8 Impressive Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try This Year

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Discover 8 impressive halloween makeup ideas that are simple to recreate

By this time of year, most people are making the big decision of what to go as for Halloween. Deciding what to dress up for Halloween can be very difficult, and many will go back and forth between so many ideas. The pressure of looking scary, trendy and glamorous makes it even harder to find the perfect look.

Sometimes, if you’re like me, you’ll want a simple, easy look that will still give you the wow factor; if that’s you, we’ve got you covered. In this post, there are 8 impressive Halloween makeup ideas to try out this year. These are all classic designs with a twist that are guaranteed to create a spectacular Halloween look.

Melted Pumpkin

Pumpkins are very popular during the Halloween season, so why not turn them into your makeup inspo for this year’s look.

This half and half makeup idea is great for a Halloween party as the pumpkin design is really creative, and the detailing makes it look like you’ve made a huge effort, and then the glam side is a classy chic look, but the brown and orange tones blend in well with the pumpkin design.

The black details on the pumpkin side add a spooky, scary look to the makeup look, which you want for a Halloween look. The added detail of the latex dripping down the face make it look like the skin layer is ripped off to reveal the pumpkin.

The gory design is perfect for a Halloween party as it’s simple enough to do, but it is very impressive and will definitely be turning some heads.

Half Skull

A skull makeup look for Halloween is classic, but it works every year. If you’ve left it to the last minute to decide what to do for Halloween, then this is a safe option to go for that will still leave a good impression.

If you want to try out a skull makeup look this Halloween but want to look a little different or a twist to the usual designs, then this is a good look to try out. The half & half look is cool and quirky but still looks creepy, perfect for Halloween.

Even though this makeup idea looks hard to achieve, and you may be thinking you could never recreate it, it is super easy, and this video will help you to make it look the exact same.

Pair this with a skeleton or a bridal costume for the full effect; not only is this an effortless look for you to recreate, but it will also seem really impressive to others.

Vampire Bite

If you’re looking for a simple makeup idea that looks like a complex design, then this is the look for you. This vampire makeup idea is so detailed but is easy enough to achieve, as you’ll see from the video.

The red vein details really complete the look and makes it stand out more; if you want to go all out and add contacts to this makeup look, it will create a statement look that will definitely catch people’s attention.

I really like this look because you don’t need to make much of an effort in your outfit. The makeup is the main feature of your costume, so the rest of the look can be quite basic.

If you want to have a simple outfit or wear that little black dress but still want to be on theme, this is the perfect makeup idea for you this Halloween.

Clown Joker

Creepy clown looks are always popular for Halloween, so this is perfect for you to try out this year. This look is a mix between a clown and joker and is super easy for anyone to recreate. This is a bold statement look for Halloween, perfect if you want to create a statement out of a simple look.

The dark, exaggerated features make this makeup idea look spooky and mysterious. The red around the eyes really emphasises all the details around the eyes and the rest of the face. The big smile is an essential feature for the joker, and mixing it with the red lipstick is a great way of incorporating the clown features.

If you want to make it a little scarier, add some black or white contacts to top off the look. Again, because the main feature is the makeup, you don’t need to make too much effort with the outfit; a simple black outfit with a pair of heels will fit nicely with this look.


Cruella has been one of the biggest films this year, so what better idea than to dress up as Cruella for Halloween. This is such a good idea for Halloween as it’s such a popular film right now; others will find it super impressive.

This modern version of Cruella is great to recreate for Halloween; the glam makeup look with the twist of the Dalmatian eye patch is a cool, unique design and is definitely going to be popular this year.

Again, this design is pretty simple to do and won’t take you too long. All it takes is your normal glam look with the added features of green eyeshadow and a red lip to keep it on theme, and then the main attraction of the makeup look is the eye patch which you’ll need white face paint and some fake blood to do.

Spider Eyes

This spider look may look simple, but it is a super impressive look to try out this Halloween. The detail in the spider design will definitely catch the attention of many and have you being the talk of the night.

This is a perfect makeup look if you want to incorporate a Halloween look into your usual glam. Having a design only on your eyes is a great way of having a classy Halloween makeup look that is the ultimate show stopper and looks like you’ve made a huge effort. 

Pair this look with an all-black outfit and a simple hairstyle so that the main focus is on your makeup, but your outfit still suits the look and fits the theme.

Sugar Skull

This is perfect for you if you’re looking for a more light-hearted look. This is a fun, playful look for Halloween that’s still on theme with it being a skull, but the colours and petal designs make it less spooky. The design is very detailed but easy to do; the black line detailing makes it stand out even more and gives it a statement look. 

One thing I like about this design is that you can make it your own. When you’re re-creating Halloween looks such as a pumpkin or a skull, there’s not much you can change, but when it comes to this design, you can change the small details or placings of the design, which makes it more unique to you.

You also don’t need to have a very detailed outfit, you could wear a simple black outfit, and the bright colours in this makeup look will stand out even more. 

Poison Ivy

This design is such a good one to try out this Halloween; it looks super impressive and detailed and more straightforward than it looks. The base makeup is simple, paired with green eye makeup and a red lip; as you can see, she’s coloured her eyebrows, but this isn’t necessary as the look will still look good without it.

Then the main part of the look is the special effects, giving the illusion of the ivy ripping through the skin. It looks really cool and is a great makeup idea that is a little different from the usual looks for Halloween.

This is a fun design to try special effects makeup on as it’s a design you can tailor to what you want, and it doesn’t need to be perfect or in a specific place. I like that you can extend the makeup down to your chest, too; this makes it look even more impressive and adds to the overall look.


I hope this has helped you to decide what Halloween makeup to try out this year. What I love about all of these ideas is that they are easy to tailor to your style and what you are looking for.

These makeup looks aren’t too complicated to recreate, but they are all masterpieces that will have people looking in awe of your costume.

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