Best Nail Colours for Fat Fingers

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Here are the best nail colours for fat fingers

Picking a colour for your manicure is one of the most important parts. Not only is it the first thing people are going to notice about your nails, but it is the colour you’re going to have for the next few weeks. Although most people follow the latest trends and what they’ve seen others get, you want some that flatter your hands and compliments your skin tone.

If you have fat fingers, you are more likely to want a colour that flatters your fingers rather than drawing attention to your hands and making them look shorter and chubbier. In this post, I’ll be sharing the best nail colours for fat fingers. These colours will compliment your hands the best and help make your fingers look more slender.


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Nudes are great colours for fat fingers as they allow you to blend your nails and fingers, which creates the illusion of longer, slender fingers. One nude shade isn’t going to suit all, so you need to find a similar colour to your skin tone to get the best effect.

If you have a fair skin tone, then light, sheer pinks will be your go-to; this is the type of shade that has that barely-there look to it. You could also go for a light cream or beige tone; this will also blend out nicely on fair skin. If you have olive skin, then a pink shade with a neutral undertone would work well. Try going for a pink that is light but opaque, as going for a sheer pink with olive skin may be too thin and not really benefit you in any way.

If you have a medium to darker skin tone, then a sheer beige or toffee brown colour is most suited to you. The darker your skin tone, the more opaque you want your colour to be; again, this will compliment your skin tone better than sheer polishes would. Any colour from a light beige to deep chocolate brown works really nicely on medium to darker skin tones.

Nudes will be your best option if you want the best nail colour for fat fingers as they are the most flattering as you are just extending your fingers without enhancing the parting between your fingers and nails.

French manicure

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French manicures are great for fat fingers as the neutral colour for the base of the design creates a seamless transition between your finger and nail without cutting your fingers off, but then the white tip adds a simple detail that is still very natural.

French manicures are a classic design; they look clean and classy and will forever be trendy, so if you want a design that also compliments fat fingers, then a french manicure should be your go-to. They make your nails and hands look healthy and longer with the mix of a nude base and white tip, as it is just an enhanced version of a natural nail.

However, if you are going to get a french manicure, make sure that the white tip isn’t too thick or too thin, as it can make it look unnatural and have the opposite effect, making your fingers look shorter and chubbier. Try to match the tip to the same length as your natural nail.

Clear nail polish

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One of the best ways to add length to your fingers is to go for a clear nail polish or a sheer polish. This may seem pointless to some, but it can be very flattering in you have fat fingers. It keeps your nails looking fresh and tidy whilst also giving you the illusion of longer and thinner fingers.

Having bold, bright colours draws attention to your fingers and makes the partition between your fingers and nails obvious, so going for a clear nail polish helps to blend it all into one, which creates the impression of it all being one.

As said before, sheer polishes are also a great colour to go for. They add some colour to your nails, but with it being sheer, it makes it look more natural than a solid colour does, and it still has a lengthening effect like a clear polish does. If you do go for a sheer colour, it is best to stick to nude shades to get the best results and make it the most flattering for fat fingers.

Nail art

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Some nail art designs are also a good option for fat fingers. Certain patterns can help give the illusion of slimmer fingers and elongate your hands, for example, stripes. Vertical stripes add length as they draw your eyes further up your hands, making it seem your fingers are longer and thinner.

There are also so many different designs you can do with stripes, so you don’t ever need to feel limited; you could also incorporate stripes into different designs to add the illusion. Pairing a stripe nail art design with a nude nail colour is a great combination as you get a double effect of creating a look that makes your hands look more slender.

Another nail art design that is good for fat fingers is ombre. Ombre is a very trendy design, and it can help make your fingers look slimmer. For example, having a nude base ombre into a white tip hides the break between your finger and nail, and then the seamless transition into a white tip gives the impression of longer, thinner fingers as the blend is very subtle.

For example, having a nude base ombre into a white tip hides the break between your finger and nail, and then the seamless transition into a white tip gives the impression of longer, thinner fingers as the blend is very subtle. This is a good way to have colour in your nail design as the nude base helps extend your fingers, but then you could have more colour at the tip.


I hope this has been helpful and given you a few ideas for your next manicure. Nude tones are always going to be flattering as they are what complement your skin tone the most.

You don’t need to restrict yourself to these colours; you can find simple ways to incorporate a bit of colour into your nails, whether that’s through nail art or adding small gems and accessories.

If you want to know what shape flatters fat fingers the most, check out my post, best nail shapes for fat fingers.

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