16 Cute and Colourful Easter Nail Design Ideas

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Try out these cute and colourful Easter nail designs this year.

Spring is here, and Easter is fast approaching too, which means one thing only, another great excuse to get a fresh new set. Easter is all about pastels, cute animals, and easter egg designs. So it’s time to get creative and try out a fun, bright nail design.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 16 cute and colourful Easter nail design ideas. All of these designs are a perfect way to start the easter celebrations, and there’s a design suitable for everyone. So, whether you want a full statement manicure or you’re looking for something with a hint of the Easter theme, I’ve got you covered.

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1. Easter Chick

When it comes to Easter nail designs, you want something cute but fun, and this design is the perfect mix. The chick and Easter egg nail art have a cute look and an intricate and detailed design. The nude base keeps it minimal and not too over the top. All the colours in this set are great spring colours; you need to try this design out.

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2. Bunny Tips

This design is ideal if you’re looking for something that’s still within the Easter theme but is classy and sophisticated. The bunny ear tips is a cute, delicate design that just has a hint of Easter detail. This is perfect if you’re looking for a design suitable for everyday wear and simple enough for office attire.

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3. Easter Bonnet

Easter nail designs don’t always have to be bright, pastel colours; a design like this is perfect for your Easter set. The muted tones complement each other well, and the small touches of the brighter colours and gold chrome really make the design stand out. The flower detail and bunny ears are a subtle way of incorporating the Easter theme but still have enough detail to make it a beautiful design.

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4. Spring Field

Tip designs are very popular, and this design has such a unique take on it. The classic French tip with a pastel yellow is a nice way of making it more suitable for the spring and Easter seasons, but the ombre flower tip is such a different style it really makes the whole design stand out. The flowers are such a cute and girly design, and with the flowers tying in with the yellow French tips, this design has such a statement look.

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5. Easter Egg Hunt

This is a very classy way of having a fun themed manicure. The different nail art on each nail is unique but also a nice way of adding more detail to a design whilst still keeping the design’s overall look simple. The nude base makes the set look minimal and chic, and the chrome finish on the nail art gives it a more sophisticated feel to it, although it’s still a fun and exciting design.

Instagram: natalieholtnailartist

6. Mini Eggs

There is so much going on in this design, but they all work well together and create a nice nail design for you to try this Easter. The abstract design is very popular, so adding it to your manicure like this one is a good way of making it more trendy. The little bunny nail art, the pastel colours, and the mini eggs inspired design is perfect for the Easter theme.

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7. Daffodil Bouquet

Pastel yellow is the perfect colour for your Easter set; it’s bright but also has a very delicate look to it. The accent nail with the flower design is a nice way of adding a touch of the Easter and spring theme without overpowering the design. The mix of full colour nails and coloured French tips is a simple yet effective way of making the manicure stand out more.

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8. Easter Eggs

Small touches of nail art on a nude base are such a simplistic and chic way of creating a themed nail look. You don’t always need to have a nail set covered in bright colours to create a good design for your easter nails, sometimes less is more, and like this design, the small easter eggs and bunnies are enough to make a statement manicure.

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9. Chicks & Bunnies

This design is super cute and a great way of incorporating trending styles whilst keeping in theme. The pink chrome base is a very popular design at the moment; not only is it subtle, but it also creates a nice contrast with the nail art and makes the design stand out more. The nail art is cute and fun but so detailed; it creates such a lovely design.

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10. Easter Parade

Light blue is not used as much in Easter nail designs, so this is a nice and easy way of making your nail design unique and stand out more. The two accent nails add a lot of colour and detail to the design, incorporating the Easter details in a simple way. Having the nail art on two nails instead of all of them is a great way of keeping it more classy and not overpowering the design.

Instagram: monika__nails

11. Pastel Daisies

This is such a simple design, but it’s a great manicure to have over the Easter period. The pastel colours and the little daisies are perfect for the springtime, and Easter is full of these colours. This is a classy design that still incorporates colour and the Easter theme. This design is also great as you can keep it even after Easter as it doesn’t have any Easter specific design on them.

Instagram: jen.the.nail.lady

12. Hot Cross Buns

This design is great for Easter; not only is it a recreation of an Easter staple, but it’s also a very different design from the usual Easter set that you see. This is great for someone who likes neutral tones rather than bright and pastel colours, as it uses browns and creams. The cream cross in the middle creates a great contrast against the brown and really makes the design pop. This is a great design for you to try out this Easter, especially if you’re looking for something different.

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13. Easter Palette

It’s very popular during Easter time to have pastel colours, especially for your nail designs, but sometimes less is more. This simple nude nail is classy and chic, perfect for everyday and still elegant for evening looks. The colour dot design is subtle but adds a nice amount of detail to make the nails stand out. It brightens the manicure and gives it a nice touch, making it a bit more special for Easter.

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14. White Bunny

White tips are always a classic, no matter the occasion, so why not get them for Easter too? The short square nail always looks clean and fresh, which is also perfect for this time of year. The added detail of the rabbit and heart nail art is cute and simple, it’s a lovely way of adding nail art to a design without being overpowering. The touches of pink add a nice contrast to the set and make them even more eye-catching.

Instagram: fiellennails

15. Pastel Hearts

The speckled design is always popular around Easter; it’s on theme but also looks lovely in nail designs. This heart design is simple but effective; the nude base is fresh, allowing the nail art to stand out and the colours to pop. The design incorporates the Easter them in a sophisticated way, which is ideal if you want your nails to be suitable for work and also special events. This design is definitely going to be popular this year.

Instagram: nailedbyyei

16. Sunny Easter

Yellow is the colour of the season, especially when it comes to nails, so this is the perfect design for you to try out this Easter. The yellow tip is a nice change from the classic French tip; it still has a chic look, but it adds a bit of fun to the design. The different nail art on the nails adds a unique look to the nails and adds personality to the design, which is lovely for Easter. The orange and white are great against the yellow tips; they stand out and complement each other well.


I hope this has been helpful and given you some inspiration for your Easter nails. Easter is the perfect time of year to try out a design full of colours and nail art; there are so many cute designs that are great whether you always have a creative design or are looking to try something new. These nail designs are cute and very trendy for Easter this year, so why not give one a go?

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