How Much Does it Cost to Get One Acrylic Nail Fixed?

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Need to get one acrylic nail fixed? Here is how much it costs.

However, there are the dreaded moments when we break a nail, and we all have a very common thought of, how much does it cost to get one acrylic nail fixed?

When we get our nails done, we want to take proper care of them and make sure they are always looking the best.

On average, to get one acrylic nail fixed, it is about $4 (£3.00); however, this can change between different salons and the type of repair needed.

In this post, I’ll be giving a breakdown of the different types of nail repairs that are offered and the differences in prices to get one nail fixed. 

There are different techniques and services with different types of manicures; this is also the same with nail repairs. If you break a nail, it will be a different process depending on the kind of manicure you have. 

The prices range from $3 – $5, based on the type of nail repair you may need and the nail salon you go to. For example, if you go to a higher quality nail salon, it will be more likely to cost more, and if you just repair a chipped nail rather than replacing the whole nail, it’ll be cheaper because it’s less work. 

How much does it cost to get one acrylic nail fixed? Here is a breakdown of the different types of nail repairs that are offered and the differences in prices to get one nail fixed.

Acrylic nail repair

If you break one of your acrylic nails, it is easy to get just one nail fixed. This is good as it means you don’t need to take all your nails off and start again; the nail can be repaired and replaced to look like the rest of your manicure. 

If you break an acrylic nail, and it doesn’t damage your natural nail, the nail tech will start by removing the nail. They will then prep your natural nail and apply a primer to ensure that the new nail adheres properly. 

After this, they will then proceed to make an acrylic nail. It will then be shaped and painted to match the rest of your nails. 

Although it is the most extensive method, it is very straightforward and is very useful rather than taking the full set off. 

However, if you break your acrylic nails and break your natural nail, depending on the severity of the break, you may not be able to fix it. 

If you crack the nail quite far down your nail bed, the nail tech can help remove the acrylic nail but won’t be able to replace the nail. This is because you need to allow your natural nail to get some air and heal. If you did put an acrylic nail back on top, it would be very painful and could cause an infection. 

An acrylic nail repair is usually the most expensive type of repair because it is the longest process. It can cost up to about $5 to get one acrylic nail fixed. 

Gel nail repair

Gel nails are most likely to be the easiest and most straightforward type of nail to fix. 

The top layer of the gel will be filed down, carefully avoiding the natural nail. Once it has been filed down to the break, the nail will be primed, and a light cover of clear gel will be applied over the break. 

Add the gel colour you have chosen, or the one to match your previous manicure. When this is done, the nail will be cured, and a top coat will be applied to finish your nail repair. 

Although this is the easiest repair, it may cost a little bit more than a natural nail repair as gel nails would cost more anyway. On average, to repair one gel nail, it would cost around $4. 

Natural nail repair

When it comes to repairing a natural nail, a few different methods can be used; here are 2 of the most popular ones. 

Repairing a tear in your nail

If you have a tear in your natural nail, silk can be used to help fix it. Here’s how it is done – 

  • Wipe the nail with nail polish remover, so that the nail is completely clean, then gently buff the nail’s surface.
  • Cover the tear with a light layer of glue, leave that to dry. Once dry, apply a layer of gel base coat.
  • As the polish is still wet, place the silk on to of the tear and cure it to the nail.
  • When this has dried, buff the nail again, so it is smooth and then apply the second layer of gel and cure this. 

Repairing a chipped nail

Chipping the tip of your nail is very easy to fix. This is a straightforward and quick way to repair your manicure.

  • Prepare the nail by buffing the surface and wipe the nail with nail polish remover to remove any oils. 
  • Apply a form around the nail, using the gel, shape out the missing part of your nail, and lightly overlap your natural nail to bond them together. 
  • Cure the gel. Once completely cured, remove the form, and apply gel polish.
  • Gently file the nail surface, so it’s smooth and then file the top into the right shape. Once done, apply another gel coat and cure. 

Both of these nail repairs are relatively simple and don’t take that long. They also don’t use many products to repair so, the cost of these repairs should be on the lower end of the price range. On average, to fix one natural nail it should cost around $3.


From this post, you will have learned that prices do vary for getting one acrylic nail fixed, but I hope it has helped give you a better understanding of the different repairs and you have been able to find what suits you best.

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