21 Halloween Nail Designs You’ll Want To Recreate This Year

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Here’s 21 nail designs perfect for you to try this Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to decide what nail designs and costumes to go for this year. With so many options to chose from, it can get overwhelming and slowly become an impossible decision to make.

To make it easier for you, in the post, I have put together 21 Halloween nail designs, you’ll want to recreate this year. There is something to suit everyone, whether you want to go all out or want a cute manicure with a hint of Halloween; I’ve got you covered.

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1. White Ghosts

This nail design is perfect for Halloween, especially if you’re looking for a more simple design. The classic nude nail is classy and chic, and then adding the small nail art to the manicure gives it a cute, on-themed design.

The coffin shape is perfect for Halloween; if the name isn’t enough to convince you, then the long slender look will. This isn’t as creative and detailed as other designs, but it is still effective and a great manicure to have this Halloween.

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2. Orange Pumpkin

This is a classic Halloween theme; the orange and the pumpkins are what we all think of when it comes to Halloween. You don’t need to have over-detailed and scary-looking designs, you can go for a nicer and more subtle design, and it still is fitting for Halloween.

The nude nails work really well with the design as it balances it out. Not only does it tone down the design slightly, but it also makes the orange and the pumpkin nail art stand out more and make them more of a statement.

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3. Black Flame

The flame design has been popular for a long time now, so why not add it to this years Halloween manicure. Black and nude work really well together, the blacks very striking against the nude base, so it’ll definitely catch other’s attention.

The dot detailing is so intricate, but it really does complete the design. The flame designs on the two middle fingers make them stand out more and create a statement manicure.

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4. Blood Heart

This is a traditional Halloween design of the dripping red blood, but this one has a slight twist. The red against the nude nail stands out really well and draws all the attention to the detail.

The blood drips into heart designs, so not only is it a dripping blood design, it has heart details that blend into the design. This is great if you want a Halloween themed manicure but still want it to have a cute, girly aspect to it.

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5. Pumpkin Patch

This tip design is great for Halloween, it’s not the most detailed design, but the type of design and colours used gives it a more statement look. The pumpkin patch design is fun and creative but still very simple.

The nude base balances the design out, so it’s not too bold and still a classy design. The one black glitter tip gives the manicure a unique touch and makes the design more trendy, as having a different design on one nail has been a popular style for a while now. This is the perfect design if you have a Halloween party coming up.

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6. Purple Night

This is quite a unique design; this shade of purple isn’t typically used for Halloween, but mixing it with the nail art creates a mysterious night mood. The black nail art against the purple is bold and very distinctive; it also adds to the design and fits the Halloween style.

This design really suits this nail shape; it really adds to the design makes it look like witches nails. So, if you’re looking to go all out, this is a great design to go for.

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7. Spider’s Web

At first glance of this nail design, it looks like a cool Aztec design, and then when you realise it’s a spider’s web, it really has the wow factor. It’s such a simple design, yet it is super effective and perfect for Halloween.

The black contrast against the nude is bold and eye-catching, but on the other hand, it’s super chic and subtle. This is great if you want to get involved in the spooky season and don’t want to have an in your face design.

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8. Green Zombie

This design is super cool and bold, it may not be the most Halloween-esque design, but it is still perfect for this time of year. The green and black marble effect have a spooky, zombie feel, which is very fitting for Halloween.

I love this design because it is on theme for Halloween, but you can still wear it once Halloween is over and it still looks good. The marble effect is a popular nail design, so this will definitely keep you on-trend this Halloween.

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9. Black Bat

When you first look at this manicure, it looks like a trendy abstract design, and then when you look at the details, the bat design shows the detail.

This is great if you’re looking for a design that is fun and trendy, too; the asymmetric tip is super popular right now and adding that with a small bit of nail art it’s a great way to get into the Halloween spirit but still being trendy.

The contrast between the nude and black is very eye-catching and also on theme for Halloween. The colours may not be bright and too exciting, but it adds a spooky feel to the manicure, perfect for what you want.

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10. Halloween Glitter

If you’re looking to have a Halloween themed manicure but aren’t into nail art or just want something a little more understated, then this is the perfect design. This is a fun yet stylish design that isn’t too loud.

The colours are on theme for Halloween, but you can wear this manicure throughout the month because the design isn’t specifically for Halloween. The smooth transition from the orange into the glitter and then the black is unique and will definitely get a lot of attention.

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11. Purple & Green Snakes

This design is a great statement look for Halloween. Purple and green are classic colours for Halloween; the contrast between the ombre and metallic designs creates a great themed design while still keeping it trendy. The snake nail art is a nice touch and makes the whole design more unique.

The stiletto shape of the nails is also great for Halloween as it gives it a witch type look to the design, adding to the Halloween theme. These nails would be really good if you’re going to a Halloween party this year, as they are a real statement manicure.

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12. Floral Halloween

This Halloween nail design is a nice mix between cute and girly and being on theme. This design is a mix of flower designs, skulls, and pumpkins; it’s the perfect design if you want something fun and lighthearted but still has elements of the spooky season. The nude base is also a nice touch to keep the focus on the nail art and to make it stand out even more.

I think this design is great if you’re not doing much for Halloween but still want to enjoy the holiday and take part in some sort of way. Even though it’s a very detailed design, the nude base tones down the design slightly so you can get away with having them for a little longer than just Halloween.

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13. Bat’s Sky 

This is a fun nail art design to have for Halloween this year. The purple ombre design paired with the bats is a classic mix of Halloween-themed features, and together they create a cool manicure. The added touches of the sparkling stars and moons tie the whole design together.

These nail would look good against a black outfit or costume, drawing the attention to your nails and making them the focus of your look. I think the shape of these nails are also great for Halloween, especially if you’re looking for a unique set, the shape of your nails really add to the effect.

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14. Spider’s Jewels

Red is a great statement colour for Halloween, and this is a great design to try this year. The spider webs and dripping effect is a gory look, perfect for Halloween, while the nude base keeps it simple and allows the details to stand out. The red jewels make the manicure look more feminine and add a special touch to the design.

I like this design because even though it’s really on theme for Halloween, it’s still very simple and at first glance there isn’t too much going on. It’s definitely a great design to get if you’re wanting to have the design on for longer, not just for the night of Halloween.

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15. Halloween Night

This design is a fun, playful design to try out this year. Black is a great colour for these designs; it has a mysterious, spooky feel while still looking chic. The white nail art against the black base is very striking and eye-catching. The different nail art design on each nail is fun; it makes it much more unique to you, and it’s a nice, easy way of adding personality to your manicure.

This nail design is ideal if you want a Halloween-themed design but want something practical for every day and suitable for work. The monochromatic detail keeps it quite subtle while having enough detail to enjoy.

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16. Pink Halloween

This is perfect if you can’t decide what design to get, a little bit of everything to create a cool statement manicure. The tip design is super popular and a great way of not overdoing it with the designs; it keeps it looking clean.

The different nail arts are a great mix of everything Halloween is about; it’s ideal if you’re looking for a simple way to enjoy the Halloween theme. Black and white are a staple for nail designs; they have such a stylish look to them, and the pops of colour make the design even more eye-catching.

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17. Glitter Ghost

If you’re looking for a Halloween nail design that’s still a bit girly and not too spooky, you need to try this design. The ghost, pumpkin and bat nail art is perfect for the Halloween theme while being fun and cute.

The black and white used in the nail art makes the nails stand out more, and the contrast draws attention. The pink glitter background works really well with this design; it keeps it quite feminine and light-hearted, and the purple in the nail art complements it really well.

Instagram: fauxjacat

18. Dripping Slime

This design is really cool; it has many popular nail trends and creates a fitting Halloween design. Tip designs are great, but the twist with this one makes it even better; the dripping effect as the tip design is perfect for a themed manicure.

The black and green is a great colour combination for this manicure, and the green chrome fits so well with the design. Not only does it add to the theme, but it adds a stylish, trendy look to the nails. The almond shape works really well with this design, too; it creates the illusion of longer fingers, giving more room for the dripping effect.

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19. Barely There

Creating a themed nail design is fun until you need to go to work, and it’s not suitable for office attire, but this design is perfect for both. The nude pointed nails are clean, classy and great for everyday wear; the sheer look is elegant and great if you want a minimal design.

The white skeleton nail art is a fun yet subtle way of adding a Halloween twist to the design. It’s perfect for leading up to Halloween whilst still being appropriate for day-to-day life.

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20. Monster Mash

This design is definitely a fave; the bright colours and the nail art are the perfect design to try out this year. The different design on each nail makes it stand out and unique. The bright colours used are striking, and the black detailing creates a contrast that makes it even more eye-catching. The nude base is a good way to keep the design clean and not overpowering. You need to try this design if you want a statement set.

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21. Skeleton Scream

Black and white is a staple for Halloween nails; it’s bold but simple enough for the design to stand out and be the main focus. The skeleton and scream ghost face is a good idea; it’s spooky yet playful, the perfect balance. The other nail art designs add a lot of detail to the design and give it a cool look. The almond shape works really well with this design, and it’s ideal for the Halloween theme as they have a witch look to them.

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