28 Bright Summer Nails & Cute Colours to Try

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Here are 28 bright summer nails and cute colours you should give a go this year.

Summer is the perfect time for bright coloured nails and funky nail art designs. With summer well on its way, it’s time to get your nail designs sorted. This year is all about bright colours and cool nail art designs, which is exactly what you need for the summer!

In this post, I’ll be sharing 28 bright summer nails and colours to try. These nail designs are trendy, cool, and just everything you need this summer. There’s a design perfect for everyone, so if you’re looking for some nail inspiration, here’s what you’ve been looking for.

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1. Red Flames

This bright red shade is the ultimate summer colour. It’s vibrant, bold, and very eye-catching. The red mixed with the nude nail art design is a nice blend that allows it to stand out, but it’s still acceptable as an everyday design.

The gold glitter is a great touch as it’s not too much but enough to make the nail design look even more detailed. This colour compliments any skin tone; it just stands out and creates the perfect statement manicure.

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2. Summer Waves

This nail art is cool, fun, and a great summertime design. The different colour on each hand is a great way of being unique and making the design perfect for you and your taste. The nude base is great for allowing the nail art to stand out, and it helps keep the design minimal and not too complicated.

Instagram: j.e.m_nails

3. Sunshine Yellow

Yellow is the go-to summer colour, so why not have it on your nails too. This is a simple yet chic nail design, but sometimes simplicity is key. The short square nail with one block colour looks clean and fresh, which is what you want for the summer season. Again, this colour looks great on all skin tones, so get ready to rock this all summer!

Instagram: nailsby_gxx

4. Rainbow Croc Print

Multi-coloured nails have been very popular for the last few seasons, and there’s no denying that they’re perfect for the summer. The bright neon colours and the croc print work well together and help the detail stand out. This is a great option for a holiday manicure; the bright colours in the bright sun are the best combo!

Instagram: gelsbybry

5. Blue Skies

Blue is a lovely colour for the summer; it’s chic, elegant but still summery enough. This nail design is cute and feminine; the flower tip is very intricate and adds a nice amount of detail.

The two tip designs break up the colour and make the whole design more interesting. What’s great about this design is you could have it a few times in different colours and enjoy it throughout the summer season.

Instagram: jennyboylan_nailartist

6. Flower Fun

This is the ideal summer nail design, the colours, and the flower design. Pink, yellow, and orange really compliment each other and make a great design.

The flower nail art against the nude base allows every detail to stand out and creates a great statement manicure. The gold line detail makes the nails look more luxurious while still keeping in line with the fun element of the design.

Instagram: artbetweenthelines

7. Key Lime Pie

Green is the colour of the year, so why not have it on your nails too. This shade of green is ideal for the warmer weather, and the combination of the green and nude works really well together.

The balance of the two colours is very classy and a sophisticated way to have a green manicure. The almond shape is great for summer; it’s different from the classic square or coffin but still elegant and trendy.

Instagram: amberjhnails

8. Abstract Swirls

Contrasting colours are a huge trend this year, and pink and orange are the best combinations. The neon shades are great for the summer and festival seasons. The swirl design is fun and edgy and makes the manicure much more interesting. The almond shape makes this design look more elegant and chic, perfect for a special summer occasion.

Instagram: jennyboylan_nailartist

9. Purple Spring

Purple and green complement each other and create a lovely manicure for the summer. Swirl designs have been super popular for a while now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere this summer. The small white and gold line detailing is subtle but makes the different colours pop more.

Instagram: laurenfoynails

10. Carnival Print

This multi-colour design is fun, quirky, and a great way to step out of your comfort zone for the summer. If you tend to stick to the same types of designs, then this is a great one to experiment with. The contrasting colours and mixture of designs are very unique and distinctive; it’ll definitely catch people’s attention.

Instagram: agalorynowicz

11. Orange Marble

Orange is bold, fun, and a great statement colour for this summer. The marble detail is a classic design, but it always looks good and really elevates the design.

This nail design is great for a special occasion; even though it is very vibrant, the design itself it’s classy and chic; it’s a nice balance. If it is too bright for you, but you like the design, you could always get a muted or pastel orange; it’s the same design but more toned down.

Instagram: france_nailz

12. Pink or Blue

Pink and blue flowers are such a cute design for the summer season. The pastel shades make the design more subtle than bright neon colours, but the design is still really nice that many will love this year. I like that the flower design gives the illusion of joint from the two nails, with the nail art being at the top of one nail and the bottom on the other.

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13. Violet Hearts

This shade of purple is super popular at the moment, and it is stunning in a nail design. This is a very strong, bold purple but isn’t as bright as the neon shades, which is great if you want a bright colour that is still toned down enough for an everyday look. The contrast between the purple and baby pink is very nice; they complement each other, making the design pop.

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14. Green Field

This nail design would be ideal for a festival. Not only is it bright and eye-catching, but it’s also a fun yet cute design. The mix between flowers and checkers creates that cute but quirky kind of look.

The green is a nice shade; it’s a colour you’d want to have over and over again. The little pops of white and yellow are a nice touch; it’s a nice way to break up the green, as a solid green manicure could be a lot for some.

Instagram: aimeestokesbeauty

15. Sea Blue

Cobalt blue is one of the best colours for summer. This design is very classy and elegant but still a very summery manicure. The minimal design is ideal for someone that likes simplicity as the cuticle tip design is a small touch, but it’s still a very trendy look. This design would be perfect for a special occasion when you want something bright but still very chic.

Instagram: amanda.sudolll

16. Summer Prints

This paisley-type design is playful and fun. The different colours are distinctive, yet the colours really compliment each other and almost balance each other out. The dot and line detailing are so intricate that it takes a simple design and elevates it to another level. The nude base is a nice way of bringing it all together and preventing it from being too loud.

Instagram: nailsby_gxx

17. Orange Sunsets

This design is a great way of taking a classic design and making it more fun and unique. The orange is a bright, bold colour great for summer, and the little nail art detail of the lighter orange flower and yellow smiley face not only adds a fun element to the design but also creates a contrast that makes the manicure more eye-catching.

Instagram: robynbagleynails

18. Beach Vacation

This design has such a 2000s vibe to it, and it’s perfect for the summer seasons. The nude base looks clean, which is great if you like less colour in your nail designs. The pink ombre is a nice subtle touch, allowing the flower nail art and line details to stand out. The flowers are intricate, a great way of making a design more impressive, and the white and silver lines contrast the overall look.

Instagram: nails.by.jaid

19. Clear Summers Day

These contrast tip designs are a nice simple design to try out this summer; they’re fun, unique, and a classic design you could repeat a few times. The different contrast on each hand makes the design stand out more without having to add too much detail to the design. The yellow and blue swirl lines are a creative detail that’s also very popular, so it’s a good way of keeping your nails trendy.

Instagram: kim_nailedittt

20. Colour Bomb

This design is simple yet bold and creative. The nude base keeps the design clean and not too over the top, and the colour palette screams summer, so if you’re looking for a stand-out nail design, this is a good option. The outline design is a nice way of taking the classic shape of a tip design and giving it a unique twist. The added detail of the rhinestones is a nice touch that adds a bit of glam and makes the set more eye-catching.

Instagram: universenails18

21. Cartoon Rainbow

This is the perfect design if you’re looking for a fun, playful look for the summer. The different design on each nail is unique but also a way to make a statement manicure. The pastel colours are bright but still complement each other well, and the small touches of glitter make the design sparkle, perfect for the summer sun.

Instagram: setsbycilla

22. Pink Peaches

Ombre is a classic nail design; it’s a great way of making a solid colour design more interesting. The orange and pink combination is perfect for the summer, the two colours create a nice contrast but the ombre effect makes them blend well. If you like the ombre design, you can do so many different colour combinations, so it’s a great design to keep in mind this summer.

Instagram: sansungnails

23. Blue marble

A blue marble nail design is lovely for the summer; not only is t a classic nail trend, but the design looks like blue skies, so it’s right on the summer theme. The subtle specs of white break up the blue and makes the design look more luxurious and elegant. The almond-shaped nails go well with this design and give the manicure a chic touch.

Instagram: thenailbar9

24. Flower Field

This design is perfect for the summer; it’s a great time to try out vibrant designs like this one. The multiple colours are a bold statement, and the contrasting colours on each nail are a nice way of keeping the design even more interesting. This design is a nice way of taking a classic design idea and giving it more personality.

Instagram: xnailsbymol

25. Watermelon

Pink and green is a colour combination you’ll see a lot in the summertime, so this is a great nail design for you to try. Abstract nail design has been a popular trend for a while now, and it looks like it’s going nowhere soon. The slight difference in each nail gives the manicure a distinctive look. The muted tones in this design are a nice way of adding colour without it being too bright; the perfect middle ground.

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26. Summer Scenes

Snake print designs have been a huge nail trend, but clear embossed snake print is a much newer version of the trend. The blue and green ombre is a lovely bright blend, perfect for vacations and festivals this year. The added embellishment gives the set a glam and statement effect, a great way for your nails to stand out.

Instagram: nailsby_gxx

27. Pink Paradise 

Colour gradient nail designs are fun and super popular, but this design has a slight twist. The pink outline with the nude middle is a unique take on the design; the thicker tip is a nice way of including the classic French tip without being too simple. The almond shape accentuates the design’s colour and detail; it’s the perfect shape for this design.

Instagram: gieos.room

28. Festival Fun

This design is ideal for the festival season; the neon colours mixed with the different nail art on each nail, it’s a great statement set. The nude base is a nice balance, and it keeps the manicure looking clean and classy while still allowing the designs to stand out. This is great if you like to be creative with your designs and allow your personality to show through your nails.

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