with the abstract marble accent nail is a lovely addition.

Instagram: brushedbyb_

42. Autumn Night

This is the perfect option if you’re looking for a manicure ideal for autumn. The brown and orange tones pair great together; they’re deep yet vibrant. This design would look lovely on both natural and acrylic nails, so this is definitely a design to try out.

Instagram: klawed_bykitty

43. Pink Waterfall

This waterfall-style marble design is a really trendy take on the marble effect. It’s a great way of making the design stand out and giving it that statement feature. The nude base keeps the design looking clean and allows all the attention to be on the marble art.

Instagram: t.romantsova

44. Grey Day

Blue is a lovely, classy colour for a nail design, especially this shade. It’s not too bright, but it still stands out, and it’s a nice colour to try if you’re not used to having colour in your nail designs. The blue-grey marble art is beautiful; the silver foil accentuates the details and elevates the set.

Instagram: rrilinails

45. Iced Coffee

This design is stunning; the soft marble tip that ombres into a nude base is simple yet effective. This is perfect if you’re looking for an elegant design with a trendy vibe. The sharp square shape works perfectly with this design, too, allowing the focus to be on the marble tip.

Instagram: sophiemaenailtechnician

46. Orange Desert

Orange marble designs always look amazing; the vibrance of the orange paired with the white contrast and the effects of the marble create such a statement design. The nude base is a lovely pairing with this art, allowing the orange to pop and stand out.

Instagram: rrilinails

47. Lilac Blush

This blue and pink nail design is beautiful; the effortless ombre with the subtle marble detail on the accent nails makes such a lovely design. If you like the marble design but want to keep it simple, this is perfect for you to try. The small touch of glitter adds to the design, giving it a detailed and intricate look.

Instagram: themanilab_

48. Soft Glam

Soft white nails are perfect if you like the chic, classy look. Not only does it look clean and fresh, it’s not too harsh as a bright white, so it has an elegant feel. The marble is a lovely feature in this design; it has a clear glass illusion, which looks really pretty. The rounded nail also has a natural look to it, which adds to the classy feel of the manicure.

Instagram: napaznokciach

49. Simply Pink

Baby pink nails will always be a winner when picking your nail designs. It’s perfect for all occasions, and they always have a stylish look. The marble and glitter nail combination is something we’re very familiar with; it’s a classic nail design, and it always works well, so why not try it out if you haven’t already.

Instagram: clavier_nails

50. Starry Sky

Deep blue tones like this are simply stunning in nail designs. They’re rich luxurious and they stand out in the best way. The dark blue glitter polish paired with the marble design on a nude base breaks up the dark colour and adds a statement feature, which is perfect for this type of design.

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