32 Autumn Acrylic Nail Designs You’ll Want to Try

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Discover 32 autumn acrylic nail designs you’ll want to try this year

With every new season, there’s new trends and styles that we all slowly become obsessed with; and nail designs are no different. Now we are in the autumn season, there are so many new colours and designs that are becoming the latest trends, and everyone is doing.

There are so many to choose from, and it can become overwhelming to decide on your next manicure. In this post, I have listed 32 popular autumn nail designs for this year that are all in line with the most recent trends and will definitely get you through autumn, making sure your nails are always looking their best.

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1. Bubblegum Swirl

Colour is still really popular going into autumn, and although we may not want to go for bright, neon tones, you can still incorporate colour into your design. The muted tones of pink and blue are perfect for autumn, and the contrast of the two colours make the design stand out.

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2. Dot-to-Dot

Different coloured tip designs are still one of the hottest trends. The brown and orange tones blend really well together and always work well for autumn. The dot detail is fun and creative and a great way of adding something new to the manicure.

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3. Pink Watermelon

Pink and green are two colours that are on trend this autumn, and what better way to wear them. The different shades of green mixed with a bright pink create a statement design. The swirl detail on the two middle nails is really unique and a good way of adding personality to the nail design.

Instagram: styledbyailani

4. Pumpkin Spice

Ombre nail designs are popular all year round, so it can be difficult to make them unique, but this is a great way. The subtle marble effect mixed with the brown and orange tones is a perfect combination. This is such a classy, sophisticated design to have this autumn.

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5. Fun Festival

As I said earlier, bright colours are still very popular going into the autumn season and finding ways to add more colour to nail designs can be difficult. This line and dot detailed design are very creative and exciting, and the small bits of each colour work well together.

Instagram: nails.by.zo_

6. Burnt Orange

Nail tip designs have become a huge thing, and everyone loves them. The nude base is classy and chic, and then the design on the tip adds a fun, arty feel to it. The oranges and yellow shades mixed with the different shapes give this design a 70s feel, which has been making a comeback recently.

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7. Green Forest

Green is the colour for this autumn season, so why not add it to your nail design. The mix of fully painted and painted tips combined with two different shades of green makes this a really unique design. This manicure will definitely catch people’s attention and have everyone talking about them.

Instagram: nolas.nails

8. Autumn Bouquet

Floral designs are perfect all year round, and autumns are no different. This design is girly, classy and a great way to be creative. The colours used are the ultimate autumn colours, and the simple yet intricate floral pattern works really well with the colours.

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9. Neutral Tones

This design is simple and sophisticated; the small detail of the different sections makes it stand out and gives it a distinctive look. The browns and creams are ideal for the autumn season, and it’s a great way of having different colours, but it still being in the nude category.

Instagram: artdecom

10. Fresh Field

The colours in this design complement each other very well; the dark green against the light blue and sage tone them down and keep the manicure looking quite classy. The design is quirky and cool, a great nail art design to try out if you like to experiment with your nails.

Instagram: nailmailbykhlo

11. Mocha Drops

Almond tip design nails are very classy and sophisticated, and the deep brown is ideal for the colder seasons. The different design on the two nails adds a feature to the manicure and makes it own compared to the standard tip manicure.

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12. Floral 70’s

The colours in this design have a 70’s feel to them and makes them very vibrant and stylish. The floral pattern is fun and creative but isn’t too overcrowded. The mix between flowers and dot detailing gives it a bold statement look that will have everyone looking at them.

Instagram: nails_and_soul

13. Autumn Sunset

Autumn is all about deep, rich tones, and this design fits the criteria perfectly. The colours in this manicure are an unusual mix that you probably wouldn’t think to put into your nail design, but they work so well together. The mix of fully printed nails and nail art is very different but a great design if you want to try something new.

Instagram: fasia.nails

14. Sky Blue

Blue is an elegant, calm colour which is a gorgeous colour to pick for your nail design. The light blue tip with a darker blue outline is such an effortless design. It looks very simple and understated, but it’ll definitely be getting you many compliments.

Instagram: andressadvecchia

15. Gold Tip

You can never go wrong with a simple french manicure, especially during the autumn season; it is such a classy and chic nail design to have. This one has a bit of a twist with the gold detailed nails; this adds something special to the design and makes them stand out more.

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16. Chocolate Marble

Brown is very popular this year, and it’s rapidly becoming a popular nail colour. This design is perfect if you want to incorporate brown into your nail designs but don’t want a dark manicure. The white and marble effect nails really elevate this design and make it pop. The gold detailing makes this manicure look very elegant and expensive.

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17. Gold Lavender

This design is such a simple and dainty design. The nude base is clean and classy, and the lilac adds a pop of colour. It’s a very unique design that many wouldn’t think of getting, but it works so well. The gold outline adds texture to the design as it gives the manicure a 3D touch.

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18. Auburn Aztec

The Aztec design is something different, it’s very original for a nail design, but it works so well. The colours used in this design are rich and create a very classy manicure. The nude base is a classic and just gives any nail design that fresh, pristine look. The white outline is a good contrast against the different colours and makes it a more statement pattern.

Instagram: agnesastudio

19. Key Lime Pie

Green is a popular colour this year, and it’s perfect for the autumn season. This design is not too bright or dull, which is ideal for the fall. This slight touch of ombre adds more detail to the design and makes it more trendy. The contrast of the nude base against the green makes it stand out more and creates a statement manicure.

Instagram: xnailsbymol

20. Golden Rays

This is such a simple yet stylish design, which I think is perfect for your autumn nails. After a summer full of colourful manicures, stripping it back to basics is always a winner. Tip designs are a classic; not only do they look classy, but they’re also elegant designs; the gold tip makes it much more luxurious.

Instagram: rachelsbeauty_

21. Sunflower Fields

This is such a cute, dainty look for your autumn manicure. The nude base, mixed with the yellow, green, and a small bit of brown, all compliment each other well, and they’re all popular autumn colours. Even though it’s a very simple design with not much going on, the intricate design of the flowers makes the overall design look more detailed.

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22. Mocha

Snake print is such a detailed, unique design, the perfect one to try out this autumn. The brown and nude blend is chic and elegant; the colours are also great for the year’s transitional period. What I like about this design is that each nail is slightly different, with parts being darker in different places, which makes the design more individual to you.

Instagram: polished.by.caitlin

23. Fall Flowers

Floral designs are lovely all year round, but there’s something about neutral floral patterns for autumn. The different tones of browns, mixed with the nude base and touches of cream, create a nice contrast that creates an eye-catching look. The almond shape works so well with the design as it has a subtle yet sophisticated look; it’s a great way to start the autumn season.

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24. Ruby Red

Red is a classic colour for a manicure, a colour that everyone needs to try, and this muted red colour is a lovely shade to do it with. The red has an elegant and mature look; the glossy glare makes the manicure look expensive and chic. What’s great about this colour is that it compliments all skin tones, so this is the ideal colour to try.

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25. Fall Palette

This nail design is fun, colourful and perfect for the autumn. The different colours work well together; it’s a nice way of adding colour to your nails without having a full colour and keeping it minimal. The nude base keeps the manicure looking clean and classy and allows each colour to stand out. The gold foil detail completes the look and gives it a luxurious feel.

Instagram: ssayoud

26. Green Chrome

Chrome has been such a huge trend when it comes to nail designs, and it doesn’t look like it’s going out of style any time soon. The glaze-type design is a great way of making your nails stand out without adding too much detail or nail art; the green chrome design is super unique, but it has such a beautiful look. It’s classy but still colourful, a nice in-between of stylish and fun.

Instagram: phoebesummernails

27. Starry Sky

Nude nails are always a good option; they’re clean, ideal for any occasion, and always look fresh. If you want a nude nail but want a detail to make them stand out more and more unique, this is a great design to try out. The metallic celestial nail art is a nice, simple, subtle design that adds just enough detail to elevate the look. The added gem in the star art really completes the manicure and gives it a glam feel.

Instagram: la_beautique

28. Pumpkin Pie

Burnt orange is autumn in a colour; it’s vibrant yet warm, perfect for the transitional season. A mix of full-colour and nail art is a nice way of making a design more interesting and classy. The marble design in this manicure is beautiful; the orange and brown tones blended together create a nice, warm look. Mixed with the orange polish, it’s a nice contrast.

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29. Golden Shell

Animal prints are great designs for your nails; they’re fun and stand out. The way this design is done is ideal for autumn; the warm tones in the animal print and the gold chrome are a lovely pairing. Not only are they complimenting to different skin tones, but they balance each other, so it’s not too in your face. This is a beautiful design, and if you’re going to try any of these designs, this should definitely be on the list.

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30. Hot Chocolate

There’s something about deep brown tones that work so well for nail designs; they have such a luxurious and rich feel. This brown chrome design is such a beautiful design; it’s perfect for the fall. It’s warm and classy but still such a statement design. The almond-shaped nails work so well with this look, too; it is a great way of making them even more eye-catching.

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31. Green Tortoise

Tip designs are always a classic; the nude base allows all the focus to be on the tip design, and the detailed top adds fun and colour to the manicure. The yin-yang type design works well with tip designs, creating a nice contrast seamlessly. The tortoise print mixed with the bright green is such a lovely design; it has a bit of warmth and colour to it. It’s great for the transitional period when you’re getting into autumn but aren’t ready to let go of the summer colours just yet.

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32. Khaki Base

Green is a great colour for this time of year; it’s always a popular option, and this is a great way of having it. The different designs on each nail make the manicure more unique; even though they’re different, they all match and create a nice balance across the hand. This shade of green is such a stunning colour; it’s soft yet creates its own statement, especially against the nude base; it stands out even more.

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